My Captivator

Kairyn’s life was wonderful, almost perfect. Her parents adored her, she had just started college, she made a new friend right off the bat, and her research paper for psychology was almost complete. But, after accidentally engaging in a unpleasant blog, her world changes, and not for the better. As ex-CIA Agent, Samuel Turner, and his men, declare Kairyn their next victim, secret agents, Merrick Stone and his team members, Kota and Weston, are assigned to protect Kairyn and bring Samuel and his men to justice.

Becoming a CIA Operative at the age of twenty-two was the best thing that ever happened to Merrick, that is until he and his team members are assigned to a new mission that involves a certain young woman. The closer Kairyn grows to Merrick, she finds his heart is in the right, but his mind is in the wrong. Will she be able to convince Merrick that of all the mistakes he has made in his life, he can still be forgiven? Or will the trials she faces bring hatred into her own heart?


28. Chapter Twenty-Seven



I woke up in a hospital bed. I felt as if I had fallen off a building. My stomach was tight and my eyes were swollen. My left leg was what really ached. The doctors must have popped it back into place.


My memory from last night was jumbled. I remembered trying to help Kai and then getting beaten by Sam’s men. The last thing I remember is seeing Kairyn being lifted up into the rafters of the ceiling.  Was it possible that she was saved, too?


“Mr. Turner,” My eyes roamed the room until they landed on a woman standing against the door frame. She wore a black suit and her hair was nicely pulled back in a bun. Her dark skin was smooth and made the bright blue in her eyes pop. “My name is Sarah Capoom. I’m the director of the Agency that Stone, Kayne and Law work for.” I stared at her. My eyes would be opened wide had they not been almost swollen shut. “I hear you’re the culprit of this ordeal.” She crossed her arms.


“As much as I hate to admit it, you’re correct.” My throat was sore as I tried to speak.


She pursed her lips and then walked slowly to the edge of the bed I was in. “You took quite the beating from Samuel and his men.” She raised her eyebrows. “It’s a wonder why you’re still alive.”


“I’m tougher than you think.”


“So you are,” she remained calm, never showing much emotion. “Jack-”


“My name is Caleb.” I corrected her. “Caleb Smith.”


“Of course,” she nodded downward, “Caleb, you have caused quite an ordeal these past six months. The agency had planned on imprisoning you, but I seem to be a fan of your technology skills.”


“What are you saying?” My husky voice was lower than normal.


“I’m giving you another option Kayne’s team lacks a special quality that you possess. He is good with a computer, but not as qualified as you.” The silky and smoothness of her voice was sneaky.


“You want me to join their team?”


“Yes, see, I knew you were smart.” She gave me her best intriguing smile.


“And if I don’t?”


Her eyes showed an authority I had missed early. “Then, you’ll be sent to prison.”


“I guess I don’t have much choice.” I bit the inside of my cheek.


“I’ll let you think it over, Mr. Smith.” Capoom gave me a curt nod then left.


A slight change in atmosphere left as she exited the room. Taking in a deep breath of air, I tried to relax. It had been a while since I’d been able to lay down and relax. The scenery in the small room wasn’t exactly what I would call home sweet home, but it was more than I had.


A knock at the door, stole my attention. Kayne stood in the doorway holding a Dr. Pepper. “It’s insane how far some people will go just for some attention.” The corner of his mouth turned up.


“How’s Merrick?” My voice was starting to sound normal again.


Kayne’s eyes narrowed and he glanced down, kicking air as he leaned against the door frame. “He’s alive.”


“And my sister?” The air grew thick as the question escaped my lips.


The agent crossed his arms and glanced around the room, trying his best to seem tough and strong, not weak, or worried. “She’s with Law in the cafeteria.”


Nodding I gave him a slight smile. “Thank you for taking care of her.” He gave me a nod.


“Just, don’t drive off with her again. It makes our job a bit harder than need be.” He suddenly grew serious.


“You got it.” I twiddled my thumbs. “I get nauseous whenever I think about the car explosion . . . she would have still been in the back seat had she not have woken up and crawled out the driver’s door.”


“She’s lucky the driver’s side doesn’t have a child lock.” I recoiled at his words. Kairyn nearly died. If she hadn’t have woken up in time, I wouldn’t have a sister anymore and Sam would have had his wish.


The thought of the man sent waves of fury throughout my body. “Is Sam really gone?” The question came out a little over eager.


“Yeah . . . he’s gone for good,” he nodded once. “Law saw to that.”


“Good.” My answer was short but filled with an immense gratitude.


“I better go check on the others,” he gave another short nod, then returned to the hallway. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to work with them. It was the only choice I had unless I wanted to disappear in the federal prison.  My decision was made. I would rest then call for Agent Capoom to let her know.






I stood looking out the window of my hospital room. The blast had given me some pretty unforgiving burns but nothing too unbearable. Being back in a hospital be was not in the plan, but at least I was not in a coma. I was wide awake and my nerves had calmed down. Kairyn was safe and had it not been that the driver’s door had no child lock, she wouldn’t have escaped. I hadn’t stopped thanking God since. Speaking of which, me and the big man upstairs have had many conversations since my waking from the coma. It looks like Kairyn had been right about the relationship between God and his children. He loved me and I had plans for turning a new leaf. I wasn’t sure what that meant exactly but I knew if I just trusted the Lord, then all things would work out for the best.


I haven’t spoken to Kairyn since the night before Kayne and Law found us in the forest. I was anxious to see her and speak with her. There was much we needed to talk about and clear up. I would be talking to her about leaving without Kayne or Law. It was stupid and irresponsible and she should have known better.


“Hey,” the small voice was music to my ears. I turned fast and spotted Kairyn standing in the doorway. Her eyes watered as she stared at me, almost as if she’d expected me not to be there.


I took in a deep breath and let it out through my nose as I made my way towards her. She started towards me but paused. I approached her until we were but a few inches apart. She looked up at me and a simple tear escaped her left eye. I reached up and gently brushed it away, then my hand cupped her face. I was hardly believing the moment was real. It felt so surreal and dream like. It had been nearly two weeks since we had had a full, real conversation.


“Merrick . . .” her voice cracked. My name on her lips sent my head spinning. Without hesitating I crashed my lips against hers breathing in the sweet scent of her. The act made her jump but soon she was kissing me back. My right arm snaked around her waist as I pulled her closer to me. She tasted so sweet, just as I thought she would. Her small hands ruffled through my hair as the kiss deepened. Something inside me sparked and the feeling of purpose and belonging raced through my head. I had never felt so free in my life as the world disappeared around us.


We pulled apart slightly and I pecked her once more on the lips then pressed my forehead to hers. “I thought I had lost you,” my voice was husky as I spoke to her.


“I thought the same about you,” she whispered through tears. I pulled her close to me and wrapped her in my arms, squeezing her tightly.


“What woke you up?” I asked her, pulling away and looking her in the eyes.


“When you slammed the door,” she searched my eyes, “the noise woke me and when I sat up I saw you running away from the car. I tried to open the door but I assumed the child lock was on . . . that’s when I tried the front door. When it opened I climbed out.”


I grit me teeth and my jaw tightened as I pulled her too me once more. “I was terrified I had lost you.” I stared her in the eyes.


“If you’d let me, I’d never leave your side again.”


“If I’d let you?” I repeated her. “Kairyn, I told you . . . I love you.” She stiffened and pulled away. Fear clawed at my throat as I worried I might have scared her.


“You . . . you meant it?” Her confused expression set me laughing.


“Of course, I meant it! Why wouldn’t I have?” I brushed my hand over her right cheek, wiping away another tear.


“I was afraid it was just the fever talking.” Her eyes lit up as the realization hit.


“I’m stronger than any fever,” I smirked causing her to blush. “And stronger than any coma,” I paused, “I tried to speak to you, but my mouth wouldn’t move.” She eyed me carefully before her irises went wide.


“You could hear me?” Shock traced her face as I felt goose bumps form on her arms.


“Yes, as crazy as it sounds, I could hear everything that went on. I was awake but it was as if I was paralyzed. My body wouldn’t listen to my brain.” To give her some comfort I cupped her face with my left hand.


“That must have been awful, Merrick.” She reached up and placed her hand on top of mine.


“It was at first, but it had its perks.” I pulled away and crossed my arms. “For instance, when someone told me they were leaving.” She bit her lip. “Kairyn, do you know what could have happened? Did you even think of the consequences before acting? What if I hadn’t gotten there in time?”


“I know it was stupid, but I’m not apologizing for something I’m not sorry for,” despite her nervous gestures, her voice was strong and full.


Sighing I shook my head at her. “If I hadn’t have been there . . . Kairyn, you can’t do things like that.” I placed my hands on her upper arms and pulled her close to me, once again embracing her with all I had.


She wrapped her arms around my torso and squeezed tightly, but it didn’t last long enough. She glanced up at me and titled her head. “Merrick?” My name on her lips was sweet.


“Yes?” My eyebrows rose as a sudden longing to please her cascaded over me.


“How did you wake up? From the coma I mean . . .” We stood still and I felt a small spark of excitement race through me.


“Why don’t we sit down,” I motioned to the chairs in the corner of the room, “we have a lot to talk about.”

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