My Captivator

Kairyn’s life was wonderful, almost perfect. Her parents adored her, she had just started college, she made a new friend right off the bat, and her research paper for psychology was almost complete. But, after accidentally engaging in a unpleasant blog, her world changes, and not for the better. As ex-CIA Agent, Samuel Turner, and his men, declare Kairyn their next victim, secret agents, Merrick Stone and his team members, Kota and Weston, are assigned to protect Kairyn and bring Samuel and his men to justice.

Becoming a CIA Operative at the age of twenty-two was the best thing that ever happened to Merrick, that is until he and his team members are assigned to a new mission that involves a certain young woman. The closer Kairyn grows to Merrick, she finds his heart is in the right, but his mind is in the wrong. Will she be able to convince Merrick that of all the mistakes he has made in his life, he can still be forgiven? Or will the trials she faces bring hatred into her own heart?


14. Chapter Thirteen

Chapter 13:




We had been walking for hours, not stopping for anything. My father led the way, not knowing where we were headed. We followed a tracker who found even the slightest trace of human. His name was Mason and he loathed Merrick as much as my father. Mason was tall and stout; his shoulders reaching a span of nearly two and a half feet. His background held many criminal injustices and many deaths had been caused by his own hands. My father claims that Mason devoted his life to tracking, and for a good reason, too. Merrick had killed his brother leaving him with the fortified feeling of vengeance. His hatred for Merrick had only grown since the last time he saw him. To even say the name caused Mason to turn red with rage. Needless to say, I am ecstatic that he is on our side. To fight him would mean, not sudden, but slow and a painful death.


The house had been empty when we arrived hours before. All weapons had been taken and the car tires had been slashed, which meant they had traveled on foot. Montana was a dangerous place, as much as I hated to admit it, if Kairyn was out in the middle of the forest in Montana, I’d rather her be with Merrick who knew what he was doing. I did not hate Merrick, but to say that out loud, especially near my father, would be suicidal.


“They were just here not too long ago.” Mason brought me from my thoughts. His Australian accent was thick and low, musky with the trace of whiskey and cigars. He bent down and felt the ground, pinching dirt then bringing it up to his nose. “I’d say about an hour ago they stood right here. They’ve been trying to cover their tracks but they missed a few. Their trail points that direction.” He spoke and pointed his finger north. “If we hurry we can cut them off at the Cedar Crest Bridge by sunrise.”


“Good job, Mason.” My father patted the tracker on the back. “Men, let’s go.” Our speed quickened and my legs grew tired, but I wanted to see my sister, and that meant trudging on.






It had been a little over an hour since Merrick’s told me his story. Since then I’ve learned his favorite animal, food, store, and even his biggest fear. He had opened up completely and I felt warm inside knowing he trusted me with all this information. We were about another three miles from the bridge but we would make it before sunrise.


Overwhelmed by his affection, I haven’t lost hold of his hand and even when I tried, he only held tighter. He needed the comfort just as much as I had. I only wished this could last, but I knew it couldn’t and maybe that’s why he held on so long. He knew this would be the only time for us to be as one. He lived the life of a spy, a secret agent, and he had no time in his life for love or affection. I told myself he was only using me for a crutch, a comfort for the time being. Oh but my heart, my heart said otherwise. My heart said he loved me; my heart said I loved him. It was a mass of confusion for me, to love someone so much and to know he might love you, but to also know it will not last. At times, I could just scream, then cry, and then laugh. Love is a creature of many talents, one being the way it lingered about, toying with the feelings of its prey, and never leaving a heart unturned.


“Penny for your thoughts?” Merrick grinned. His smile had a way of melting every part of me.


“You.” My mouth spoke without thinking. I gasped as he stopped and looked at me, tilting his head. “I meant your life.” I tried to fix my mistake but he had caught it.


He studied me, taking in every detail of my face, and then he smiled. “I don’t meet people like you often. You are a rare one, Kai.” He used the nickname he had learned to call me and I felt my cheeks grow warm with pink tint. His eyes burned holes in my own. I glanced at his lips then up into his eyes once more as he did the same. My hands began to sweat and my heart beat quickened. He took both my hands and pulled me close to him. His gaze was fixed on my lips, determination in his eyes, the look he so often wore. His left hand moved to my neck and chills rang through my body. He leaned in and I closed my eyes ready for the impact, but he surprised me however when I felt this lips press against my forehead. I couldn’t help but to smile. He reached down and grabbed both my hands, pulling them to his chest. “The rarest of them all.” He smiled as he rested his forehead against mine. We closed our eyes and took in the moment. If it had been the only moment we’d ever have, I would enjoy every second.


His voice broke the silence, “We should go.” My heart ached as he pulled away from me. I wanted so badly for this nightmare to be over so I could just hold him and be held.


We walked on and could faintly see the bridge not too far off down a steep hill. I could smell the water at the bottom of the ravine and could hear it as well. It sounded harsh and deadly.


Suddenly, a twig snapped behind us. Merrick stopped. “Get back.” He ordered as he shoved me behind him. We scanned the top of the hill that overflowed with trees. He then reached for a smaller knife and handed it to me. “Run.” He whispered.


“No.” Fear engulfed me and I held tightly to him. “I’m not leaving you.”


He turned to me and shook me hard. “Run Kairyn!” He ordered. It had been the first time I saw fear in his eyes. “Run and don’t look back!” He turned me around and gave me a shove. I stumbled then found my balance; I looked back as I ran for the bridge, placing the small knife in the hem of my jeans.


I heard gunshots fire as I dodged trees and large rocks. My heart raced and I let out a small whimper when I heard someone yell. Stopping dead in my tracks I glanced back up the hill. Trees hindered my view and my tears did the same.  Sounds of yelling and tree branches breaking flooded my ears. I started back up the hill, but large arms came from behind me and a hand covered my mouth. They were hard hands, course and they smelled of dirt and muck. I struggled to get free, kicking, and lashing about, trying my best to use any of what Merrick had taught me. I broke through the hold and fell to the dirt, I stumbled to get up and run only to feel hands grip my ankles and pull me down. A body jumped on my back and then shifted, flipping me around to face them.


I started to scream but a hand covered my mouth. “Hush! Kairyn lay still!” I opened my eyes and a slight relief came, but only to leave as soon as it had come. “It’s me!” He yelled. “It’s only me!”


Tears brimmed my eyes as Caleb moved off of me and sat on the ground next to me. He pulled me up to a sitting position and pulled me to him, embracing me. I stiffened, wanting to trust him but not knowing if I could.


“Caleb.” I whispered almost too quietly.


“It’s me Kairyn.” I hugged him tightly and my heart beat slowed. He was okay, alive and well.


“Oh, Caleb.” I cried. “I thought something happened to you.” He pulled away from me, the look in his eyes menacing.


“I got away, I found help.” He smiled, and a red flag entered my thoughts. He was with them.


“Help?” I questioned, now able to speak aloud. He was covered in bruises, and had a faint black eye. “Caleb…what happened to your-“


“Nothing!” He yelled, covering his eye. “I ran into a tree running for you.” He spoke quickly.


“It looks like someone hit you, Caleb.” I slowly stood, backing away slowly.


“I’m fine. Just a bruise is all.” He began to stand. “Don’t be afraid Kairyn. It’s just me. Good ‘ole Caleb.” He stepped towards me.


“You’re with them. Aren’t you?” He furrowed his brow and stood dead in his tracks.


He lifted his head and his frown turned upward. “So you know then?” His eerie grin gave me chills.


“I know they say you are a part of this, but I don’t want to believe you would be a part of such a sinister plan.” My tone was angry.


“Is it so bad to want to bring a family back together?” He raised his eyebrows and pouted his lower lip.


He was mad. They had brain washed him. “Bring family together . . . Caleb you helped tear my family apart.” I said hurt.


His faced twitched and he lifted his head. He thought for a moment and I fought the urge to run, not yet. “They didn’t tell you, did they?” He took a step closer to me and I held my breath.


“Tell me what?” I breathed out slowly, trying to calm my heart.


“Ha.” He scoffed, and then rested his arm and his hand in a thinking position. He was different, something had changed in him. “Kairyn, we are siblings.” The words he spoke threw me off. He walked towards me slowly.


“What? Caleb we are not related in anyway.” I spoke cautiously.


“That’s what they told you isn’t it?” He asked, growing angry.


“Caleb, are you hearing yourself? You sound crazy. This isn’t you. They are feeding you lies.” I tried to persuade him.


“Oh, really? Than why does this say otherwise?” He pulled a thin, wadded piece of paper from his back pocket and threw it to me.


I starred at it, suddenly afraid of its very existence. It had been crumpled down to almost tissue thin. “Go ahead,” he spit, “look at it.”


I glanced own at the paper and then bent down to pick it up, never relieving my caution of Caleb. I unraveled the worn piece of paper which ended up having another piece stapled to it; I then straightened out the edges. My eyes narrowed. It was a federal document claiming birth rights and the first page was about Jack turner and how he had been adopted by Julie Smith. For safety reasons the name of the child was changed to Caleb Smith. I looked up at Caleb and he smiled knowingly. “Look at the second page.”  I turned to the second page and started reading. It stated that a young Elizabeth Turner, daughter of Samuel Turner was now under the custody of Brandon and Kathy Locksley, those were the names of my parents.


“This doesn’t mean anything, Caleb. You could have easily hacked into the system, typed something up and printed it off.” I tried to make sense of it. My parents would never keep something like this from me.


“And I could have easily hacked into the federal computers and printed this off without changing anything.” He smiled. “Kairyn, don’t you see? We are family, brother and sister, we are twins.” His voice made me sick; I could feel the bile making its way up my throat.


“This…you’re lying.” I whispered as the world spun. I leaned back against a tree.


“No, and what’s worse is that your boyfriend knows.” He scoffed as he mentioned Merrick. I looked up slowly and then shook my head. “He’s known sense he started this mission of his.” Caleb’s smile turned into a malicious grin.


“No. No you’re lying! You lied from the beginning and you’re lying now!” I yelled. “Samuel is not my father and you are not my brother!”


A man came out from behind a tree. He was large, enormous. I flinched and stepped away from the tree, readying myself for a run. Where was Merrick? Panic spread fast and I looked in every direction for any sign of him. “He’s not coming sweetheart.” The man’s Australian accent was thick and meaty. “He is a bit…occupied at the moment.” He grinned maliciously.


“Where is he?” Anger laced my voice. “Where is he?” I repeated louder when they only grinned.


He clasped his hands and faced me. “Let’s just say he’s out of the picture. You are going to come with us and-”


“No.” I stood firm.


He closed his eyes and shook his head, obviously not happy with my interruption. “Listen here sweetheart; your little rat of a spy has left. He’s gone, ran away at the sight of us real men.”


“Merrick would never run. He is no coward . . . like some.” I glanced at Caleb.


“Really? Then where is he now? Tell my, dear, if he really cared, then why has he not come to your rescue yet?” He flaunted his hands then glanced side to side.


I was speechless, dumbfounded and unable to come up with a logical answer. “He went to get help.” I finally spoke, not sounding at the least convinced.


“Oh? What makes you think that?” He scoffed, laughing. “He is one and we are seven.” As he spoke, five other large men came out from hiding. I turned in every direction, looking for an escape route. “Relax dearie, if you comply this will all go over smoothly and you can be reunited with your father.”


“If he cared so much, then where is he?” I spat out coldly. “Is he afraid?” If I were to be taken, I would not be taken easily.


His face twitched in frustration. “Definitely your father’s daughter. Ain’t she her father’s daughter?” He turned and asked the men that had carefully placed themselves around us in a tight circle. They all nodded in agreement, afraid to answer otherwise. “Look sweetheart, you’re comin’ with us whether you like it or not. Trust me; it’s for the best that you just-”


“No.” I muttered dryly. My fists were tightly gripped at my waist.


“Whatever you say.” His eyes darkened. “Plan ‘B’.” He turned and walked over to Caleb. The men gathered closer and my heart raced with adrenaline. Not knowing what to do, I screamed, loudly. A man jumped for me but I ducked, and then slid in the grass to dodge another. I spun in a circle to find any opening, but I was surrounded.


Inch by inch they closed in on me. One man held a knife in his hand; another held a thick rope that I figured was meant for me. They all sneered and I grimaced at the looks of my outcome. Not knowing what else to do, I silently prayed. As I have always told myself, I am not a quitter and I will never be. God would get me out of this. I had to trust him, whether I wanted to or not.


One man lunged and grabbed my right arm. I hit him with my open palm, over and over, trying to get free, but then another grabbed my other arm. I looked up and eyed down Caleb, pleading with my eyes. He simply blinked and looked away. If Caleb would not help me, then I would have to figure out a plan on my own. That terrified me and the mere thought of having to fight off each one of these monsters by hand was terrible to think about. I had no idea how to fight, and I had no idea how to plan an escape.


Movement from the trees caught my eyes. I glanced and saw, beneath the overgrown bushes, a speck of blonde hair. Hope revived within me as Merrick popped his face into view and mouthed, “Stand still.” I wanted to scream ‘no’ and run to him to get away from these boorish men. What they had in mind for me was uncertain and horrifying. The thought of becoming a doll toy for these brainless barbarians crept into my mind and I quickly pushed it away. “Trust me . . .” He mouthed as he raised his eyebrows. I gave him my best pleading expression and his eyes grew determined. “Stand still,” he mouthed one more time, and then he disappeared into the brush.


Finally, obeying Merrick, I squeezed my eyes closed and froze. The men exchanged glances and smiled at my sudden cooperation. One man pulled my arms behind my back, causing a small yelp from my mouth. Another man, who wore a pair of jeans two sized too short, tied the strong rope securely around my wrists. A rope was tied around my waist and the end of it sat in the hands of the Australian. I had been leashed.

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