The Obsession of Mr. Nicholas

Hello, guys, I hope you take the time to read my story :) Remember this story is rated M there is cussing and obviously sex so enjoy ;)

Moving back into her old town 17 year old Savannah Brooke transferred into a new high school secretly hoping no one would remember her from her crazy days but unfortunate for her a certain someone does and this certain someone is not just anyone.

All Savannah wants is to get through this school year but with her attitude and an English teacher with a weird obsession don't mix....
Summary sucks please read :)


1. Sarcasticness Attracts

"You're late, you're late," Ben muttered under his breath, "Four hours late. Good job Savannah, your first day and you're late! What were you even doing last night!?" He panicked as he drove over the speed limit to Jefferson Academy.

I groaned touching my forehead, "Dude don't be so damn loud." 

"You got drunk, didn't you?! Where? With who? Who, Savannah, who?"

Me, myself and I that's who. Last night was the first night home for me and I found my alcohol stash so I decided to have a little but a little turned into a lot and so on so forth.

I rolled my eyes, "What are you a fucking owl?!" I snapped at him as he pulled into the parking lot of the school.

"Your mother is trusting me with you. I want to make sure you're safe and not doing anything stupid this year, she's at her ends with you." He told me tenderly.

I narrowed my eyes at him, "I hate to break it to you but caring about me isn't going to get you in that bitch's pants, oh, and by the way, I know this is embarrassing but you're not my dad. Peace." I furiously got out of the car slamming the door to whatever Ben was saying I hoisted my messenger bag on my shoulder and placed my sunglass on walking in the school.

I walked up to a glass door through the main office pulling it open I saw a woman sitting behind her desk chatting away on the phone not bothering to look at who came in. 

I walked up to her desk noticing a small nameplate on her desk reading 'Susan White', "Hello, my name is Savannah Brooke." I spoke politely as I could. She rolled her eyes turning in her chair blowing me off.

I suddenly became angry, I wasn't in the mood today to deal with anyone's shit especially with a hangover. In a fit of rage, I walked around her desk unplugging the line from her phone and throwing it on the ground.

"Hello? What the-"

I turned around her chair looking at her level causing my sunglass to slide down my nose a little, "Listen, rude ass Susan White, you're not Betty White so this shit isn't cute. I want my schedule right now and you'll never have to see this beautiful face again, got it?"

She slowly nodded taken back by my actions.

I straighten myself, "Good." I walked around the desk, "Let's try this again. My name is Savannah Brooke."

She let go of the phone receiver and hurriedly typed my name into the computer, "It's printing right now." She snapped.

I ignored her attitude as I slid my sunglasses back up my nose, "About time."

Hopefully, this school is better than the all-girls Christian Academy. So far I haven't been locked in a tight space, hit with an object and I still have all my hair, yes they actually shaved my hair because it was dyed.

Ms. White stood walking to her printer, "Okay Miss Brooke here is your schedule," She handed me my schedule with a fake smile showing off her front teeth that had lipstick on them making me cringe on the inside. I grabbed my schedule from her she quickly pulled back awful fast like I was going to rip her arm off, I should then beat her with it.

She glanced at my outfit, "Did your parents not tell you we have a dress code?"

Parents? Lady please, I have a sperm donor dad that's nowhere to be found and a bitch that's off in Brazil with her Brazilian boyfriend.

"No." I snapped at her.

"I'll see if we have any extra outfits in the back then." She gave me another fake smile showing off the lipstick on her teeth then walked into the back room.

I heard the glass door behind me open I looked behind me seeing a guy around my age with green hair, blue eyes and multiple piercings walk in. His blue eyes popped with the black eyeliner he wore pulling it off nicely. I scan his outfit, he wore black slacks with converse shoes and the sleeves of his white dress shirt were carelessly rolled up. I watched him slowly analyzed me from head to toe taking in my features.

I flicked my medium length light brown hair behind my shoulder, "Take a picture it'll last longer." I rolled my eyes.

The next thing I heard was a snap of a picture being taken.

I quickly turned to him, "You did not just-"

He brought up his phone facing the screen to me, he really did take a picture of me.

"Oh, I did." He laughs as I scowled. I went to grab his phone but he moved it out of my reach.

"Come on dude! Delete that!" I demanded with my pointer finger.

He shoved his phone in his pocket, "I'll think about it."

I pulled off my sunglasses giving him my famous death glare all he did was smirk. Maybe if I punch him in the stomach-"Okay Savannah this might be a little too big but it should- oh am I interrupting something?" Ms. White returned.

I gave one last scowl at the green haired boy shoving my sunglasses back on I looked at her, she held the dress code outfit out for me, "Oh hellena to the no." I quipped grabbing the outfit from her.

"Um, alright. John will-"

"I don't care." I left the office not letting her finish.

I've only been here for 20 minutes and I've already met a rude bitch and a creeper.

"Yo Vannie wait up!"

Add stalker.

I stopped walking turning around John jogged up to me. "Aw, nicknames already? How sweet." I rolled my eyes crossing my arms.

"I'm just a knight in shining armor saving a damsel in distress."

I looked away from him, "I don't need anything from you."

"Oh really? Where's the bathroom?" He asked walking in front of me, "Hm?" He question.

I sighed in defeat, the hallways were empty everyone was still in class it's not like I can open the first door I see and yell where's the bathroom, I mean I could but my headache is reframing me from yelling.

I gestured for him to lead the way he smirked knowing he won this round, bastard.

"Here," He handed me two white pills.

"Dude, I don't do drugs!"  Well, not anymore....

He cracked up laughing, "It's Tylenol, I figured you'd like some for your hangover."

I eyed him, "How'd you know?"

"I know a hangover when I see one. I stopped by the nurses' office, I promise that's all it is."

Wanting to get rid of this killer headache I brought my hand out taking the pills popping them in my mouth I went to a nearby water fountain taking a drink.

"So, are you really helping me out because you want to or?"

"Since I spray painted the side of the school they decided as punishment I show the noobies around and sarcasticness attracts." He winked.

For the first time in a long time, I cracked a smile, "Please crawl back down to the friend zone you tried to escape from little badass."

He sighed dramatically causing me to crack up, "Damn girl didn't even give me a chance."

We arrived at the bathroom I went inside walking into a stall I changed into the school uniform and it was big on me. I rolled the skirt up even above my knees (Lord forbid for guys to see some knees) and tucked in the thin dress shirt. The sleeves were short showing off my upper arm koi fish tattoo I got when I was drunk. I shoved my clothes and my sunglasses (the headache was better now) into my backpack before leaving the bathroom I checked my face in the mirror making sure my makeup was still intact and my nose hoop was turned correctly.

John was casually leaning against the wall. I wasn't surprised to see he waited for me, he's starting to seem like an okay guy.

"You stuck around? Figured as much." Now I was smirking at him. I watched him look at my tattoo then travel downwards to my legs.

He shrugged, "Just wanted to see you in that skirt and I'm happy with the outcome."

We both busted out laughing. I didn't think I'd already been making a friend on the first day even with my attitude normally people stay clear from me but this is dare I say nice.

"Now let me see that schedule," I handed him the paper, "You have some of these classes with me, Ethan and Evan. C'mon lets go smoke before lunch starts." He handed me back my schedule while we headed outside.

We sat down on a bench I watched him light up a cigarette before he could put it in his mouth I snagged it from him satisfying my craving, it's been a year since I had one.

"So, where did you come from?" He asked making conversation.

"I've lived around here for a few years. I use to go to Henderson High school till I got kicked out because of all the stupid shit I did. My mom shipped me off to an all-girls Christian Academy. They kicked me out too and now here we are." I flicked the ashes off my cigarette before taking a long drawl.

John seemed surprised about my openness I felt like he was expecting a fuck off or something. He just had this easy atmosphere you can tell him anything and being stuck with nothing but girls it's great to have a conversation with someone that isn't going to tell the whole school you're a slut at first glance.

"Oh shit, that's the dream right there," He closed his eyes a small smile forming on his lips, "Vannie having orgies with girls."

I hit his arm hard, "Don't be gross!"

He smiled a cheesy grin, "Let a man dream girl."


This first chapter is dedicated to @Juliette_Aurora for the awesome cover photo and helping me come up with a new title for this story. Thanks, girly!!

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