My Captivator

Kairyn’s life was wonderful, almost perfect. Her parents adored her, she had just started college, she made a new friend right off the bat, and her research paper for psychology was almost complete. But, after accidentally engaging in a unpleasant blog, her world changes, and not for the better. As ex-CIA Agent, Samuel Turner, and his men, declare Kairyn their next victim, secret agents, Merrick Stone and his team members, Kota and Weston, are assigned to protect Kairyn and bring Samuel and his men to justice.

Becoming a CIA Operative at the age of twenty-two was the best thing that ever happened to Merrick, that is until he and his team members are assigned to a new mission that involves a certain young woman. The closer Kairyn grows to Merrick, she finds his heart is in the right, but his mind is in the wrong. Will she be able to convince Merrick that of all the mistakes he has made in his life, he can still be forgiven? Or will the trials she faces bring hatred into her own heart?


1. Prologue



Kairyn sat at her desk. She had been online for the past two hours searching for information on her research topic for one of her college classes. Psychology 101 was interesting for her, but this research paper may be the end of her dream to be a psychologist.


She had many topics to choose from: the effects of slow cognitive development, cognitive thinking analysis, how to distinguish between real and fake REM treatments, and more. Sure, some were interesting, but she decided on the last one, what can cause a person to indulge in criminal activities.


Every website had said the same thing: ‘Sicknesses, brain damage and personal feelings.’ She had enough research and information already but she had always been an ‘over-achiever’. She went on and searched for another reason for criminal activities. One website link read ‘UOC’. She clicked on it and started reading. What she read, however, was strange. It was informing her of some sort of plan. She read further and her eyes widened. It was a blog and she was not the only one on the page.


One of the excerpts read, “August 10th, 2017: Mark that date men, we’ll meet at Mason’s at dawn and go from there.” Responses boomed, and questions invaded the screen as the other bloggers typed. Talk of Iran, weapons and large amounts of money were spoken of and fear began to develop inside of her. She told herself that these weren’t really men speaking, that they were kids just playing a game . . . on a blog . . . on an Underground Organization of Crime website . . .


Suddenly, a small, red light caught her eye. She glanced up and the light by her laptops camera was blinking. She exited out of the website and closed her laptop. She stood quickly and her heart beat picked up. What-if’s ran through her mind. Sitting on her bed, she pulled her legs up to her chest. She took a deep breath then let it out slowly, hoping she had logged out in time. Her breath caught as she understood what had just happened. She knew information of a criminal plan to send illegal weapons to Iran. It was February 1st, in exactly six months and ten days, weapons would be sent to Iran . . . illegally.


She had to do something, tell someone. She reached for her phone and dialed the local police station. Her heart pounded as the phone rang.


“Hello, 9-1-1. State your emergency?” A woman’s voice spoke over the phone.


“Hi, my name is Kairyn.” She responded.


“Hello, Kairyn. Is everything okay?” The lady’s voice was gentle.


“I . . .”Kairyn paused. How would the lady respond? Would she even believe her?  “I found something.”


“Okay, what did you find sweetheart?”


“I’m taking a psychology class and am researching for a paper I am writing . . .” Kairyn breathed slowly and tried to keep her thoughts straight. “I was on my laptop and a website that I clicked on was . . .” She was going to sound crazy, “. . . suspicious.”


“Okay, can you tell me what was suspicious about it?”


“My paper is about criminal minds and how they think and what causes them to indulge in criminal activities. The website I opened was a blog. It was called the Underground Organization of Crime and when I started reading through some of the posts, my laptop light came on. I think I was being recorded.” She tried to keep her voice calm and slow so that the woman could understand her.


“Hang on dear. I’m looking up the website.” Kairyn could hear typing on the other end of the line. “I’m sorry, dear but the website isn’t coming up, I can’t seem to find it. Are you sure that was the name?”


Kairyn nodded even though the lady couldn’t see her. “Yes ma’am.”


“Alright, I’m going to file a report okay sweetie?”


“Should I get my parents?” Kairyn asked.


“You should probably tell them, yes. You’ll need to come by the police station for questioning, but everything will be fine. Don’t worry alright, sweetheart?” We’ve got everything under control.” Something about the woman’s tone of voice sounded off. Kairyn wanted to believe the woman but she was worried about the website. She had heard of girls being kidnapped by men who had been watching them through their laptop, and even phone, cameras.


“Alright,” She finally answered.


Kairyn explained everything to her parents and they were worried as well. Her father had her sell the laptop, so she could buy a completely new one. “Better be safe than sorry.” He had told her.


A few weeks later she had finished her paper and turned it in, receiving an ‘A’ in return. The paper was done, the laptop was long gone, and this would all be behind her. The police had filed the report and were now investigating. Maybe the woman was right. Everything would turn out fine and the past would stay the past.


Three Months Later:


Merrick sat in the Black Chevy Cruse. He stopped by a gas station near Kairyn Locksley’s home. She hadn’t been home when he drove by earlier, and thankfully her family hadn’t been there either. Instead, a band of rogues sat waiting inside for their victim to return home. He had found out she had information that held great detail to a crime Samuel and his pack of rogues were planning.


Merrick stared into the dark night. He had grown to love this almost invisible town. It was small but had such a big atmosphere. He felt as if he could finally breathe. The big cities were nothing compared to Nixa, Missouri. The stars are what amazed him. The way they were so bright yet so far away was an incredible thought to him. He would have never been able to see them in the cities that his team usually worked in.


His mind wandered to the girl he was sent to protect. Kairyn was young, about his age. She was twenty-two and he was twenty-four. In the past three months, he had watched her and looked out for her, only having to take out four men.


When he saw her for the first time, he questioned his love for his job. Working for the government was dangerous and he didn’t want to endanger anyone who might be important to him. That meant he would never have a chance to get married, never have a chance to fall in love, and never have a chance to hold someone.


When he first laid eyes on this young woman, his heart nearly skipped a beat. She was beautiful and held herself with such grace. She had her moments though. She was clumsy, but knew how to cover it up. He had seen her make many mistakes, but he had also seen her fix all of them. Within the three months he had ‘known’ her, he had also fallen for her. Was that even possible? To fall for someone, you have never spoken to? She didn’t even know who he was. There were a few times an ‘excuse me’ came up. He would move out of her way for her to walk down the aisle at the store, or at the mall. She had seen him and spoke to him, but he had never said anything before. If he would have said ‘hi’ to her now, she wouldn’t even recognize him. He would not chance it either, not with his lifestyle. It was too dangerous for her.


Suddenly, something interrupted his thoughts. A short, stout man stood between two small buildings across the street from the gas station. He looked suspicious and was wearing dark clothes. Whatever this man was doing, Merrick new he wasn’t out for a night walk.


He put the car into drive and pulled out of the parking lot. Thirty seconds later he pulled into the parking lot near the suspicious man. He stepped out of the car and placed his keys in his long coat pocket. The man he approached must have been waiting for someone because he approached Merrick with an outstretched hand.


“Mark?” The man questioned as Merrick shook his hand.


Merrick thought a moment. “Yes.” He lied, going along with the man’s curiosity.


“Get lost?” The man asked. “It isn’t that big of a city. Sam will be here soon with the girl and we need to be ready.” His voice was husky like Merrick’s. “The CIA will be here soon and it will be a car chase for sure if we don’t play our cards right.”


Merrick held back his smile. This could not have been any easier. They had walked right into his hands. He would save the girl then take her back to the safe house. It would be easy, right?


The man turned around and looked out the small alley-way. “There’s Jack.” He put in as a car drove up to the red light. “Wait for the signal.” They watched until the back hazard lights came on. Merrick grabbed the man before he could approach the car and jerked him to a stop.


He pulled out his small ruger and placed the end at the man’s chest. “Sorry, but your work is done.” Merrick saw a bright light out of the corner of his left eye. He looked up and his heart beat sped with pure horror. Kairyn was in the car with Jack. Anger flamed throughout his body. He looked back at the man and pulled the trigger before he sprinted for the car.

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