Because you.

Lina comes to London because she wants to find a job. Does she find one, and does she meet any people who are going to change her life? read with if you want to figure it out


1. The travel to London.



I will start the story, by tell a bit about myself. My name is Lina Olsen, I’m 21 years old, and I’m from Odense Denmark. I have just finished high school. I want to take a year in London, and be a babysitter. Enough about myself, let’s get in to the story.


Chapter 1. The travel to London.


My alarm clock started to ring. The clock was 6 am. It was the worst sound I know, so I shot it off, and decided to get out of bed, and pack the last things in my suitcase. After that I decided to take a bath, so I could wake up, and not stink of sweat. I decided also to shave my legs. My bath took about 20 minutes, and yesterday I laid my clothes on the floor, so it was easy to take on. I decided to take some black running thighs, orange running socks, and my favorite shirt on. It was blue, and had a tiger and yellow and orange on. My hair did I dry with my blow dryer, and maked a ponytail. I looked at my watch, and the clock was now 7 am, and I had to be at the airport ad 9 am, so I was a bit busy. I decided to take a banana, and wait to eat breakfast, in the airport.

My mom and sister wanted to drive me to the train station, and say goodbye there, so we did that, and they helped me in the train with my suitcases, and we said goodbye. I would miss them, but I could barely wait to land in London. It took 1 and a half hour with the train, and I used the time, to look after babysitting jobs in London. I didn’t found one, so I decided to sleep the rest of the time. The time was 8:30 am, and the train stopped in the airport, and I got a bit clumsy out of the train, with both my suitcases. I took the elevator up to the airport, and got both my suitcases checked in, and got my boarding pass so I cut find my gate. It was 74A. “the airplane to London boarder in 15 minutes” did they say in the speakers. I started to walk to the gait, so I could come in the plain. I was lucky, and got a window seat, and no one beside me, so I could really fill my stuff. I loved to fly, so it was sad, that it only took 2 hours. I used the time to see any section of sex in the city. Two hours later, I was finally in London. 

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