My Captivator

Kairyn’s life was wonderful, almost perfect. Her parents adored her, she had just started college, she made a new friend right off the bat, and her research paper for psychology was almost complete. But, after accidentally engaging in a unpleasant blog, her world changes, and not for the better. As ex-CIA Agent, Samuel Turner, and his men, declare Kairyn their next victim, secret agents, Merrick Stone and his team members, Kota and Weston, are assigned to protect Kairyn and bring Samuel and his men to justice.

Becoming a CIA Operative at the age of twenty-two was the best thing that ever happened to Merrick, that is until he and his team members are assigned to a new mission that involves a certain young woman. The closer Kairyn grows to Merrick, she finds his heart is in the right, but his mind is in the wrong. Will she be able to convince Merrick that of all the mistakes he has made in his life, he can still be forgiven? Or will the trials she faces bring hatred into her own heart?


31. Epilogue



“Where are they?” I whispered to Tate. He and I had become good friends the first day I began working for Brandon.


“They said they’d be here, trust them. And calm down while you’re at it. The bride is the one who is supposed to be dramatic, not the groom.” Tate gave me a small grin and I rolled my eyes.


“I just want this day to be perfect for her.” I responded.


“Calm down, man. She loves you for who you are. If she hadn’t then she wouldn’t have said yes. Just wait, if she truly loves you, then you’ll see her walking down the aisle very soon.” I gave him a worried glance.


“Relax!” He whispered loudly, “I was kidding.”


My heart was thumping as I glanced around at all the people who sat waiting for the wedding to start. The music started. My heart began to pound as I headed down the aisle to wait for my bride. I gave my best smile and told myself repeatedly not to pass out.


I reached the front and gave my best poker face I could. I used to be a secret agent; I could pull off a non-nervous look. Glancing around at the crowd I couldn’t help but smile as my eyes caught hold of the two people that brought me into this world. The whole reunion was Kairyn’s doing. When they found out I was still alive they were overjoyed. It turns out they had found Christ years ago. To have them back in my life was emotionally fulfilling. Kairyn had insisted they come to the wedding. 


The song changed and Tate walked down the aisle with Kairyn’s grandmothers and then led them to their seats. My heart pounded. They couldn’t mess this up. They had to be here. Blonde hair caught my eye. I glance to the back and my sighed as my heart slowed back to almost normal. Kairyn’s mom had her arm linked with Caleb’s and together they walked down the aisle and Caleb walked the teary eyed Katie to her seat. He came back and stood next to me and I immediately embraced him.


“Hey, man, glad you could finally make it.” I whispered.


“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” His eyes were bright and he had gathered more muscle in his arms and back. I assumed the agency had him training nearly day and night.


I turned to see Kayne walking down the aisle with a small cousin of Kairyn’s; she was about fourteen and loved that fact that her arm was linked to a man like Kayne. They took their positions up at the front and Kayne came and gave me a hug.


“Told you we’d be here.” He voiced. A small grin lay across his mouth.


“You nearly gave me a heart attack.” I grinned back.


Weston entered next and had another cousin, Charlie, linked to his arm. She was about eighteen and was full of life much like her older cousin Kairyn. They took their separate ways and Weston was soon in front of me. We clasped arms as we had always done. I pulled him in for a hug and we embraced.


He gave me a cheeky smile and clasped my arm. “She’s breath taking.” He was speaking of my bride to be.


The music changed and in walked the flower girl and the ring bearer. They were both four and they were both ornery as can be. Twins.


Soon, the music changed again and my heart raced as the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen walked into view. Her father walked her down the aisle. Her dress was magnificent and her hair was perfectly curled. She was breath taking and all at once my future flashed before my eyes. I couldn’t wait to raise a family with this beautiful woman. I couldn’t wait to tend to her every need. I couldn’t wait to wake up next to her every morning. I couldn’t wait to carry her to bed when she fell asleep on the couch next to me. I simply couldn’t wait.


Her father kissed her on the cheek and hugged her tightly, and then as they broke apart he gave her away to me. Her eyes shined and her skin glowed as we made our way to where we would be wed.


“You look magnificent.” My voice cracked. She smiled and her cheeks turned pink. I loved that after a year and a half I still had the same effect on her.


“Dearly beloved,” the pastor began. I tried to pay attention but right now all my attention was on the masterpiece in front of me. I gave her shaking hands a gentle squeeze. She was nervous as was I, but we would make it together.


“Do you, Merrick Lee Stone, take Kairyn Faith Locksley to be your lawfully wedded wife?” Pastor James asked.


I gave Kairyn a cheeky grin and glanced at Pastor James. “I do.”

She grinned back and tried her best to remain from shaking. “And do you, Kairyn Faith Locksley, take Merrick Lee Stone to be your lawfully wedded Husband?”


My heart sped up as she looked me carefully in the eyes. Her lips tightened and her eyes watered as she spoke. The two small words were a drug. I wanted to hear her say them again and again.


We placed the rings on each other’s ring finger. “By the power invested in me,” Pastor James smiled at me and winked. “I now pronounce you, husband and wife, Merrick stone you may kiss the-”


Before he could finish I wrapped my arms around her and dipped her low, my lips crashed to hers. My arms wrapped around her waist as her arms wrapped around my neck. She was mine. Finally mine. We straightened back up as we pulled apart and I placed my forehead to hers. “You’re stuck with me now.” I whispered. She grinned and her smiled was ornery.


“And it didn’t involve ropes, a blind fold or chloroform.” She teased. I laughed loudly as I pulled her face to mine again and kissed her with all the passion I could muster.


“Ha-ha,” I spoke sarcastically. “You never know what the future may hold.”


“But I know who holds the future.” She grinned.


“And he also holds the stars.” Leaning in I gave her one more peck and then pulled her into me. Thank you, Lord.






“Oh my . . .” the doctor whispered, and then held her breath.


“What? What is it? Is he alright?” Merrick squeezed my hand tightly as I lay on the hospital bed in the radiology department of the hospital.


“It seems we have a little bit of a surprise.” Her voice was radiating joy. I glanced at the screen and sucked in a breath. “There are two.”


Merrick gasped. “You mean there are two?” He nearly yelled. I gasped myself. “Two? As in two babies?” His voice cracked. The doctor grinned and nodded her head.


“Oh, Merrick, twins. We’re having twins!” I sobbed. Merrick covered his face as his own tears came. I reached out and grabbed his right arm. “Two of them, Merrick. We are having twins!”


“The heart beats must have been in rhythm the last ultra sound. But now if you glance at the screen, here is one, and the other is here.” She pointed them out.


“Thank you, Lord.” Merrick choked out. My cup over flowed as I took in the sweet and precious moment. Merrick leaned over and kissed me sweetly. “Twins, love, we are having twins.”


“I love you, Merrick.” I cried.


“I love you more.” He kissed me again and the world disappeared around us. I thank God every day for my sweet Merrick, our ornery boy, Tatum Lee and our headstrong girl, Remington Faith. God had blessed me more than I ever could have imagined. His ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts are higher than our own. He knows the plans He has in store for my family and all of His children. Why not trust Him to see them through?

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