My Captivator

Kairyn’s life was wonderful, almost perfect. Her parents adored her, she had just started college, she made a new friend right off the bat, and her research paper for psychology was almost complete. But, after accidentally engaging in a unpleasant blog, her world changes, and not for the better. As ex-CIA Agent, Samuel Turner, and his men, declare Kairyn their next victim, secret agents, Merrick Stone and his team members, Kota and Weston, are assigned to protect Kairyn and bring Samuel and his men to justice.

Becoming a CIA Operative at the age of twenty-two was the best thing that ever happened to Merrick, that is until he and his team members are assigned to a new mission that involves a certain young woman. The closer Kairyn grows to Merrick, she finds his heart is in the right, but his mind is in the wrong. Will she be able to convince Merrick that of all the mistakes he has made in his life, he can still be forgiven? Or will the trials she faces bring hatred into her own heart?


27. Chapter Twenty-Six



We were a few hours away from the nearest safe house. The sun was coming up and soon Kota and Weston would know the keys were missing. I would be in trouble, but it would be worth it if Turner was caught.


“My guess is that they are back in Texas. I’m not for sure but I have a hunch. Sam made it very clear that if something went wrong with the plan, we all meet back at the base in Texas. When we get to the safe house, I can look up the trackers I installed on each of the vehicles and clothing they wore.”


“You installed tracking devices on their clothes?” I raised my eyebrows. Clearly I underestimated my brother.


“Yes and other things as well; always track the things I’m interested in.” I narrowed my eyes at him. “No, I don’t track you.” He huffed and looked forward, and I sighed in relief. “At least not anymore.”


“What?” I half yelled.


“Anyways . . . I’ll look up the different trackers and find their locations. In three days’ time, we will be at the exact location as them.”


“And you are for sure they are in Texas?” I crossed my arms.


“Well, no, but I have a feeling they will be soon.”


I glanced out my window and breathed deeply letting it out through my nose. “We have to find them, Caleb.”


“Trust me, we wil-” Caleb slammed down on the brakes. I let out a scream as our tires screeched across the dark pavement. We swerved and the car nearly ran off the road and into a deep ravine. We spun in a circle but soon we came to a stop. I glanced at Caleb, eyes wide. “Well, at least we aren’t upside down.” He gave me an apologetic grin. He glanced back at the road and my eyes followed only to find the road blocked off.


Fear engulfed me at the men who started exiting the vehicles that blocked the road ahead of us. “Caleb . . . is that-”


“Found them . . .” He gulped then glanced at his back pack. He unzipped it and pulled out a small, dime sized sticker. “Place this behind your ear, and hide it in your hair. It’s a tracker.” I did as I was told as he grabbed a piece of paper that was in the floor board and a pen from the console. After writing something on it, he shoved the piece of paper in between the head rest and the seat. Then glancing at me he gave me reassuring nod. “Trust me.” I nodded. “Then stay where you are and follow my lead.”


He stepped out of the car and walked around to my side. When he opened my door he jerked me out of the seat. “Hi, boys.” Caleb grinned as he turned and faced Samuel and his men. His grip around my left arm was tight as he slammed the door shut. “Found something you might want.” The men glanced at each other and soon they were all leering at me with malicious grins.






“Thank the Lord you placed a tracking device on the stolen car.” I stated.


“I didn’t steal it; I borrowed it and then left them money.” Annoyance echoed from Kayne’s voice.


“The Lord?” Law inquired to himself. I was in the passenger seat and Law sat in the back of the black Chevy Cruse.


We had been on the road for about five hours now. Glancing down at my phone at the blue dot, which represented Kairyn and Caleb, I squinted my eyes as their position froze on the screen. “Uh, hey they stopped driving.”


Kayne glanced at the phone from his seat. “Maybe they stopped to get a bite to eat.”


“In the middle of nowhere?” I shook my head. “They stopped on a highway in between two towns in Wyoming.”


“Well, maybe they stopped for gas.” Law put in.


“No, the map says the nearest gas station to them is five miles away.” I corrected. “Something doesn’t feel right.”


“Don’t expect the worse. Maybe they ran out of gas and are now on foot.” I glanced at Law and nodded.


“Kayne, just keep driving.”




A few hours later, we stood outside the car they had been driving. My heart sank when we found it empty. The gas tank was nearly full and the engine started right up. “They either abandoned the car, or someone intervened.” I gritted my teeth. I loved Kairyn, but I was going to have a serious talk with her when I found her. I stayed clear of the what-ifs. She was fine; I was believing it and claiming it.


“My guess is they were intervened.” Law spoke up. “Look at the tire marks on the road.”


Tire marks littered nearly the entire area. I held my breath. She must have been so scared. “What on earth was she thinking?”


“She wasn’t.” Kayne answered.


“Let’s go, my guess is they went that way.” Kayne pointed out. We headed back to our car but I stopped when something caught my eye. I opened the car and spotted a crumbled piece of paper that was stuffed between the seat and the head rest on the driver’s side.


“Hey, wait, I think I found something.” I unscrambled the sliver of paper and in very sloppy hand writing was written: ‘Dad took Kai and me. Use device in back pack with code: K19R25N’.


“K-1-9-R-2-5-N . . .” Law read over my shoulder. “Those letters and numbers sure look like Kairyn’s name.”


“Letter A is the first letter of the alphabet.” Kayne spoke as he pulled a small gadget out of Caleb’s back pack.


“And the letter ‘I’ is number 9.” I added in. “He coded her name, meaning he must have placed a tracker on her.”


“Why does that not surprise me? And why does it make me feel uneasy?” Law’s face was hard to read, but in his eyes was a mixture of anger and concern. Dark circles under his eyes showed his lack of sleep. I on the other hand had had enough sleep.


“Well, plug the code into Caleb’s contraption.” Kayne glanced up at me.


“Already done; they seem to have south.” He announced. We all nodded and started on our way. The car ride was tenser after that. The thought of Kairyn in the hands of a rogue agent with no one to keep her safe other than her maniacal brother sent chills down my spine.


“They are in a small town near Casper, Wyoming. That isn’t too far; maybe an hour drive tops.” Law noted.


“Drive fast,” I muttered. “Knowing Sam, if we don’t hurry, we might not have a young woman to save.” Lord, I know I’m new to this whole speaking to you thing, but please, hear my prayer. Protect my Kairyn. Keep her safe and strong. Let her know I’m coming for her.






I was blind folded. Again. I don’t understand what it is with agents and their desires for their captives not to see. We were not in the car and I could tell by the smells and noises that we were in some old building. I felt like I was in a seen from a movie as my hands were tied above my head from the ceiling. The only thing they were missing was the duct tape around my mouth and the crocodile infested pit underneath me. I was thankful they left the last two out, and that I was able to at least stand on the balls of my feet.


 I felt a small squeeze on my left shoulder. “Caleb?” I whispered.


“It’s me. Relax; I won’t let them hurt you.” His voice was quiet and low, meaning there may be someone nearby. “I’m sorry they did this to you, if they would have let me tie you up, I wouldn’t have tied the knots so tight, but they needed to gain my trust.”


“I’m alive, that’s what matters. How in the world did they find us?” I stammered.


“Kayne must have placed a tracker on the car we took and Sam must have found the tracker I.D.”


“Caleb . . .” My voice was barely above a whisper.


“Yeah?” His voice was soft and caring.


“I’m starting to rethink this whole plan.” I snorted in disgust with myself. How could I have been so stupid and careless? Shaking my head I snapped at myself inwardly. My plan would work. Getting captured was all part of it. I prayed, however, I lived to tell the story.


“No, we’ve got it. We can do this alight? We just have to keep our heads up and our minds open. By the way, I may sound sweet, but I’m giving you awful looks, just know it’s for show.”


“Hey, what’s goin’ on over there?” Mason’s Australian accent cut Caleb off.


“Nothing,” Caleb countered, “Just making sure my sister, or should I say our captive, isn’t trying to escape.” There was a pause and soon I heard Caleb speaking towards me. “I told you I’d find you, didn’t I?” He spoke louder than usual; trying to persuade the villains he was against me.


Playing along, I spat, “I never should have trusted you! What kind of brother turns in his own sister? Flesh and blood, Caleb! Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”


“Ha!” His scoff seemed so real. “You honestly have no idea what this world is really like do you?” He cupped my chin and I could hear the sneer on his face as he whispered softly, “Great job playing along, keep it up; the others will be here soon.”


Trying my best not to smile at our little show, I blurted. “Get away from me you filthy creep!” Then I kicked him. Well, pretended to anyways. He caught on right away and grabbed my foot.


Squeezing my chin he threatened, “Try that again and I’ll be the one to end you myself.” Then he tossed my foot down and I heard him walking away.


The day was long as I stood hung from the ceiling. I spent most of my time alone praying. God would be with my no matter what happens. That thought gave me peace. Through the next hour my mind traveled to Merrick. I would give anything just to see his dimpled smile again. To say I missed him would be an understatement. For the past four months I had been trying to persuade myself that he didn’t love me. He was a secret agent and I was a small town girl from Nixa, Missouri. The persuasion never worked. Deep inside I knew he felt something and to be honest, the thought terrified me. He had told me he loved me, but would he remember that moment? Had he been aware of what was going on?


I tried my best to stay away from any negative thoughts, but they crept up on me as my head grew heavy with exhaustion. Would Merrick ever wake up? Would I ever see him again? The question that terrified me the most was the one question I asked myself every day. If something happened to him, would he know Christ as his personal savior?


My limbs were growing sore and my head felt as heavy as an anvil. I tried to keep standing but my legs were about as strong now as a noodle. Suddenly, my legs gave out. I let out a small cry as the ropes cut into my wrists. Lord, please save me . . . God, don’t forsake me. You said . . . you said you’d never . . . The sounds of the building disappeared and soon my mind was overtaken by dreams.






My heart sank as I watched my sister try to stay on her feet. What a coward I’ve been. Sitting here in comfort as my sister hung from the ceiling. By looking at her I could tell she was exhausted. I didn’t know what else to do. What good would it do the both of us to be tied up and stung from the ceiling?


“Well, son you’ve proven me wrong about you.” Sam clasped me on the back. His breath reeked of alcohol and cigars, something I had not missed about him. Not that I had missed him at all. “You’ll make a fine partner.”


“Partner?” I grimaced inside. Nearly laughing at the unbelievable baboon, I clasped him on the back as well.


“Why of course, you’ve proven yourself worthy of a position higher than Mason.” Mason sneered at Sam’s compliment. Sam ignored him. “What do you say boy?” He gave sly grin.


Before I could answer, my eyes caught hold of my sister. Her knees gave way and she let out a small yelp. He head went limp and the exhaustion took control. “She needs rest.” I gritted my teeth in anger and disgust, trying not to show emotion. She wouldn’t want our cover blown this quickly.


“What?” Sam seethed. He clasped my shoulder and jerked me to face him. “Don’t tell me you’re going soft, boy.”


Jerking away from him I gave him a raged glance. “To care for someone doesn’t mean you’re soft. I’m sure you’ve cared for someone before.” It had only been the second time I mentioned our birth mother to him. His eyes widened and if I wasn’t mistaken, a glimmer of sorrow crossed him face. Soon, however, the expression turned to malice.


“You think you know what it means to care for someone? You haven’t even dipped your toe into the waters of care.” His voice was deep and deadly. It seemed as if smoke was escaping his ears. His face was fuming red as he turned to Mason. “Dear Mason, would you mind showing Caleb what it means to truly care around here?” Mason grinned from ear to ear as he made his way over to me.


I readied my fists but he came by surprise. He brought up his fist to throw at me, but when I tried to block it, his leg came up and dislodged my knee cap. I yelled out in pain as I fell to the concrete floor. Grabbing for my knee, Mason stepped on my hand. I grunted and tried to pull away but his other foot came at my stomach. A cracking noise sounded as I felt my ribs give way and splinter off. Pressure filled my abdomen and it felt as if a bomb had gone off in my lower stomach.


He continued to kick as Sam went and sat next to one of his men. I watched as the man gave Sam a malicious grinned then glanced in Kairyn’s direction. “No . . . please . . .” I begged as the man stood from his chair and headed towards my sister. Mason kicked me once more and the feeling of agony entered my heart. I was done. My knee was out of place as were most of my ribs. My eyes were swelling and my lungs ached as I tried to gasp for breath.


“Nathan there is going to demonstrate what it means to ‘care’ about someone.” Sam snarled.


My gasping heart thumped as I watched the man near my sister. He was going to rape her if I didn’t do something soon. I tried to sit up but I was weak. “Please . . .” I gasped, “don’t . . . touch her . . .”


“Touch her?” Sam bent down and smiled in my face. “Why, Caleb, my son,” he ground out, “he’s only going to show her what it means to be cared for.” His laugh was undeniably disturbing as he turned my head to face Kairyn. My throat choked up and my gut twisted. It was happening, and Sam was forcing me to watch.


I let out a breath as Mason stepped up and yelled. “Wait a minute! You said I could have her!” That low-life ain’t getting’ nowhere near that gem if I can’t have ‘er first!” The man who had been making his way to my sister stopped dead in his tracks and turned to Mason.


“What did you call me?” The man turned and sneered at Mason.


“You heard me, you dog! You want her; you’ll have to wait your turn!” Mason’s face was intimidating but the man advancing him wasn’t worried. Soon the men stood before each other and a brawl went out.






The device brought us to a warehouse outside city limits. I prayed Kairyn was alright and that she was here. The thought of Sam throwing away the tracking chip that was on her twisted my stomach. “Here’s the plan, I’ll sneak in through the back, Law sneak through the side and Stone . . .” he paused, “you take the roof? Climb that tree and see if you can sneak through the ceiling.” We nodded and developed the rest of the plan. We each had a gun, thanks to Law for packing some when he brought me to the agency. We placed silencers on them and readied ourselves for the break-in.


Soon, I was climbing a tree and making my way across a thin limb. It was shorter than the roof of the building but I could make it if I jumped, or so I hoped. I spit on my hands and wiped them in my jeans to get rid of any slippery dirt. Balancing myself on my feet, I took a deep breath, said a quick prayer, and then leapt.


I barely reached the top of the building. My fingers held on tight as pulled myself up slowly. Placing my elbow on the edge of the metal roof, I pushed myself up and managed to get a leg over the edge, and then I pulled up and rolled over onto the roof. I stood quickly and took in the area, making sure I didn’t have any company on the roof. Large air shafts littered the top of the building making great places to hide and sneak. I ran smoothly to one of the shafts and stood, placing my back against it. I pulled out my small ruger and made sure my mag was full. Then, taking a deep breath, I spun around the side of the shaft and walked slowly.  I heard voices below me, loud but unclear. They were here.


As I turned around the corner of another shaft, a glass window appeared before me in the roof. Stepping on the glass might shatter it and that was the last thing I’d need. I stepped across it; glancing down to be sure I missed it. I stopped, however, when my sight caught a figure below me. My eyes widened as I recognized the blonde woman tied up to the ceiling. She was hanging by her wrists, and she seemed to be unconscious. Thunder roared in my chest as I held in a raging yell.


Glancing around, I noticed the windows each had a latch on them. Taking a deep breath I unlatched one of them and quietly climbed inside, lowering myself onto one of the many metal beams on the ceiling. I placed my gun into the back of my pants and made my way to where Kairyn was hanging. The roped looked durable, but would I be able to pull her up without the men noticing? I furrowed my eyebrows and looked around.


“You heard me you dog! You want her; you’ll have to wait your turn!” I recognized Mason’s voice.


The group of men stood a good twenty yards away, and I assumed the body on the floor was Caleb. I hoped he wasn’t dead, for Kairyn’s sake. On the other hand, he was the one who drove her here.


The men went on about who would have her, but neither of them would have her. I wouldn’t let that happen. I leaned down on one of the bars reaching for the rope she was tied with. Then gently, I pulled it to my chest and sat up on the bar, lifting her a bit. I glanced over at the men who were now throwing fists. The rest of the men urged them on, including Sam. I reached down and grabbed lower on the rope and then pulled up again. Repeating this I kept working, glancing down at the men every once in a while. When she was about half way I worked faster, praying her wrists wouldn’t slip through the knots. She would be sore, but she would be alive.


As she neared me, I reached to grab her arm, but stopped. Her right arm was bandaged and pale. What had happened while I was sick?


Shaking the thought, I reached for her other arm and pulled her up to me, placing the rope in a bundle next to us. I sat back against one of the vertical beams and positioned her in my arms, as I untied the ropes from her wrists. The feeling of her soft skin in my arms again gave me a sense of peace. I brushed her hair away and kissed her forehead, trying my best to hold back any tears. She was alive and she was in my arms. She shifted slightly, and for a moment I thought she’d wake up, but she soon stilled again.


Silence came over the building and I stiffened, hiding us behind the beam. Sam yelled as he questioned the men where Kairyn had gone. I glanced around, wondering how I was going to get her out without being seen. I needed a distraction.


As if on cue, a spot of like shined in front of me, glowing on and off. I glanced down and saw Kayne hiding behind a wall of crates. I nodded down to Kia, trying to tell him I had her. He nodded and signed, ‘get her out of here, I’ll distract them’. I nodded back and waited for the go. He placed his gun in the back of his pants and with great force, pushed oved a crate, causing the men to hush glanced his way.


I took that moment to go. Carefully, I held her tightly to me and crawled across the foot wide beam. I reached the window where I came in, and stood, raising her up and out onto the roof. Then I pulled out my gun and climbed out as well.


Soon, gun shots roared. If I didn’t get her out of here soon, we might not make it out at all. I closed the window and locked it into place. I thought hard of my next plan of action. I couldn’t climb down the tree with her, it was too dangerous. Glancing around for some sort of clue I prayed. “God, please, get us out of here. Help us to find a way.” She shifted and my eyes were back on her. She seemed so fragile, and the thought of those men touching her caused my blood to boil. Her wrists were cut and torn from the ropes that had been knotted tightly around them. I made me sick.


My eyes widened. The rope. I could tie the rope underneath her shoulders and lower her down from the roof! “Thank you!” I whispered.


I glanced around; making sure the coast was clear and unlatched the window once more. When I opened it, I glanced inside found men scattered all throughout the building with guns pointed in every direction. Making my way to the rope I grabbed hold of it and made my way back to Kai. I climbed up and out then latched the window back.


Footsteps came towards me and I drew my gun out, quickly turning to the noise. “Law, it’s you.” I breathed out. I glanced down at Kairyn. “I’m going to lower her down with the rope.”


“How will you get down?” He pondered.


Pointing to one of the shafts, I stated, “I’ll climb down the tree.” He nodded. “Kayne needs help in there. You can climb through that window and aim from above. Injure, don’t kill, we need as many of them alive as possible when the backup gets here.”


 “Good luck, Merrick,” he encouraged.


“You too, Weston.” He unlatched the window and climbed inside.


I glanced down at the sweet young woman in front of me. “Alright, Princess, let’s get you out of here.”


I lifted her up and gently wrapped the rope underneath her arms. I tied it into a tight know and then carried her over to the side of the edge of the building. Before I set her down over the side, I held her in my arms one more time. I pulled her close and gave her a squeeze, kissing the top of her head. “Okay, here we go,” I coached as if she could hear me. Then gently, I rolled her over the side and held onto the rope tightly as I lowered her down. When she reached the ground I dropped the rope. Then I made my way to the tree. It was closer to jump back onto than the building had been. I swiftly climbed down, and then ran back to Kairyn. Untying the rope I lifted her head and slid my arm underneath her legs. I started to stand but froze when the voice of Mason boomed behind me.


“Merrick stone, should o’ known you’d show up.” I laid Kairyn back down then faced Mason, my gun in my right hand.


“Look, why don’t we just skip the talk and get to the scene where I shoot you.” The sound of my voice was deathly.


“No, I think you’ve mistaken. This is where I shoot you and avenge my brother,” he sneered and tilted his head low. “You know . . . the one you murdered.”


“Mason, listen to me. Your brother brought it on himself. He wiped out an entire village of-”


A gunshot roared through the air and I felt the wind of the bullet near my face. I jumped to the side and aimed my gun at him, firing in midair. The large man let out a loud grunt then fell to the ground. I had shot near his heart, but he would live; a clean shot straight through.


I ran to Kairyn and carried her, bridal style, to the car. I laid her inside and locked the doors, placing the keys in my pocket. I had never been so thankful for child proof locks. She would be safe in the bullet proof glass until I returned for her.


Kayne and Law were still inside the warehouse. They would need my help and I wasn’t about to let them down. Running through the front entrance, I held my gun tightly and readied myself for an attack. But as I entered the building, I was surprised to see all the men gathered in a huddle, tied together with old ropes.


“Stone, nice to see you’ve joined the party.” Kayne mocked.


“I was a bit busy dealing with a large kangaroo.”


“And?” Law raised his eyebrows at me.


“He won’t be a concern of ours anymore.” I walked over to them and grinned at their job well done. “Great work . . .” I paused. “Where’s Sam?”


“He got away, tried to chase him down but-”


I didn’t wait for Kane to finish. My heart beat quickened as I ran back to the car. I halted. The car was fine. “Thank you, Lord.” I whispered.


“Yes, thank you Lord for bringing this imbecile right into my hands.”


Gritting my teeth, I stayed put, never turning to face Turner. “What do you want Turner?”


“Why does everyone ask that? Does everyone truly care about what I want?” I could hear the snarky grin in his voice.


“Answer the question,” I commanded as I slowly laid my finger on the rigger of my gun.


“I only want what rightfully belongs to me.”


“You can’t have her, Sam. She doesn’t want you.” Slowly I turned to face him.


“I believe that’s for her father to decide. Besides, don’t you want her father’s blessing?” His voice was beginning to annoy me.


“You aren’t her father and if it were possible, I’d say she take every ounce of your DNA out of her system just so she wouldn’t share the same blood.” Steam radiated from my body.


“You really think I want her?” He barked. “I want her dead!”


“Dead? Why? What did she do?”


“Be careful, Stone. I know you are stalling until the agency arrives. Sadly, I don’t have time for that.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small remote. My eyes widened.


“No!” I yelled as his thumb came down on the button.


The car behind me went up into flames, as the blast threw me to the ground. My vision blurred as the sound of a loud ringing filled my ears. Bits and pieces flew through the air as the bomb went off. Everything within me went numb. A gunshot roared but I ignored it. Sirens came. Flashes of light and walkie-talkies invaded the area. I laid there staring at the car that held such a precious relic. The one priceless relic that I was sent to protect was gone. Agony clawing at my heart as the scene played itself over and over in my head.


“Merrick!” I heard someone yell. “Merrick are you hurt?”


I ignored the voices around me and rolled over on my back. If I hadn’t put her in the car . . . if I hadn’t of left her there . . . I should have shot him! I should have while I had the chance . . .

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