Because you.

Lina comes to London because she wants to find a job. Does she find one, and does she meet any people who are going to change her life? read with if you want to figure it out


2. Chapter 2. Arrival and maybe a job?

Chapter 2. Arrival and maybe a job?


When I came out of the plane, I hurried to the luggage, grabbed my suitcases, and went out to find a taxi so I could get to the hotel I had booked. My hotel room was big and light, and with a double bed and a big bathroom, with a bathtub. I placed my suitcases on the bed, and started to pack my clothes away, in the cabinets. After that, I fund the job vacancies I printed out in Denmark, and decided to go around in the town, at place them on the lamp sticks, so there was someone that could call me. After 2 hours, I did not have any left, and decided to find a place where I could get some dinner, because I was dying of starvation. When I was done eating, I got a taxi back to the hotel. I did not feel like going anymore. When I came back, I decided to go to bed. I was so tired that I could hardly keep my eyes open more.

The next morning, I woke up by the rain drumming against my window. Today was the perfect day to stay at the hotel, and wait for someone to call me, to say that I got the job. I decided to make a “spaday” so I could feel comfortable. I took a long bath, where I gave my hair cure, washed my face and pushed my body with my scrub glove. When I came out from the bath, I packed my hair into my towel and decided to lay a face mask. I chose a black peel-off mask so I could get cleaned well in my pores. As it dried, I sat down in the bed and heard some music. I decided to use One Direction music when I had listened a little to their music, and now that I was in London, it made sense to do that. When the mask was dry, I walked out of the bathroom and peeled it off, and cleaned the last remnants with some face cleansing and creams on, so my skin did not dry out. After that I took the towel of my hair, which was gradually dry and brought some oil to the tips.

I decided to take a black knee-length dress and some black booties and go down to see if I could find some food because I had not eaten breakfast. I put my hair in a ponytail on my head, so I almost got it in my eyes. I took my bag and put my cellphone and my purse into it. Then I took the key to the room and headed into town. Fortunately, it was raining, so now the sun shone from a cloudless sky. I chose to eat at starbucks. I only managed to get inside the door before I saw Louis Tomlinson. how crazy! what is the chance for that? "Okay, Lina, take you together, go and order food and sit at a free table." I slowly walked towards the counter and when I passed Louis he looked at me and smiled. I could feel the butterflies basking around my stomach and did everything to not cheer. I ordered a chicken sandwich and sat at the table next to Louis, as it was the only one available. Louis: "Hi with you. I do not think I've seen you before?" Lina: "øøøøhm, my name is Lina and I'm 21. I came to London last night because I would like to work as a babysitter for a year, till I figure out what I want to work like" Louis "nice Enough. Just remember that we actually lack a babysitter for our stylist's daughter Lux. You know who I am? " Lina: "Well, I know who you are! You're Louis from One Direction! It would be the coolest experience to take care of Lux! I would love that!" Louis: "Nice! I will talk to Lou the Makeup artist when I return home, and then give you a call. Can I have your number so I can call you?" Lina: "Of course you can. My number is +44 78302917. Looking forward to hearing from you again!" Louis: Thank you, I'll give you a call. I have to go home now. see you beautiful."

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