Precarious Love

Mea was the perfect girl. Her friends adored her, her teachers loved her, and her family thought the world of her. One night she went to a party, little did she know that night would change her life forever. She see's something she shouldnt have, her whole life is in danger, and she dosent care, beacuse she fell in love with the one who put it there. Find out what happens in *Precarious Love*


3. "what are you doing here"


Sunday was almost over, i spent all of it doing school work and .... thinking about Harry.

I know he's bad, I know he's dangerous, but theres just something about him that makes me wanna be around him.

I looked at my phone, it was 8:00, my parents and brother were out at a movie, I decided to go downstairs and make myself a sand which.

As i climbed the stairs a few minutes later I heard footsteps coming from my room. I quickly went to my brothers room to grab a baseball bat and flew into my room, randomly swinging and hoping I hit someone. 

"hahaha you're cute" I heard the familiar voice chuckle.

"Harry?" i whisper yelled.

"yeah" he giggled.

"what are you doing here!?" i whisper yelled once again.

"Why are you whispering, nobody's here" my face went red.

Then I looked down and realised I was in short pj shorts, and an oversized t-shirt. He must have noticed my embarrassment because as he laid on my bed he said "Don't sweat it babe, you look hot"

"First of all, I'm not your 'babe', second of all, get out of my house??" I actually yelled this time. He stood up and quickly pushed me against the wall, his forehead touching my forehead. His hands had me trapped on either side. I felt so uneasy, but at the same time, I was completly in love with this moment.

"What did I tell you about talking to me like that" he growled, licking his lips.

My face felt hot, my stomach was filled with butterflies. He continued to stare into my eyes for minutes, until he finally pushed off the wall and jumped back onto my bed. I stood there shocked for a few minutes, before walking over to him.

"Wanna play crazy eights?" I questioned, a smile escaping my mouth.

"sure" he smiled back.

Wow, I hadn't really listed to harry talk before, he has such  a beautiful accent.

For the rest of the night we played cards, laughing and talking. He told me a few things about himself, not much though. I basically spilled my guts to him, I don't know why I feel so comfortable around him now, but I feel like I can tell him anything.

"I've got to go" he frowned, walking over to the window. He stopped at the window and turned to face me

"goodnight Mea" he whispered.

"Goodnight Harry" I smiled, looking at my feet.

Before I could look back up he was gone, I was left with those crazy butterflies swirling around my body.

Every night for the past month Harry snuck in through my window at 8:00 on the dot. Every night we played a new card game and talked some more.

He told me about his past. He was abused by his stepdad growing up and that's originally why he learned to fight, to protect him and his mother. His stepdad later died due to alcohol poisoning, and Harry and his mom moved here. He doesn't live with her anymore because he's 19, but he still visits her, and his sister Gemma, all the time. he also told me about his gang. They seem terrifying but those boys are his family, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn I believe the names were. One thing that really got to me, and turned me silent for a few nights, was when Harry came forward and told me what he did for a living. He was a killer, not just any, the best in the business. everyone is scared of him, well, everyone except me.

It was Thursday night, I was waiting for harry to come through the window. i looked at the clock. 8:08, it read. I was starting to worry, Harry's never been late before. Just then I heard a grunt from the window. Relief filled my body as I saw harry, but the panic quickly came back once I saw the stab wound in his stomach.

"Harry!" I yelled, grabbing him and helping him land on my bed.

"Sorry I'm late babe" he smirked through the pain.

"I'm not your babe, now sit here while i get a wet cloth" i rolled my eyes. He always called me babe, and I always respond with 'I'm not your babe', even though, a part of me, wishes i was.

I came back in with some necessary supplies and Harry removed his shirt. I was in awe for a few seconds as his toned core was revealed, I also admired all of his tattoos, and then my eyes travelled back the the bloody hole in his abdomen. 

"Ahhh" he bit back a scream.

"shhh" I hushed him, rubbing his cheek for comfort. "Stay here the night, i don't want you out there, it's not safe" I whispered.

"does," Harry mocked.

"No, but if you get hurt again it's my mess to clean up" i rolled my eyes again. me and Harry have gotten so close, I can talk to him whatever way I want and he doesn't say anything.

He giggled, knowing i'm right, he always comes to me when he's in a pickle, and i wouldn't have it any other way.

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