My Captivator

Kairyn’s life was wonderful, almost perfect. Her parents adored her, she had just started college, she made a new friend right off the bat, and her research paper for psychology was almost complete. But, after accidentally engaging in a unpleasant blog, her world changes, and not for the better. As ex-CIA Agent, Samuel Turner, and his men, declare Kairyn their next victim, secret agents, Merrick Stone and his team members, Kota and Weston, are assigned to protect Kairyn and bring Samuel and his men to justice.

Becoming a CIA Operative at the age of twenty-two was the best thing that ever happened to Merrick, that is until he and his team members are assigned to a new mission that involves a certain young woman. The closer Kairyn grows to Merrick, she finds his heart is in the right, but his mind is in the wrong. Will she be able to convince Merrick that of all the mistakes he has made in his life, he can still be forgiven? Or will the trials she faces bring hatred into her own heart?


7. Chapter Six

Chapter 6:



I struggled, running hard and fast but I didn't seem to be getting anywhere. My legs grew tired and suddenly I was falling to the hard cold earth. My lungs hurt as I gasped for air. I started crawling away, my fingernails digging into the ground.

"Think you can run, do you?" I heard a familiar voice yell. The accent of hate was thick in the moist air. It had rained and I was covered in mud from head to toe. "We'll just see about that." I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my side as the stranger kicked me down. I cried out in pain but was kicked again.

"Please! I'll do anything! Please don't kill me! Please!" I begged and screamed but it only drove his anger further.

"You are asking me to show you mercy?" He laughed angrily. "Why show you what you have not shown me?" He reached out and grabbed me by the hair. He came into the light and fear engulfed me. I screamed as I saw his face. Horror struck me hard and I began to shake violently.

"Please Caleb! Let me go! I thought we were friends!" I sobbed as he threw me and I hit the ground with a loud thud. A warm thick liquid ran down my forehead and into my right eye. This is it, I thought. He was going to kill me.

Caleb reached up with his foot over my pleading, bloody, eyes. "You should have believed him Kairyn! You should have trusted him!" As he brought his foot down I closed my eyes and heard a scream only it was not mine. I heard loud thumps and shrieks of agonizing pain. Then everything fell silent. The only noise came from two feet that pounded towards me. I began to sob. Someone else was coming and I knew he meant harm. My guts twisted and I shielded my face as someone spoke.

"Kairyn!" He yelled. "Kairyn look at me! It's just me! Kairyn it's just me! It's Merrick, Kairyn!"

I awoke, screaming. Someone held me down and I thrashed my body, flailing my arms at the other person. They gripped my wrists and held tight.

"Kairyn, it's me! It's Merrick! It's okay, look at me!" I froze when I opened my eyes to see I had only been dreaming.


I stared Merrick into his deep blue eyes. My bottom lip started to quiver and I shook. "It's okay." He spoke gently. "It was just a dream." His voice was but a whisper. He gripped a little tighter around my wrists then pulled me up. He wrapped his arms around me and I laid my forehead on his left shoulder tucking my arms into me. "It's okay." He repeated himself. "You're safe, I got you." Breathing slowly, I tried to slow my racing heart. He didn't speak, letting me soak in the moment of relief.

“It was Caleb.” I cried. “He hurt me.”

His hold on me tightened and for a moment I felt peace, as if I belonged in his arms. "It’s over," he took a breath, "It was just a dream; it wasn’t real."

I pulled back and his hands came to my shoulders. His hair was ruffled, his eyes looked sleepy, and his voice was groggy, but even at two o’clock in the morning he was handsome. "I am going to do everything in my power to make things the way they use to be." He stated. "I can't promise you that Jack and you will stay friends, but I can promise you that I will not let anything happen to you," he paused and looked me in the eyes then giving me a tiny shake he continued, "or you family." I gave him a slight nod that turned into another fit of tears. He embraced me again. "I promise." He finished. I nodded my head and felt him squeeze harder.

He had been holding me a few seconds when we heard a knock at my door. We pulled apart as Kayne walked in.

"Hey, I just wanted to check on you." He said, speaking to me. "Nightmare?" He asked, eyebrows furrowed in a caring way.

I nodded in return. Then glanced at what he was wearing. As pajama bottoms, he wore bright yellow pants that were spotted with tiny white ducks. It reminded me of my cousin Zack who wore pants like that, even to school.

"What?" Kayne grinned. "They were a Christmas gift." He laughed as he looked down at his pants.

Merrick gave a tiny chuckle and I grinned at the sight of a secret agent wearing ducky pajamas. It was definitely not something you saw every day. But of course it isn't everyday a person is kidnapped by spies in order to escape the death seeking hands of a band of rogue agents who look to seek justice because a young woman found out too much information on them using a public website on criminal minds either.

"From who?" Merrick snorted. He was wearing Nike shorts with a matching t-shirt which formed to his fit torso and muscular biceps.

"Law." Kayne replied almost in a whisper.

Merrick laughed loud this time. "Law gave them to you? When did he even have time to go Christmas shopping? We were in Kuwait." Merrick’s face dropped. “Wait, he didn’t get me anything!”

"Did you get him anything?” Kayne raised his eyebrows.


“That doesn't matter.”


“What matters,” Kayne winked at me, “is that they're comfortable and . . ."

Suddenly, an alarm went off and Law ran into the room with dread on his face. Merrick shot off the bed to guard me. "Our house has been breached! South door, right exit!"

All three men made a quick signal then split up. Kayne ran out of the room and Merrick went to my closet. "What's happening?" I asked in a panic.

"Our house has been breached- broken into- I need you to grab that bag and start filling it with needs, no wants!" He was whispering loudly.


I hurried and grabbed a bag out of my closet. Merrick had thrown clothes onto the bed and I ran and started stuffing my bag with the mismatched jeans and shirts.

"We need to hurry.” He rushed me.


“Does this happen often?” I asked out of breath.


“This would be the first.” He answered. “They must have found a way to access our safe houses.”


I froze. “Merrick, what about my family?”


We were interrupted by a couple of men who ran into the room. Merrick grabbing me fast and shoving me to the floor then covering me with his body all while a gunshot roared through the room. I let out a loud scream. Then the lights went out.

“Sorry,” he grunted as he rolled off of me. He shoved me under the bed. I stared at him looking for a sign of hope and I was amazed to see determination across his face. He took a deep breath then jumped up fast. I scooted to my side under the large bed closest to the door. I glanced out and saw not only two but three sets of feet jumping and running around the room. My heart pounded as I heard two gun shots. Two bodies lay still on the floor. It was dark and I tried my best to make out the faces but I couldn't. Dread took over as the third pair of feet ran over to my side of the bed. Out of nowhere the people grabbed my ankles and dragged me out from under the bed. I started to scream but a hand covered my mouth.

"It's okay. It's me." I let out the breath I had been holding in as Merrick spoke. "Don't make a sound. There are more of them." I nodded as he released my mouth. "Stay close." He said as we stood and crept to the bedroom door. Merrick poked his head out into the hallway- left and right- then glanced at me putting a finger to his mouth making a shushing motion.

I closed my eyes as I heard gunshots throughout the house. This wasn't a nightmare I'd be waking up from. This was real and if we didn't find a way out now, we might not make it out at all.

I grabbed Merrick's hand, hoping for any kind of reassurance. A small shock appeared at the ends of our finger tips as our hands connected. He looked down at the notion then back up at me. "We'll be okay." He whispered interlocking his fingers with mine. His eyes held a certain spark that sent a wave of emotion through me. "We need to get to my bedroom so I can grab some weapons." He glanced back out the door. "Ready?" He looked back at me. I nodded in return then he ran out the door dragging me behind him.

Thankfully his room was right next to mine. But when we entered the room three men stood next to the window looking out. Merrick jumped out of the room and pulled me with him. We stood flat against the wall in the hallway as Merrick thought. "What now?" I whispered.

Merrick looked up and closed his eyes as he thought. Then his eyes shot open and he looked right into my own. "Trust me?" He asked. I gave him a hesitant nod.

Soon I found myself standing about two feet in front of the doorway. I cleared my throat. The three men turned fast and pointed their guns in my direction. "Looking for me?" I asked, raising my hands to my shoulders. The men grinned and walked towards me cautiously. As they neared the door I ran to the left and they followed in return. The first man came through the doorway and Merrick's fist came out of the darkness colliding with his temple. The large man fell to the ground with a thud causing the other men to freeze. Merrick walked around the corner ready to defend himself. "Hi, boys." He smirked.

"Merrick Stone." One of them spoke. His English accent was thick and laced with fear and shock.

"You seem to have broken into the wrong house." Merrick's tone was calm and collective making the air all the heavier.

I hid next to the door in the dark empty hallway just outside Merrick's dark room as I heard four loud thumps. Then all was silent. I waited a minute and when I still heard nothing I glanced around the corner and jumped when Merrick showed up in the doorway, nearly running into me. He wore a black vest stocked with guns and knives. He looked down at me then grabbed my hand. "Let's go!"

We ran down the hall and down the flight of stairs to the long hallway that held his trophies, plaques, and pictures. "Where are we going?" I questioned.

We came to a stop at the end of the hallway. "The basement." He responded, glancing around the corner and into the kitchen. My heart dropped. The basement was the one place I was told not to enter. There had to be a good reason not to go down there and I wasn't sure I wanted to know.

When the coast was clear we ran through the kitchen and over to the basement door. He opened the door quickly and looked inside. "Okay let's-"

A fire was shot and missed Merrick's head by an inch. We ducked and turned quickly. A man stood twenty feet from us in the living room with a gun pointing straight at us. Merrick took out one of his guns and gave another to me. "Use it well." He said before pushing me into the basement. The door slammed shut and I heard shots fired on the other side. I tried opening the large metal door but it wouldn't budge. I turned around and pressed my back against the door. “At least I know he trusts me.” I whispered sarcastically, trying to lighten the mood. I gulped at the darkness ahead of me. “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus . . .” I whispered repeatedly. “Please be with me.”


It was dark and I could barely see the gun which was held by both my shaking hands. The air smelled of soiled clothes and damp grass. I took a deep breath then took a step down. I stumbled down the first few steps then regained my balance. Sheer terror engulfed me as I made my way into the pitch black abyss. A dripping sound caught my attention and I began to shake. I had no idea what was down there but I continued down the steep steps. Five more and I had reached the bottom. My eyes began to adjust to the darkness and I was then able to make out specific images. Weapons stacked high on each wall. Large black bags flooded a corner. I assumed they were none other than body bags. How many of them have been used or would be used? I shuddered at that thought.


I crept on and tiptoed my way throughout the large underground lair. I jumped when I heard the door open at the top of the stairs then slam shut again. Footsteps pounded as did my heart. I quickly found the closest hiding spot which ended up being inside a small closet. I shut the wooden door and backed deep inside; using anything I could to hide behind.


The door swung open and I had never been so happy to hear Merrick’s voice. “Kairyn!” He whispered loudly. I waited, not wanting to make any false accusations. “Kairyn it’s me, we have to leave now!” I peeked around one of the long trench coats that I was using to shield me. “Come on!” He spotted me, holding out his hand. I grabbed it with my own, as he took my gun with his other hand. I then followed him out into the open basement.


It was still dark but I could see better now. He led me to a dark staircase, but instead of going up, they led down. It was even darker down in the depths than the basement we were already in. There was no way I was going down there.


I pulled back on Merrick’s hand as he stepped down the first two steps. He turned and looked at me then over to the other set of stairs that led up to the house. “Kairyn, we don’t have time for this, not now.” I looked down at the pitch-black mass and stared hard wondering what or who else could be down there. “Trust me.” He spoke. Our eyes met and my heart felt as if it were going to beat out of my chest. “Trust-me.” His words caressed the air. He gave me a small half grin, and I nodded slightly.


“Okay.” I swallowed. He gave me a swift nod. We scurried down the stairs in one fluent motion. We made it to the bottom just as we heard the basement door break in. We heard voices filling the basement and Merrick led me faster into a small tunnel about five feet in height.


“Kayne and Law are just a few hundred yards away waiting for us in our getaway car.” He whispered. “We only have a few minutes to get to them before the men finds out we are down here.”


“Then why aren’t we running?” I asked before I could cover my mouth. He stopped looked down at me and grinned. Then he took off and he ran hard. If I hadn’t been holding onto his hand I would have stumbled to the cold, hard ground. I had never seen anyone run so fast in my life. Every stride he took, I felt as if he were just pulling me in the air. I barely had time to plant my feet for another stride of my own.


“In here!” Voices rang about a hundred feet behind us. We sprinted harder and I felt my lungs burn for fresh air. The air was thin in the tunnel and I could feel dust intruding my air pipes. Merrick checked his watch and sprinted faster. “We’ll be cutting it short.” I barely heard him speak.


Three hundred yards later we exited the tunnel where we found Kayne and Law inside the car. Shots fired as the intruders exited the tunnel a few seconds later. Merrick threw open the car door and as I jumped in I felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder. A cry of pain escaped my throat as Merrick jumped in after me and slammed the door. “Go!” He yelled as shots fired at the small vehicle.


I grit my teeth as we ascended a small ramp and exited out into the woods. I glanced down at my left shoulder and the color drained from my face. “Merrick.” I whispered, unable to speak aloud. For once his well-trained ears dismissed my small voice. Terror clawed at my throat and I began to panic. The shot was close to my heart and I knew it was bad. “Merrick.” I tried again, but my voice died down. My vision began to spur and the pain became agonizing. I reached out with what strength I had left and barely brushed Merrick’s arm. He must have felt me, for the last thing I heard was him yelling out my name in pure horror. 

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