Precarious Love

Mea was the perfect girl. Her friends adored her, her teachers loved her, and her family thought the world of her. One night she went to a party, little did she know that night would change her life forever. She see's something she shouldnt have, her whole life is in danger, and she dosent care, beacuse she fell in love with the one who put it there. Find out what happens in *Precarious Love*


6. "wow"


It's been 2 days since I last saw Harry, it was driving me crazy. 

I climbed out of bed and began to get ready for school. Curling my red hair slightly and doing my everyday makeup. I grabbed a pair of leggings, a graphic tee and come combat boots, throwing on my army jacket to tie it all off.

"Are you sure you're feeling well enough for school?" mom questioned, worry filling her face.

"Yes mom, i'll be fine" I smiled fakely, the truth was, I don't know if I'd be fine.

"Goodbye" I kissed my dad on the cheek and ruffled up my brothers hair. I started to walk to school, I felt like I was being watched. I turned my head slowly to see a  black audi slowly driving behind me, my heart stopped at first, then the tinted window rolled down, revealing a smirking Harry.

"Need a ride?" he smiled. I returned the gesture and walked over to the window, pecking him on the lips.

"Why not" I teased, walking to the passengers side.

"Have a good day Mea" he smirked at me.

I smiled at him and walked out of the car and into the school. I went to the office to pick up any notes I missed the other day. The I made my way to history class. It was so boring and I just wanted to see Harry again. 

"wow" I heard a boy whisper from beside me. I followed his stare to my history notes and that's when I saw the blood. I pulled my phone out to see my reflection and realised my nose was bleeding.

"may I be excused" I asked nervously as the class turned to see me holding my nose and blood running down my hand. The teacher just nodded and I quickly walked to the  bathroom texting Sarah and Izzy.

"Mea?" I heard Izzys soft voice call as she entered the bathroom.

"Sarah's in a test" she frowned, looking at me while I tried plugging the blood with paper towel.

"It's getting worse, isnt it?" she asked simpathaticlly.

"yeah" I whispered. I wiped the last bit of blood off myself and turned to face her. I smiled big and kissed her cheek.

"i'm going to be fine" I grinned, making her giggle a little and wiping the tear that fell.

We both departed back to class and I survuved the rest of the day without any mishaps.

Harry was busy after school and so was mom so I decided to walk home, it was beautiful out anyway. I pulled some headphones out of my school bag and threw on a good song.

Harry's POV:

I was finishing up some business with Liam on the outskirts of town.

"you have it?" I growled, looking Jake in the eyes.

"I have it, but first, you give me what's mine" he said back, just as harsh. I turned to Liam who pulled a gun out of his pocket, we handed it over to Jake. He then pulled a load of cash out from his jacket. I took it from him and we turned to walk away.

"So Harry, I heard you've got a girl" I could feel Jake smirking, I said nothing.

"You know how it is Harry, in this business, the moment you catch feelings, is the moment you catch a bullet" he continued, slowly walking away. I stood there for a moment, really taking in what he had said. I knew this was dangerous, but I was so distracted by Mea I didn't even think about how much I've put her in harms way.

"You okay mate?" Liam asked, hitting my chest slightly.

"just fine" I breathed. We got in the car, Liam taking the drivers seat.

Mea's POV:

The walk was so beautiful. It was early november so the air was breezes, but not too cold. The tree's were in that stage where some leaves were gone but all of them were colorful. The sun wasn't out today but that was my favorite weather. 

I was almost home, but I suddenly felt uneasy. It was like eyes were starring a hole into the back of my head, but everytime I looked around, I saw nothing.

I shook it off, I was proably just parnoid. I made it home safely and saw mom in the front yard, raking some leaves.

"Hey mom" I hugged her from behind.

"Oh mea you scared me" she laughed, pulled me into her chest. Mom's hugs are the best hugs.

"Need some help?" I laughed, picking up some gardening gloves and sliding them on.

Soon after mom and I had all the leaves in a perfect pile my brother and dad walked out.

"Conner no!!" I yelled as my 12 year old brother jumped right into the pile, leaves went flying everywhere. I ran at him and help down his arms, tickling him until he was crying. Dad ran up behind me, lifting me off my brother, when he turned me around mom threw a arm full of leaves at me.

"Oh that it" I laughed. Grabbing leaves myself and chasing mom. Soon it turned into a full on war, siblings vs parents. None of us could stop laughing.

Harry's POV:

I had my car parked down the road a bit from Mea's. I couldn't get what Jake had said out of my mind. Just by talking to Mea, I put her whole life in danger. I kill people for a living, that includes the important people of my enemies. The worst way to hurt someone is to take away the only one that matters to them. I was never an easy target because I've never been close to anyone, I've never cared about someone the way I care about Mea.

I watched her and her family and they laughed and laughed, her smile was so beautiful. She had such a perfect life, I couldn't be the one to take that from her. I love her.

Sorry for the sucky chapter it more of a filler, its about to get intense my friends, thankyou so much for ready, remember to like and comment!!<3<3

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