The Vanisher: Stray

The Vanisher returns in this sequel to help the MCU on a strange case.
With new dangers lurking everywhere, no one is safe.
With Campbell gone, a new threat has come to Brimswood, and no one knows how to stop it.
A mystery causes people to break apart, for an end to trust, and death to arise throughout the city.
The Vanisher, almost a year later, has returned to solve the case, and the one respinsible comes as a shock to all.


11. Blood

I'm alone and it's dark.  I'm transformed, and staring down a dark alley.

A pair of eyes stares back at me.


I hear crunching and scraping of metal against concrete.


Campbell's wolf emerges and jumps on me.  I'm bleeding everywhere, and the wolf disappears.  The darkness of the alley becomes blacker, and I can feel the pain just overwhelming me.

And then I hear his laugh.


I open my eyes, gasping for air.  Tim bursts through the door and looks at me, terrified.

"Ragan, oh my god!" He kneels down and hugs me.  "You scared the shit out of me.  I heard you screaming and-" He stops talking.

"What?" I ask.  He looks past me, and there's more fear on his face.  I turn my head and see what he's staring at.

There's blood on the wall.  I look around and there's blood on the door as well.  Tim looks down.

"Oh my god." He breathes.  I look down and see my hands covered in blood.  Tim grabs my hand.  "Ragan, what the hell?" He says, examining my fingers.  "Did you rip out your fingernails?"

"What?" I turn my hand around and see that my right hand is missing 3 fingernails and I have nail marks in my left arm.  "What?"

"I'm calling Smith." Tim grabs my phone and calls Smith's number.

"Tim-" I realize that we're not even inside the apartment.  Tim heard my screams from outside the apartment.

"It's Tim.  Yeah I know this is Ragan's phone.  Yes I know your job is confidential.  Yes-I, no.  It's just-there's been an accident." I hear Tim's voice speaking and it starts to fade away.  


What am I doing out here?

And why am I covered in blood?

"Okay...Okay, thanks." Tim hangs up and pockets my phone.  "Smith's on his way.  C'mon, let's get you cleaned up."  He helps me stand and walks me inside to the bathroom.

"Tim, what-"

"Smith's bring a, uh, Dr., Dr., uh.....Dr. Something.  She's gonna check you out."  He dabs the cuts on my forearm with a wet rag.

"How did I...?"

"I don't know.  I woke up and you weren't there, so I assumed you got called in, but then I just heard you screaming and I found you outside." He grabs my right hand and starts to lower the cloth towards it.  I jerk my hand away and Tim look at me.  "Ragan-"

"Just let me do it." I say, holding out my good hand.

"You're just gonna be a baby about it and won't be able to do it to yourself."


There's a knock on the door and Smith comes in, followed by Dr. Ming.  Tim walks out of the bathroom and tells them what happened.  I walk out and sit on the couch.

"Ragan, may I?" Dr. Ming asks, pointing to my hand.  I nod, reluctantly, and she gently examines it.

"And the blood on the door?" Smith asks, writing things down on his notepad.

"Ragan's, I'm assuming." Tim replies, chewing on his thumb as he looks at me.  I flinch as Ming takes a swab from one of my nail-less fingers.

"Ragan, do you remember anything strange last night?  Did you transform or go out or anything out of the ordinary?" Smith asks me.

"No.  Tim and I just went to bed and then I had this dream, well, I guess nightmare, about Campbell.  But that's nothing new." I reply.  Smith shakes his head.

"I think you should spend the night at the MCU, just to be safe.  Dr. Ming?"

"I agree.  Ragan, if you want your nails to grow back, you can transform.  You claws will grow up and make nails, but just a warning, it'll hurt."

"Whatever." I say, and I partially transform.  I inwardly scream as I watch and feel nails come out of my skin.  When they're all the way out, I transform back, my arm returning to normal.  The three of them look at me.

"Good?" Ming asks, looking at my hand.  I clench my fist a couple times.

"Good." I answer.  

"Good," say Smith, "because there was another murder, and, get this, a witness."  My eyes widen.

"A possible lead?"

"My thoughts exactly.  Let's go." Smith says, heading towards the door.  I walk over and kiss Tim.

"Call me if anything happens." I tell him, slipping my hand into his pocket and grabbing my phone.

"I will.  Be safe."

"You too."

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