My Captivator

Kairyn’s life was wonderful, almost perfect. Her parents adored her, she had just started college, she made a new friend right off the bat, and her research paper for psychology was almost complete. But, after accidentally engaging in a unpleasant blog, her world changes, and not for the better. As ex-CIA Agent, Samuel Turner, and his men, declare Kairyn their next victim, secret agents, Merrick Stone and his team members, Kota and Weston, are assigned to protect Kairyn and bring Samuel and his men to justice.

Becoming a CIA Operative at the age of twenty-two was the best thing that ever happened to Merrick, that is until he and his team members are assigned to a new mission that involves a certain young woman. The closer Kairyn grows to Merrick, she finds his heart is in the right, but his mind is in the wrong. Will she be able to convince Merrick that of all the mistakes he has made in his life, he can still be forgiven? Or will the trials she faces bring hatred into her own heart?


20. Chapter Nineteen



We had spent the night by the large tree. We split a granola bar and shared the bottle of water I had. However, I was careful to save some for when we found Merrick. We were silent as I bandaged his ankle. He winced a few times and I would mutter a quick ‘sorry’ here and there, but for the most part we never spoke a word. Neither of us knew what to say, and both of us were perfectly fine with not speaking for a while.


His ankle was bandaged with a ripped t-shirt from my backpack and splinted with a thick couple of sticks. It was the best I could do with our circumstance. He thanked me afterwards and then the silence continued. It was as if we were giving each other the silent treatment, but without purpose. I wanted to speak to him, but what would I have said? How would I have started the conversation? Finally, one of us broke the silence.


“We should go search for Stone.” Caleb spoke, his voice hoarse. He looked me in the eyes.


“We should wait until the swelling goes down on your ankle.” I said, kicking myself mentally. I wanted to search for Merrick, but Caleb was in pain.


“He was shot, Kairyn. He needs our help.” His words cut deep, bringing back memories of the day before.


“Like I need a reminder.” I spat at him. “I know he is hurt, but so are you. I can’t take care of both of you, Caleb. You’re both twice the size of me.”


He sat there for a moment. “We can search in small amounts of time. Thirty minutes, then rest fifteen.” I hesitated at his idea. “I’ll be fine, I promise.” He tried to reassure me.


“Fine. But if it hurts too much, then we stop.” So we began searching. Thirty minutes walking, fifteen minutes resting. It wasn’t much but it was something.




As the sun went down, the air grew cool. It was much cooler than the other nights we had spent out here. We found a large rock that formed over the grassy earth. “We can rest there.” Caleb examined. “It will keep us dry if it rains and we can build a fire.”


Nodding, I helped him inside the cave-like structure. “I’ll get some fire wood.” I said as I set down my things.


“No,” he spoke weakly, “I’ll get it.”


“Caleb, you can barely walk.” I assured him.


“I’m not going to let a woman do a man’s job, Kairyn.” He gave me a look that reminded me of myself. He was stubborn just like I was. His smile lightened his eyes and it amazed me how I never noticed how much we looked alike.


“I’ll be fine. You need to rest if you ever want to heal.” He started to speak but I interrupted him. “Besides, it would be hard for you to carry wood with or without your crutches. I won’t go too far.”


He finally agreed and I set out for some firewood. I walked through the woods, remembering each step I took so that I could find my way back to the cave. The forest was almost black. If not for the moon light, I wouldn’t have been able to see at all. Glancing around, a few branches lay against a tree. I picked them up and walked on. I found a few smaller branches and a couple of large sticks. When I thought I had enough, I made my way back to our shelter, thankful that I hadn’t gone too far.


A squirrel spooked me as it ran up a tree. I jumped and then rolled my eyes in relief. Then, a chipmunk ran out from a bush . . . from the same direction the squirrel had come from. I shook the fear out of my mind. I was tired and my imagination was getting the best of me. It was just a coincidence, or so I told myself. That was until three more squirrels ran from the same direction as the other small critters had.


I quickened my pace and, as if on cue, a low grumble came from my left causing a few more small animals to scramble away. Dropping the wood in my hands I sprinted for the rock where Caleb was. A loud grumble, which I registered as a bears, bellowed behind me and suddenly paws thundered and shook the ground. My heart raced as my feet picked up pace. “Caleb!” I yelled as the rock form came into view. After a few seconds he was up on his feet and sticking his head out of the cave. I ran inside, yanking him with me. I reached for my knife, but I forgot Caleb had taken it from me. Caleb ran to his own bag and pulled out a small pistol.


A loud snort turned our heads and our eyes met the eyes of a creature none other than a Grizzly bear. My breath caught in my throat and I took a few steps back. Since I had already ran from it, I figured it was too late for the ‘drop and pretend to be dead’ trick. Our eyes widened at the massive beast. The moonlight casted it into a shadow form and it almost seemed black.


My brother pointed his gun and shot once, a big mistake. My father had always taught me that if I am ever to shoot a wild animal, I needed to shoot to kill. An injured animal was more dangerous than a healthy one.


The bullet hit the animal’s side and the bear let out a loud roar. Caleb shot again and the animal roared once more. Then, without any hesitation, it charged. Caleb tried to shoot again but the animal’s large paw came up and swiped Caleb to the ground. I picked up a rock and through it hard, hitting the beast in the head. It turned fast and growled, show casing its long, two inch teeth. I stumbled back, praying hard that the animal would just leave, but I knew it wouldn’t be that easy. It charged me and I braced myself for impact.


I grunted as a large paw swatted me to the ground, tearing through my right arm as it hit. I tried to crawl away, but the bears claws clung tightly to my pant legs. I kicked away and turned on my back. The bear rose and stood at least nine feet high. It let out an ear piercing growl and I covered my face and throat, moving into fetal position.


 A loud gunshot rang, vibrating off of the stone walls of the cave. I glanced through my fingers and screamed as the bear came down, but instead of killing me, it landed a foot away from me with a thud. Blood gushed from its nose and a small pool of the red liquid formed under its snout.  I glanced up and saw Caleb standing there with the gun in his hand slowly falling. He had shot the bear through the neck. It was a miracle shot for sure, and I never would have been able to make a shot so perfectly aimed. Starring at the large animal he spoke. “Ever have bear meat?” He asked. Then he looked at me, breathing hard. “I’ll get the fire wood.” I nodded and scooted back from the bear that now lay dead in our cave.


Caleb arrived back with fire wood, and thankfully, no bears. He started the fire with a lighter he had in his back pack, and then turned to me. His eyes roamed my arms and he ripped his shirt and tore it into strands. “Let me see your arm.” I shook my head ‘no’. “Kairyn, I need to bandage your wounds.”


“I’m fine.” He rolled his eyes.


“No, you aren’t fine. Neither of us is fine.” His volume rose. “This is my fault, Kai.” I glanced up at him.


“You can’t help who your father is.” I tried to comfort him. He let out a small sarcastic chuckle.


“You don’t get it. This is my fault. Samuel had no idea who we were until I contacted him.” He laid his head back against the stone wall.


“What?” I muttered.


“I was bored. I . . . I hacked into the government files.” He shook his head and shrugged. “I never would have imagined that I’d find out I was adopted, had a father, or even,” he smiled at me, “had a sister.” His smiled disappeared. “I’m the one who found Samuel Turner; I hacked his UOC website and took the firewalls down so that you could find it easier.”


“You . . .” I was shocked. “Caleb you, we had been friends for four months and you . . .”


“I know, I know. I don’t even know how to apologize, for what I’ve done.”


“All the people that have been killed because of this; all the families who have been hurt and torn apart,” my voice remained calm. “Did any of that ever cross your mind before you contacted him?”


“I grew up without a father Kairyn. I never got to go to a baseball game with him, never got to go fishing! You know who taught me how to shave?” I shook my head. “My house maid, because my mother didn’t have the decency to try. She worked all the time; never had time for me. I grew up without a role model, without any real family!” His voice cracked.


“Then, I found out I had a sister; twin sister. It killed me to think that you might have grown to live the same way I did, without a family who really loved you. So I looked you up and found you. I got into the same college as you and scheduled my classes around yours.” He wiped his eyes. “Kairyn, everything that has happened to you in the past two and a half months is because of me. Samuel Turner is after you because of me. You aren’t okay because of me. You hate me . . . because of me . . .” He cried, his hands over his eyes.


I didn’t know what to say, or how to respond. It all made sense now; the car chase, the staying behind while I went on, the addresses, the camera on my laptop, the hair, the eyes, the hacking . . . He separated me from my family. I was shot and could have died. I fell from a two hundred foot bridge into raging river water. The man I have grown to love was shot and I don’t know if he is still alive. I hadn’t seen Kota or Weston in two days. I hadn’t seen my parents in almost three months. “I don’t hate you.” My mouth moved without my permission, surprising me. “Caleb, no one . . . people make mistakes. I’ve made mistakes and will most definitely make more. You aren’t perfect Caleb,” I reached out with my good arm and pulled his hand away from his tear streaked face, “nobody is.” The only person who was perfect was crucified, I wanted to say. I gave him a sincere smile and squeezed his hand.


He nodded and wiped a few more tears away. He gave a soft chuckle then a half grin. “You should be the one crying. I’m not the one who was attacked by a grizzly bear.”


I laughed and then smiled at him. “Thank you,” I looked him in the eyes, “for telling me.” He nodded.


A brief moment of silence came. My arm was going numb. “I think we need to fix your wounds now.” I nodded and he came closer to me. I lifted my arm to him and held onto it as he reached into my bag and pulled out a bottle of water. Holding the bottle with his knees, he unscrewed the lid then threw it on the ground. “This will sting.”


“Trust me, I’ve had worse.” I breathed out.


The cool water burned as it hit my torn flesh. I grunted and squeezed my eyes closed, as blood trickled off my arm in a watery stream, splashing to the ground beneath me. Caleb took out a shirt and held it up then raised his eyebrows at me as if to ask if it was okay to get the shirt dirty. I nodded yes and he carefully dabbed the cloth on the wounds. Once my arm was somewhat cleaned up, Caleb wrapped the tiny pieces of his torn shirt around my arm, mimicking a cast. Blood quickly oozed into the cloth, but at least it wasn’t smearing over my skin. We had it contained.


When the wound was cleaned up I sat and listened to the silent forest and watched as Caleb cleaned and skinned the bear. His ankle swelling had gone down a bit and he was able to walk easier. However, he sat down as he dismembered the large predator.


“That’s a lot of meat.” My voice was getting hoarse.


“Yeah,” he continued to cut. “Have you ever had bear?” He asked me.


“A couple of times,” I answered. “Have you?”


“Nope,” He popped. “But, I’m sure it’s gamey and I love gamey.”


It took a good hour for the meat to cook over the fire, but it was well worth it. It was tough, and a bit burnt, but satisfying. “You know what would go great with this?” Caleb asked after swallowing.


In unison we said, “Bar B Que sauce.” We looked at each other and chuckled.


“We may just be twins after all.” I laughed.


“What’s your favorite food?” His eyes gleamed with curiosity.


“Definitely watermelon,” I said, my mouth watering.


“No way . . . me too!” He exclaimed.


“Favorite season?” I asked next.




“That’s mine, too.” I smiled widely.


“We are comparing things like four year olds.” He laughed. His smile was a lot like mine.


I grinned and then it turned into a yawn.


“You should get some sleep.” He advised.


“You too,” I replied. He nodded then glanced out of the cave. The trees looked like a dark ocean, swaying back and forth in the wind. The once soft breeze had turned into a hard blow. Thunder reverberated off the walls and the rain came down. The temperature had dropped and if not for the fire, we would have frozen to death.


“You’re shivering.” Caleb acknowledged.


“I’ll be fine,” I said grinning. “Just cold.”


“Come here.” He opened his arms for me, sitting up in the corner of the cave.


I stiffened. He was my brother, not just some random man who was trying to take advantage of me. He only wants to help, I small voice spoke. Let him.


I took a deep breath and crawled over to Caleb. Sitting back against the wall, I maneuvered myself next to him as his arms wrapped around me, pulling me close. Immediately his body heat radiated and my shivering slowed. He rubbed my right arm with his left hand, careful not to touch my make shift cast, and for the first time since the night I had been abducted, I felt secure. I didn’t feel afraid, and I wasn’t worried about the next moment. I felt safe and my heart calmed as I nuzzled up to my brother. “Thank you.” I whispered. He held onto me tightly and my breathing slowed as sleep took over. 

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