A slew of thoughts.

Just a collection of my poetry. I'll be updating it along the way.


2. Moonlight





Are they the beacon for your lighthouse,

The flame for you candle,

The moonlight in which you bathe?


Do they return to you pieces of yourself

You had thought lost,

Do they remove from your eyes a haze?


Can you name whatever fuels you,

That which filled your emptiness,

Which allows you to sleep at night?



You call it love, it has many names.

It is the softest pillow at twilight,

The warmest jumper in winter.

Grants patience in spades,

Gifts forgiveness, and tempers that consuming rage.


Indiscriminate in nature,

Slanderously called the male gaze.

Not lust, never lust, just pure,

Perhaps even romantic

Innocence, and its unassuming ways.



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