My Captivator

Kairyn’s life was wonderful, almost perfect. Her parents adored her, she had just started college, she made a new friend right off the bat, and her research paper for psychology was almost complete. But, after accidentally engaging in a unpleasant blog, her world changes, and not for the better. As ex-CIA Agent, Samuel Turner, and his men, declare Kairyn their next victim, secret agents, Merrick Stone and his team members, Kota and Weston, are assigned to protect Kairyn and bring Samuel and his men to justice.

Becoming a CIA Operative at the age of twenty-two was the best thing that ever happened to Merrick, that is until he and his team members are assigned to a new mission that involves a certain young woman. The closer Kairyn grows to Merrick, she finds his heart is in the right, but his mind is in the wrong. Will she be able to convince Merrick that of all the mistakes he has made in his life, he can still be forgiven? Or will the trials she faces bring hatred into her own heart?


21. Chapter Twenty



Something clicked inside of me as I held my sister in my arms. A sudden feeling of a need to protect her swept over me and my grip on her tightened as she felt the need to thank me. She may only be a few minutes younger than me, but I was older. I was the older brother who needed to protect her. I glanced down as she slept in my arms. She looked so peaceful and content. She was also beautiful. My brotherly instincts that I had no idea were even there, kicked in and I reached with my left arm to brush hair out of her face. Putting my hand on the side of her face, I pulled her closer and simply pressed a kiss to the top of her head. She was mine now; my very own family to keep and make memories with. I laid my own head on top of hers and relaxed. I stayed awake as long as my eyes would let me. Soon enough, however, my eyelids grew too heavy and with an appeased heart and my little sister in my arms, I fell asleep.




I woke up to the sun beaming into the cave through opening in the trees. Light streamed through out the wet entrance and reflected off the walls, causing a shower of brilliant colors. Something shuffled beside me. I glanced down as Kairyn nudged closer to me and the grip I had lost through the night quickly tightened back around her. I shifted my body a little higher so she could rest easier.


Blinking rapidly, I rubbed my eyes with my free hand. Glancing around, I noticed a certain stench in the air. The bear had already started to rot as flies invaded the massive corpse. We tried eating as much meat as possible last night so none of the bear would be wasted, but with a bear that size, it was hard for two people to eat it entirely. We wrapped whatever meat we had left in a makeshift container, two empty bottles of water cut in half and then wrapped together with another strand of my t-shirt.


The fire had gone out and I needed to get more wood. We would eat bear, again, for breakfast which would last us until tonight.


Kairyn slowly awoke and rubbed her eyes, taking in the beautiful morning. “Sleep well?” I asked smiling down at her.


“Yeah,” she nodded, with a hoarse voice. She sat up slowly and stretched out her arms, but drew them down quickly and let out a small gasp.


“Be careful! Your wounds still need to heal.” I slowly grabbed her right arm. “I need to change the strips.” I told her.


She nodded and I slowly peeled the soaked cloth from her fragile skin. It didn’t look as bad as I thought it would, but it would need medical attention. “You’re lucky the claws didn’t go any deeper.” I stated, reaching for the bottle of water we used last night. I gently poured the cold liquid over the wounds and she let out a small grunt. I tore some more of the shirt we used last night and wiped away any access blood carefully.






An hour and a half later, we finished eating breakfast and were on our way to look for Merrick again. The weather was nice and warmer than it had been since we arrived to these forsaken woods.


I slept well last night. Caleb kept me warm. He had proven himself last night as he shot the bear and saved my life. I just prayed that when we found Merrick, he would feel the same way.


It felt so backwards to me. Caleb, my brother, should be the one I worry about getting blessing from, not Merrick. Normally the older brother is the one who either approves or disapproves the boyfriend.


My heart leaped. I had just thought of Merrick as my boyfriend . . . I smiled at the thought. There was something between us, that was for sure, but would that something ever turn into something more? He hadn’t even really kissed me yet, just a simple, sweet forehead kiss.


“Do you smell that?” Caleb’s voice brought me from my thoughts. He had been walking a few steps ahead of me, his walk barely at a limp. His ankle had improved but we had both slowed down due to the incident last night.


I lifted my nose to the air and smoke infiltrated my sense of smell. “Fire,” He declared.


“Where there is fire, there are people.” Hope began to rise in me.


We walked towards the rising smoke. It was quiet for a forest. There wasn’t a single animal scurrying about; not even a squirrel. As we entered a canopy of trees, the smell of blood bombarded my senses. We both stopped. I turned to Caleb and his eyes narrowed. A small makeshift hut, completely made out of limbs and branches and covered in leaves, sat up against a tree. I inched closer to it. Caleb placed his hand on my shoulder and I hesitated to go on.


“Let me go . . .” he whispered.


I shook my head. What if it was Merrick and he was defenseless. Could I trust Caleb with Merrick’s life? “No,” I paused, “You have been a great help Caleb, but I don’t trust you fully yet. At least not with the life of a friend.” His face fell and for a second I thought I spotted anger in his eyes but soon he dropped his hand from my shoulder and nodded. “Thank you.”


I turned towards the shelter and hesitantly made my way. The feeling of fear, mixed with worry and hope, washed over me. I touched the hut carefully. Peeking my head inside, my heart dropped. It was empty. I choked down any tears. He was still out there; he had to be. He was Merrick Stone, and I have never known him to give up. He would do everything in his power to stay alive. Besides, hadn’t he told me to trust him before he fell from the bridge?


“We’ll keep looking.” Caleb declared. “We will find him, Kairyn.” I felt his hand on my shoulder once more.


“Yeah, yeah I guess you’re right.”


Together we turned to go. My heart ached for Merrick. He was out here alone and for all I knew he was dead. How do I know I’m not just searching for a lifeless Merrick? Lord, please, God I need you right now. Merrick needs you right now. Let me find him, God, and let him be alive.


I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. He was alive; I could feel it. I believed it. The hut looked fairly new, for the leaves were still green and alive. And the fire . . . “The fire!” I gasped.


“What?” Caleb asked.


I spun back around and ran to the fire. The embers were still red and the wood was still burning. “It’s fresh, Caleb. The fire is fresh!” I grinned. If the embers were still red that meant they were still hot and someone had just been using them not long ago.


“Kai, embers burn red for a while, even after they have been dying out.” I ignored Caleb’s pessimism.


“He is here, Caleb. I just know he is.” I glanced around and my heart leapt as I spotted another clue. A piece of Merrick’s black shirt hung on the branch of a low bush. I quickly grasped hold of it and my heart beat sped up. “This is a piece of his shirt!” I examined the ground thoroughly and wasn’t surprised when I saw that the grass was leaning sideways as if something, or someone, had walked in it. I glanced around and the grassy area look as if someone had been dragged, or dragged themselves. “Jesus . . .” I whispered, “please, let him be around here and let him be alive.”


Caleb followed me as I scouted the area. “Merrick!” I yelled, no longer caring about the wild animals. “Merrick, it’s me!” I called again. I heard a grunt nearby and my heart fluttered. “Merrick!” I called again, this time listening carefully to hear where the grunt might be coming from. I heard it again, from my left. Caleb ran fast and I ran after him. “No!” I yelled. “Caleb, wait!”


I ran through a small path of bushes and stopped when I saw Caleb kneeling down by Merrick who was passed out. “Merrick!” I sucked in as I ran to his side. He tossed and turned.


“He’s hot. Probably a fever from the gun wound.” Caleb pointed out. “He’s lost a lot of blood, Kairyn.”


I lifted his head onto my lap and wiped away the dirt from his face. His heart was beating, and that is what gave me hope. Thank you, God.


“He needs a doctor.” Caleb whispered. “We need to find civilization, even a cabin would do.”


“A cabin . . . Caleb that’s it!” I started to lift Merrick into a sitting up position.


“What’s it?” He kneeled down on the other side of Merrick and helped me.


“Kota and Weston are at the Cabin, they can help us!”


“What cabin? Where is it at?” He questioned.

“Merrick said it was a day’s walk from the house. We traveled about three-fourths of the way, I’m sure it isn’t too far off.” We stood and lifted Merrick together, His arms slung over our shoulders. “Be careful with his chest.” I reminded.


“Kairyn, the bridge is not sturdy enough for all of us to cross. Besides, our dad and his men might still be around there.”


“But what if we went around? We could cross the river.” Whether he came or not I was going, but I knew Merrick would never make it if I did it alone. I needed Caleb’s help. “Please, Caleb.” I pleaded. “I need your help. Please?”


He stared into my eyes and took a deep breath. “Alright. But if any trouble comes change our course.”


“Deal, but we need to hurry.”


We headed back the way we came and kept our pace. My wounded arm stung and I’m sure Caleb’s ankle was sore, but Merrick’s life was in danger and he needed us. I won’t let anything get in the way; I’ll do whatever it takes to get Merrick to the cabin.







The determination in her eyes is what changed my mind. If I ever wanted to see the day that she claims me as a brother, I needed to help her. I wasn’t a fan of Stone, but I knew that if I helped him, then there was a small chance of forgiveness for me in Kairyn’s heart. Perhaps the other agents would forgive me as well. The chances of that were slim, but I would risk anything to have a family again.


The walk was nearly torturous on my ankle. Every step I took felt as if the bones in my ankle were chipping away fragment by fragment. I had a feeling that Kairyn’s arm was bothering her as well. She never showed the pain but I could see it in her movements. She tried her best not to let Stone’s arm touch her wounded one. The perspiration on her skin was a key factor in that she needed to rest. We had been traveling for a few hours now and the river was not too far; maybe another hundred yards.


“We should be close to the river now. We can cross it and then take a rest.” Her voice was stern.


“Kairyn, if you need to rest now, we can.” I tried to tell her. She just shook her head and kept walking. Every few minutes she would check for Stone’s pulse. I took pride in the way she cared for others. Perhaps someday she’ll care for me.


We reached the river and I was relieved to see that it was shallow enough to just walk through. The waters were only riffles now and the depth was less than two feet.


We remained quiet as we entered the cold water. Tiny fish swam away from us as we approached them. Kairyn’s teeth began to chatter but she refused to show weakness. How was this small woman so strong?


Stone groaned and both Kairyn and I glanced at him. He pulled up his head and weakly glanced around. His eyes grew wide as he spotted me and the word murder danced across his eyes. “Wait!” I tried to say but he pulled back from me and did his best to hit me, all while yelling at the pain in his chest.


“No, please, stop!” Kairyn yelled but Stone was already on top of me in the water. I held my breath as I fought him off of me. Kairyn ran to his side where he lay in the water and grabbed his face with both her hands. “Merrick, it’s me! You’re safe Merrick!” He opened his eyes and tried to speak. “You’re alright. We’re taking you to the cabin where Kota and Weston are.”


“Kai . . .” his voice was hoarse.


“Yes, it’s me.” She pulled him up and hugged him as he lay limp; too sore to move anymore. “Caleb, help me get him to his feet.” She ordered without look in at me. I did as she said but hesitated before I touched him. Stone tried to shoot daggers my way but his weakness restrained him. “He’s helping me, Merrick. Please, I need him to help me get you to the cabin.” He glanced at her and his eyes softened. He gave a slight nod.


We lifted Stone to his feet and with his arms across our shoulders; we again made our way across the river. When we finally made it to the bank we stopped for some water then kept going. Something in us pushed us on and it was as if we were gaining an extra set of arms. Soon however, our strength was gone and we needed to rest. The cabin wasn’t too far but it was getting dark out and the large animals would be out soon.


We made camp next to a large wall of rocks and I started a fire, while Kairyn aided to Stone. He was in serious condition. The agent had gone in and out of consciousness over the past few hours but was asleep for now. He needed all the rest he could get. If it were just any other man, I wouldn’t have given him another hour; but from the stories I have heard about this man, he would last another day or so. For Kairyn’s sake, I hoped we were headed in the right direction, for if we weren’t, then we were in for a storm.

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