The Obsession of Mr. Nicholas

Hello, guys, I hope you take the time to read my story :) Remember this story is rated M there is cussing and obviously sex so enjoy ;)

Moving back into her old town 17 year old Savannah Brooke transferred into a new high school secretly hoping no one would remember her from her crazy days but unfortunate for her a certain someone does and this certain someone is not just anyone.

All Savannah wants is to get through this school year but with her attitude and an English teacher with a weird obsession don't mix....
Summary sucks please read :)


2. Mr. I Hit People With A Yardstick

A bell rang from the distance.

John starts chuckling to himself tossing his cigarette on the ground stomping it out, "Grub time."

I didn't realize how hungry I was till my stomach growled. I dropped my cigarette walking inside with John. We put a pep in our step wanting to be the first ones in line, luckily we were. After getting our meals I followed behind John to a table far back in a corner.

"So, who's Ethan and Evan?" I asked John taking a bite out of my pizza.

"They're my best friends and they're twins. Ethan is the troublemaker and Evan is the nerd." John pointed at two identical skinny blonde haired boys that just walked in the cafeteria, "That's them I'm the only one that can really tell them apart."

I notice one of the boys was cradling his hand to his chest and the other was shaking his head. After the twins got their food they took a seat at the table not even noticing me. 

The one holding his hand was mad, "Guess what that fucking egghead Mr. Nicholas did to me!" He showed John his hand. I glanced at it, it's nothing compared to the Christian Academy but I say it still hurts, "He fucking hit my hand hard with his famous yardstick!"

"Well, you were back talking." The other twin chirped in.

I assumed that was Evan and the one with the welt is Ethan.

"Who the fuck is this?" Ethan finally noticed me and Evan looked at me too.

"This is Savannah, she's new. Call her Vannie." John informed them, "So Ethan does that mean Mr. Ferguson is out today?"

Ethan rolled his eyes, "Nah man he's taking a nap under his desk letting Mr. Nicholas hit people with a yardstick; yes you fucking idiot." Ethan replied sarcastically rubbing his temple.

John put his hands up in defense, "Chill out man maybe he wants to be your daddy." John laughed. Ethan threw a pepperoni at him missing him by an inch.

"You guys are dumb. Miss. Vannie my name is Evan," Evan spoke looking at my Koi fish tattoo, "Koi fish huh? Did you know Koi fish became a symbol of strength over the centuries to encompass numerous positive qualities related to courage, overcoming adversity, the ability to attain the highest goals, and strong character," He smiled a dazzling smile, "It really says a lot about you, I like it."

"Thank you." I replied absorbing the new information, "I was drunk when I got it, so."

"Fucking nerd." Ethan coughed into his fist.

Evan's smiled deflated as he turned to his twin narrowing his eyes at him, "Excuse me?" He heard him perfectly well, we all did.

"Quit nerd flirting haven't I taught you anything?"

"Sorry, should I have asked for her number then sent a dick pic?"

"That was one time!" Ethan whined.

"Mhm, sure." Evan rolled his eyes, "Your schedule, please?" Evan asked.

I handed him my schedule laughing, "You guys are a riot."

"A riot? But we're not violent nor disturbing the peace and it's just us not a crowd." Evan mumbled looking at my schedule.

Ethan shook his head mouthing 'dumbass'

I quietly laugh, these two are something else.

"Well good luck Miss Vannie." Evan gave me a weak smile I caught on to his I feel sorry for you tone.

"Why? What is it?"

He handed back my schedule, "You have Mr. Nicholas next."

"Oh shit if you acted like you did with me earlier towards him it would be more than just a hit on the hand." John shook his head, "We best keep her in our thoughts, boys."

"She never left mine." The twins flirted in unison.

I rolled my eyes, "Some guy with a yardstick isn't going to scare me."

"He's crazy. You know they want that fucker to replace Ferguson? It's an outrage! Least he isn't going around beating students." Ethan angrily shook his head eating his pizza.

The bell rang signaling that lunch was over.

"I'll walk you to class." Evan offered, "I have a free period gets kind of boring." He led the way to Mr. Nicholas's class.

"Thanks, with my luck I would get lost and I sure as shit don't want to talk to wannabe Betty White." Evan gave me a confused look realizing he doesn't know who I'm talking about I say her actual name, "Ms. White."

Evan smiled, "Ah, well here we are. A little piece of advice if you want to avoid sitting in the front I suggest you leave the cafeteria earlier. Good luck." Evan left.

Time to meet Mr. I hit people with a yardstick. I came in the room all the seats were taken except the front row. I took a seat in front of the teacher's desk earning a few looks my way maybe it's because I'm new or maybe I'm the only one sitting in the front row like I have a death wish.

The door slammed closed after the tardy bell rang, I looked at who came in. His green eyes stared into my blue ones, why do they look so familiar? Wait, is this Mr. Nicholas? Holy shit the twins forgot to mention he's hot. If we ever met I would think I or my drug brain would remember something so fine, just by looking at him I'm sweating like a sinner in church.

He rubbed his chisel jaw as his thick eyebrows pulled together in confusion, "Who are you?" His voice boomed taking me back, oh Jesus he's scary, scary hot but still scary.

"Savannah Brooke."

"Hmpf." He walked to the whiteboard writing on it. 

Just have to remind myself, Savannah Brooke isn't scared of anything.

"Nice to meet you too ass wipe," I muttered under my breath.

His whole back tense up while he abruptly stopped writing, "Excuse me, Miss Brooke?" He turned slightly to stare at me, well glare at me is more like it.

I gave a fake smile, "Oh nothing please continue."

"That new girl has balls yo." I heard a whisper behind me.

He glared at me gripping the marker in his hand so hard his knuckles were turning white. You can easily push his buttons and I'm the type of person that loves pushing people to their limits. Besides it's fun watching him get all worked up and cock his jaw but honestly he looks hotter if that's possible.

He turned to the whiteboard continuing his writing, "Miss Brooke, I warn you now to stop, it's your first day I would hate for you to get in trouble," I sense sarcasm, "Now class after the lesson I want you to get started on your assignments if you don't finish by the end of class it's an automatic detention." He spoke sternly turning to the class.

I rolled my eyes, "Ever heard of homework?"

"Oh shit, it's an episode of ballsy gets the stick yo."

"She's in for it now."

"Bless her heart."

The students behind me broke out in a chatter.

"What did I tell you, Miss. Brooke?!" He hisses picking up the yardstick he slammed it hard against my desk surprising neither broke.

I flinched but managed a glare at Mr. Nicholas. I refuse to let a hot man with a stick scare me I've faced worse.

"You see your lips keep moving but all I hear is blah, blah, blah," I said doing the blah blah hand motion.

His face went red with anger "Detention today after school with me!" His voice boomed.

I shrugged, "We'll see."

He closed his eyes his nostrils flaring, he's angry so angry he can take out the wall with one punch.

He opened his eyes and began teaching the lesson but what I wonder is why didn't he hit me with the stick? Or kick me out of class? And why do those green eyes look familiar? I tried racking my brain but I can't remember anything from back then.

Maybe I will go to detention after all.

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