My Captivator

Kairyn’s life was wonderful, almost perfect. Her parents adored her, she had just started college, she made a new friend right off the bat, and her research paper for psychology was almost complete. But, after accidentally engaging in a unpleasant blog, her world changes, and not for the better. As ex-CIA Agent, Samuel Turner, and his men, declare Kairyn their next victim, secret agents, Merrick Stone and his team members, Kota and Weston, are assigned to protect Kairyn and bring Samuel and his men to justice.

Becoming a CIA Operative at the age of twenty-two was the best thing that ever happened to Merrick, that is until he and his team members are assigned to a new mission that involves a certain young woman. The closer Kairyn grows to Merrick, she finds his heart is in the right, but his mind is in the wrong. Will she be able to convince Merrick that of all the mistakes he has made in his life, he can still be forgiven? Or will the trials she faces bring hatred into her own heart?


13. Chapter Twelve

Chapter 12:




Three days later I was in my room reading a book from a small library from downstairs. A sweet romance novel that was much needed after all the masculine things I’ve had to put up with. I was never bored, but at times, I found only one thing that could keep me occupied when the men were researching, reading. I had always loved books, but they seemed to become my way of life. My new bedroom had a marvelous window seating area. I sat in the window sill most days and have gone through four books over the past few days. Time was slow and my eyes took in words fast.


“Knock, knock,” Merrick’s voice caught my attention.


“Come in,” looking up from my book I smiled at him.


“I believe you meant to say who’s there,” he smirked.


“No,” my tone rose. “I believe I meant what I said.”


“I believe you need a better sense of humor.” He crossed his arms.


“I believe you are about to eat your own words.” I challenged him.


“I believe that was a threat,” he tilted his head in curiosity. “Are you threatening a spy, Ms. Locksley?”


I held back my laughter. “I believe it was Mr. Stone.” I narrowed my eyes at him.


“Didn’t your parents ever tell you not to mess around with a spy?”


“No, actually they told me to never cross the street without looking both ways,” I smiled, matter-o-factly.


“Well, same rules apply.” He mimicked the look I gave him. I glanced at the door and then back at him. “I wouldn’t try to run. I’m faster, remember?” The corner of his mouth turned up in a mischievous half grin.


“Oh, I remember. But there is just one small problem.” I grinned.


“And what might that be?”


“You can’t chase me into the bathroom if that is where I’m headed.” He smiled and nodded his head.


“You’ve got me there,” he spoke as I stood from the window sill.


I set my book down and headed for the bathroom. I glanced back at him and he was looking instantly at the book I had been reading. Instantly I changed course and walked out into the hallway. Then, as if my life depended on it, I sprinted for the stairs. Immediately I could hear him running after me. I laughed as I ran through the house and into a room, closing the door behind me and locking it. I turned the light on and stepped away from the door when I heard Merrick shaking the knob.


“Looks like I’ve out-smarted you, Mr. Stone.” I held boasted.


“You’ll have to come out of there sometime.” I could hear his smirk. My heart fluttered at his words but I took the feeling as adrenaline. I waited by the door for a few minutes and soon his footsteps faded down the hallway.






My heart flipped as I heard her laugh. She may think she out-smarted me, but she has no idea there is a second door to the sparring room. Grabbing a chair from the hallway, I quietly wedged it up underneath the door handle so she couldn’t escape. I grinned to myself as I walked down the hall, took a left and stood in front of the second entrance. The door was closed but I highly doubted it was locked. I carefully and slowly turned the knob and pushed the door open slightly. There she stood by the other door grinning widely.


“Looks like someone decided to quit the game.” Her voice was soft as she spoke to herself. I held in my laughter and straightened up.


“I didn’t realize you saw this as a game.” She let out a surprised scream and turned to me. Then turning fast she unlocked the door and tried to open it, I laughed when it didn’t budge. She turned back to me and looked for an escape route, standing flat against the wall. A playful laugh escaped her mouth as she threw her fists up as if to fight her way out. “You plan on fighting me?” I stopped mid stride and laughed.


“What? Afraid I’ll win?” She giggled.


I started for her again. “Oh, trust me, the thought never crossed my mind.”


I reached for her and she threw her fist to my face. I dodged and grabbed it instead. She threw her other fist and laughed when I grabbed it as well. “Now what?” I asked her with wide, teasing eyes. She grinned and narrowed her eyes at me. Then, in one fluid motion, her left leg came up and had I not let go of her right wrist to stop the motion, she would have succeeded. I grabbed her ankle, stepped back and twisted her foot, causing her body to twist with it. She was now facing the opposite direction as me with one leg to hold her up.


“Merrick!” She yelled; her ankle still in my grasp. I let go of her arm so she could balance.


“Sorry, involuntary reflex.” I joked. Kairyn turned her head to me and grinned. I tried to read her expression but she hid it too well. Before I knew what was happening, she dropped to the floor, on her stomach and kicked with her right leg, aiming and hitting its target. I dropped her ankle and fell to the floor with a grunt. She spun around and stood up quickly; covering her mouth she let out a muffled laugh.


She actually hadn’t kicked very hard, but to see her laugh was worth a fake defeat. “Alright, yeah, you win.” I sat up, pretending to be out of breath.


“Sorry,” she apologized. Her face said otherwise.


“No, I deserved it,” my voice was normal again. I stood up and held my hand out for her to take. “Nicely done.” I grinned.


She hesitated to take my hand but fell for it anyway. I clutched her hand tightly and spun her around, grabbing the other arm in the process. She let out a small gasp. Her back was against my chest as I held her in my arms. My hands held her arms crisscrossed against her chest. “I thought you said I won,” she huffed out.


“I take it back,” I chuckled.


“You know,” she turned her head to mine and smiled curiously. “You could teach me a few things.” She glanced up at me and I couldn’t help but see how vulnerable she looked.


“You mean teach you self-defense?” I let go of her arms and she turned to face me.


“Yes, you know, so I could get away if need be.”


I stared at her and thought about it. She made a good point. Not that anything would happen to her, but if something were to happen it would be great if she knew a few self-defense moves.


“Alright,” I crossed my arms, “Yeah, I’ll teach you a few things.” She smiled and her eyes lit up. “But,” I added, “You can only use them on Kayne and Law.” I winked at her and laughed when she blushed profusely, something that would never get old.


We started with a few simple moves. The ‘One Hand Strike’ was first. “Now, this move is simple and when done right, it can do some minor damage.” We stood on the large mat that set across the floor. “Let’s say you are walking down the street or in the mall and a man comes at you from the front. Turn your hand upward, palm facing the man,” I took her hand in mine and held smiled, “like this. Now, hit the man like this,” I threw my hand out in front of me as if my palm was hitting someone.


She threw her hand out at me and I grinned at the fierceness and speed she contained. “Great! Remember that your power in this move comes from both your arm muscles and your feet. Use your feet as extra force.”


We did the move again and then moved on to the next move. “This one tends to be more your style. In fact, the night we arrived at the log house, you proved your capability of this move.”


She titled her head confused. “It’s called ‘Kick to the Groin’.” She laughed when the words came out of my mouth. “You have that one down packed.”


We moved on and worked on a few other moves. I had taught her a few things using martial arts and I was in awe at how quickly she picked things up. I would show her once or twice and she had the move memorized. A few hours later, we were sparring and I was mesmerized at her swiftness and stability. She was petite but she was tough.


We continued sparring and she threw her fist to my gut. I wasn’t quick enough and I was surprised when she knocked a bit of air out of me. She laughed. “Think that’s funny?” I asked her, throwing more punches. She dodged them and continued laughing.


“I think you’re losing stamina!” I laughed at her comment.


“Well, I’ll have you know I’ve been going easy on you,” I kicked up and she dodged my leg.


“Excuses, excuses,” she threw out a fist, a sparkle of a dare crossed her green eyes and I grinned.


I reached out and grabbed her arm quickly before she could pull away. Then, I kicked out her feet from under her and she fell to the mat with a thud. With one knee on both her legs I grabbed her other hand and clasped it with the other in my right hand above her head. Her eyes widened and a grin hid behind her eyes.


“Here’s your last tip,” I smirked. “Never give your opponent the advantage of knowing your greatest weakness.” My voice was calm held a playful tone.


“You wouldn’t,” she meant it as a warning, but I took it as a dare.


“Oh, I would.”


Soon my hand was at her sides tickling her, causing her to laugh. She tried to yell ‘stop’ but her laughs wouldn’t end. Tears edged her eyes, and mine, as the ticking went on. The sound of her laughter was sweet, a salve on the many things of my past.


Finally, to her great relief, I stopped. With smiles plastered to our faces, we took in the moment. Her eyes stared back at mine and our smiles faded. I let go of her hands and moved my knee off her legs. She sat up and the air in the room seemed to push us together. “You would,” she spoke softly, glancing at my lips then back at my eyes. I held my breath and started to lean in.


“I would,” I whispered back to her, inches from her face. I closed my eyes waiting for my lips to connect to hers.


“Stone!” Kayne’s voice came from the hall. We both sat back and the air lifted. She bit her lip and the shade of her cheeks was pink once more. I rubbed my face and sucked in a breath.


“Yeah?” I called back to Kayne, turning my head to the door. My heart was racing.


“Dinner’s ready!”


“Alright, on our way!” I turned back to Kairyn and smiled. “Some other time.”


Glancing down, she bit her lip, trying to hide a smile, but I saw it. “Yeah,” she responded, looking back up at me, “some other time.”







Sitting at the dinner table, I watched the boys eat. Kota and Weston sat across from each other and Merrick sat across from me. As they talked I thought to myself. ‘Be steady my heart’ had become my new phrase. I repeated it multiple times throughout supper. If I hadn’t been mistaken and I was sure I wasn’t, Merrick almost kissed me. The thought sent my heart racing.


He took me to see the stars often and each trip I would sit even closer to him. Being near him gave me peace. I never would have thought that I would have feelings for a secret agent. It felt so surreal to me. Merrick hadn’t really shown any feelings in return, but he told me himself that he was trained not to feel emotion. He was still human though . . .


I prayed about it constantly, but I always got the same answer from God. Not yet. It was hard not to say anything. He hadn’t even kissed me and yet I felt as if we’d kissed a thousand times. My heart fluttered whenever he smiled at me. I loved that he was protective, even if it was a bit too much at times.


“Kairyn.” Merrick’s voice rang in my ears. I glanced up at him and his serious face wiped the smile off mine. The other two were gone from the table and I could hear running upstairs. “Did you hear me?” I shook my head no. “Go pack your things, we’re leaving!”


“What? Why?” I asked concerned.


“Did you hear any of the conversation? Our location has been breached and the UOC has found you!” My heart sped up with every word he spoke. “We leave in ten minutes!”


I quickly stood and ran upstairs to my bedroom. Grabbing the bag from my closet I packed an extra pair of clothes and a blanket. I didn’t know where we would be going, but I was sure Merrick had things for me at the other house. I ran down the hall and then into Merrick’s room. He was at the computer trying to print something off. “Grab that shoulder holster right there and place it in your bag.” I went to his bed but stopped before I reached for the shoulder holster. A file of papers sat to the right of the holster. I would have passed right by the file, if it hadn’t of had my name on it. I looked over at Merrick and watched as he scrolled his eyed over the computer screen. I turned back to the file and stared at it. What information did it have about me inside? I wanted to know.


A large crash brought my attention away from my file. I spun around to see Merrick bashing the computer with a large bat. I jumped back, grabbed the shoulder holster, and placed it in my bag like I was told to do.


“Merrick?” I yelled, shock plastered across my face.


He stilled, dropped the bat, and then turned to me. The look in his eyes whispered ‘murder’. A chill ran down my spine but I held down any fear. I took a step back and then froze as Merrick walked over towards me. I thought he was coming after me, but instead, he reached for my file, grabbed my hand, and pulled me out the door. I ran hard, trying not to fall down the stairs. Keeping up with him was like keeping up with the clouds. “Merrick, slow down!” I tried to say, but my breathing held my voice.


We ran to the living room where the others were. Kota stood near the kitchen and Weston stood in the center of the living room waiting for orders. “Stone,” Kota spoke with authority, “Take her to the hide out and stay there until further notice. Law and I will be right behind you.”


“You aren’t coming?” I asked worried.


“We’ll be a few minutes behind you guys. Listen to Merrick and you’ll be fine.” The look on his face held secrets; something I had never noticed before.


Merrick took my hand and led me to the back door. He turned off the alarm then reset it before we left. My heart pounded like a drum.


We ran out the door and headed for the forest. We dodged trees and small boulders. It was getting darker by the minute as the sun slowly died down.


“How far will we have to run?” I asked, out of breath.


“It’s about a day away on foot. We can make it by sundown tomorrow night if we hurry. Keep up with me and do not slow down.” His orders were strict but laced with care. He wouldn’t push me too hard. If need be, he would even stop if we had to. Hopefully we would. This wasn’t just another walk we went on to go star gazing but he knew my limits and so did I.





I have never been one to feel guilty about things I have done. Nor have I ever been one to apologize quickly either. My nerves have always been made of steel. Needless to say, my nerves never bothered me. That is until last night when I gave my father the addresses to each safe house owned by the group of spies that held my sister. I thought it had been the right thing to do, or so I told myself. The moment my father took hold of the addresses, my chest felt heavy. My head told me that things would work out for the best but my heart knew otherwise. Father was proud, and told me he had always wanted a son like me. He then went on to say, “You beat all the young men I have ever taken under my wing. I’m proud son, mighty proud.”


“Thanks dad.” I responded, but I could feel the lack of sincerity as he spoke. Had he not have had me he would have used someone else to get the addresses. He told me himself two nights ago. I hated the feeling of letting him down even though I had only known him for four months. However, as the addresses left my hands and entered our fathers, I felt all further hope of having a true sister leave me. I may have grown closer to my father, but even with the locations marked on where Kairyn was, I somehow knew that my relationship with her had severed.






What kind of father puts his daughter through this much pain? Samuel Turner, that’s the kind of man who would put his own feelings above his own families. I hated what he had done. She had been shot by one of his own men and he didn’t dare back down. As long as he had what he thought was rightfully his, he was happy; no matter the costs.


Kairyn was growing tired so I slowed us down to a speed walk, but we needed to keep moving if we were to reach the bridge before sunrise. It was nearly four in the morning and the sun would be rising within a few short hours. We were a good hour and a half away from the bridge. There was no signal and no phone service for either one of my devices, walkie-talkie or cellphone. She was probably getting hungry and all we had was already eaten. We had water though and that would last us until we made it to the hide out.


“Are you alright?” She asked me, her green eyes full of concern.


“Yes, just thinking,” I shook my head as if to clear my thoughts, “When we get to the bridge we should be able to take a break, but that’s still a good hour and a half away. Do you think you can make it that much further?”


She nodded her head with a smile. Her blonde hair bounced up and down on her petite shoulders. “That’s not too far. Besides, that gives us time to talk.”


“About what?” I questioned her.

“About you, your life.” She shied away as she spoke.


“Ha! That’s a story you don’t want to hear.” She stopped walking. “Kairyn, we don’t have time for this. We need to keep moving.”


“Not until you tell me.” She crossed her arms and the look she gave me made me chuckle. She tried her best to look angry and tough, but she only made me fall harder.


“Why does it matter?” Curiosity seemed to be getting to the both of us.


“What’s my favorite color?” She asked, throwing me off guard.


I raised an eyebrow. Starring at her for a good few seconds I took a deep breath, crossed my own arms then grinned. “Green.” I finally answered.


“What kind of green?” She raised her eyebrows.


“Forrest green.”


“And my favorite animal?” She asked another.


“A Golden Tiger.” I smiled, happy to answer the questions right.


“Favorite food? What about my favorite sports team? What do I do in my spare time, or when I am bored? Where do I want to go on my honeymoon and what is my biggest fear?” I knew then what she was trying to accomplish. She was trying to prove a point.


“Watermelon, St. Louis Cardinals, you read, sing, and draw. You want to honeymoon in Destin, Florida and you hate spiders.” The look on her face gave away all her emotion. She was surprised I knew all that about her but at the same time, as she breathed out slowly, I could sense relief.


“You know almost everything about me, but I know almost nothing about you. Tell me Merrick. Please?” Longing dwelled in her eyes. She needed to know more about me. She longed to feel closer to me.


I walked towards her until we were but inches apart. Then, I smirked at her. “You’re conniving, you know that?”


She gave me a sorry smile. “Please?” Her small voice pulled at my heart.


“Once upon a time,” I started to say, she laughed and pushed my shoulder.


“Merrick.” The sound of my name on her lips was sweet music.


“Kairyn.” I mimicked her tone.


“Please?” She asked one more time, her sweet voice caused me to give in.


“I was born in Clearwater, Florida.” Her eyes lit up as I started. We continued on our way as I spoke. “My parents owned their own business and by the time I turned five, they were multi-millionaires. I was an only child and was often lonely because my parents worked all the time. I had a few friends but rarely ever saw them. I went to a private school and was the quarterback for the football team.”


“You were a quarterback?” She asked in awe.


“Yes, why is that surprising?” I titled my head.


“I just, I don’t know. I just never saw you as a sports kind of guy . . .” She looked down as she spoke and she thought for a moment. When she noticed me starring at her as she lifted her head up, she blushed as if I could read her thoughts.


“Yes,” I smiled, “I played sports.” She smiled and I went on. “My parents never attended any of my games and when our team won regionals, they had no idea. They just weren’t there for me.” Her eyes fell.


“I can’t imagine that. I’m so sorry.” She scrunched her eyebrows.


“It’s not your fault.” I kept my eyes straight ahead. “As I got older, we grew apart. And then, I joined the military. I loved it so much that I decided to make a living off of it.”


“Do you ever see your parents?” She asked.


“No, I don’t. They…” I paused. I couldn’t say it. She would think I was a careless fool.


“They what?” The sweet innocence of her was refreshing. My life was wrapped around death and war, I never saw the light. There was a breath of fresh air the lingered wherever she went.


“They think I’m dead.” I muttered and stopped. It hurt to say it out loud, but the look on her face hurt even more.


“How…Why do they think you’re dead, Merrick?” Her voice was small and fragile.


“It’s the only way for them to be safe. It’s better this way Kai.” I told her. “They’ve mourned and they’ve gotten over it.”


“Why do they think you’re dead?” She restated her questioned.


It was the one topic, the one thing I couldn’t bare myself to think about. “Merrick?” She took my hand. “What happened?”


“I faked my death.” Her eyes grew wide. She let go of my hand and stepped back. “They were in danger, Kai. They were in danger. I had to do it. They would be dead if I hadn’t.”


“What happened?” Her face was unreadable.


“I was coming home from an assassin’s mission. I shot the man, he was dead, or so I thought. His men revived him and brought him back to good health. If I’d have known I would have never come home. I would have lost all contact with my family. I would have put them in protective custody.” I breathed in deep. “The man tracked me down and found my location. At the time I was at my parent’s house visiting for the Holidays. They were so happy I had come home safe. I had never seen them so happy to see me before. We sat down for supper one night and someone came to the door. I offered to get it but my father insisted. He opened the door and I heard a familiar voice speaking. I immediately knew who it was but I had no idea how it happened; how he had survived the bullet wound. He came around the corner into the kitchen and grinned as he saw me. After that everything went into slow motion. I reached for my gun and shot him, right there in front of my parents. My mother screamed, my father cursed. I stood there in pure hatred as I watched the man die. I turned to mother to comfort her and that’s when it happened. I felt a sharp pain through my side. I yelled and fell to my feet only to feel another sharp pain.”


“The two scares on your stomach…that’s what they are from?” Her eyes filled with dread and pain.


I went on. “I had made the mistake of thinking he was dead twice then. Yes he was dying, but I gave him the advantage for revenge when I turned my back. I should have never turned my back to him. I tried to stay calm, but my mother was going into hysterics. My father was panicking and I couldn’t bear to see them like that again. I took the knife from the man, stabbed him in the heart, and then fell to the floor with a thud. My parents rushed me to the hospital, and they waited for three days. During that time, the agency came and spoke with me about saying ‘goodbye’.  They told me it wasn’t safe for my parents to know me anymore.”


“So you faked your death…” She finished for me. I nodded.


“They told them I had internal bleeding and that they hadn’t caught it in time.” Guilt stabbed my heart as I spoke of the awful, faded memory. “They didn’t even get to say goodbye as the doctors strolled me away.” I swallowed the bile that had made its way to my throat. Her face was still, I couldn’t tell what she was thinking and it hurt to have someone I care about so much know the awful things I had done. Yet, at the same time, it was a relief to have finally spoken of it. I felt as if I could breathe all the anger, frustration, and guilt out of my system.


“Oh…Merrick…that must have been awful for you.” Her statement caught me off guard. As we continued walking I glanced over at her. A small tear streak traced down her small flushed cheek; I hadn’t noticed she had been crying until now. “You, in a way, gave your life for them. They are free from harm because of you Merrick.” I stopped when she stood still. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight.


I held tightly to her hand, and then pulled her into an embrace. I breathed in deeply the scent of her hair and wrapped my arms around her small waist as she hugged me securely. “Thank you.” I spoke into her ear. She sniffled and I held on tighter, clasping her shirt into my hands.


She pulled away slightly, revealing her tender eyes. Her mouth opened, and then closed as if she refused to say what was on her mind. She gave me a sweet smile, and took my hand in hers, our fingers intertwined, we started walking again. “What’s your favorite color?” She asked randomly, trying to change the gloomy atmosphere. I threw my head back and laughed out loud, something I hadn’t done in a long time and it felt good. Because of this sweet young woman, a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. “Well?” She pushed.


“Green.” I answered.


“What shade of green?”


I smiled slightly, and gave her hand a gentle squeeze. “The shade of a beautiful, young lady’s eyes.” 

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