Precarious Love

Mea was the perfect girl. Her friends adored her, her teachers loved her, and her family thought the world of her. One night she went to a party, little did she know that night would change her life forever. She see's something she shouldnt have, her whole life is in danger, and she dosent care, beacuse she fell in love with the one who put it there. Find out what happens in *Precarious Love*


1. "Tell me you're not doing homework"


I starred at the clock. Only 5 more minutes of listening to Ms. Jones talk about the Russian revolution. I tried my best to focus but I was just too excited for the party tonight. Usually I'm not a partyer, but my best friends Izzy and Sarah convinced me to go.

After what felt like forever the bell finally rang, signalling that school was over. I went to my locker to switch out some books then I was quickly on my way home.

I was greeted by my mother when I walked in.

"How was your day sweetie" she asked kindly, as she always does.

"Same old same old" I replied, kissing my fathers cheek and walking upstairs to my room. I past by my brothers room, peeking in to see him playing his x-box, like usual. 

"Hey dufus" I laughed.

"Hey loser" he shot back, then he stuck his tounge out at me and I laughed again, closing the door and continuing to my room.

I immediately sat at my desk, getting started on the math homework so I wouldn't have to cram on Sunday.

i was so focused I hadn't realised my door opening. Then I felt two hands on my shoulder, I turn around quickly and was faced with Izzy.

"Ha! you should have seen your face!" she laughed, Sarah walking in behind her.

"Tell me that isn't homework" Sarah cried. "I just wanna make sure I pass!" I defended, giggling a little.

"Pass? You've been on the honour role 3 years in a row" Izzy exclaimed, I blushed a bit and threw my books back into my bag.

"Outfit time" Izzy smirked.

Sarah dressed in a beautiful tight cocktail dress, fitting her curves perfecting, the white of the dress made her tan pop. She paired the look with black strappy heels and her long brown hair straightened.

Izzy paired a jean mini skirt with a black long sleeve body suit, also straightening her brown hair.

I always felt a bit insecure about myself around them, they were both so tan and perfect, I was pale with red hair and blue eyes, but at the same time, I felt unique.

I threw on some black ripped skinny jeans, with a flowy white tank top, lace along the top. I wore my converse to finish it off, and also straightened my hair.

"Party time!" Izzy yelled.


It was now around 11 and the party was booming. I wasn't drinking very much but Izzy and Sarah were having a blast. The three of us were dancing our hearts out when Sarah brought us closer to whisper to us.

"Harry Styles is here" she said, almost panicking.

"Who?" I questioned.

"Ya know, Harry, he was in jail for the past few months" Izzy spoke.

"Guess he got out" Sarah huffed. I turned back to get a good look at this guy and I must say, he is undeniably hot.

"We're gonna go pee" Sarah giggled, taking Izzy's hand and pulling her into the crowd of people. I stood there, knid of awkwardly, when a guy approached me.

"Hey sexy" he smirked. He stepped coser to me, I stepped back.

"Wanna have some fun" he licked his lips and stepped towards me again.

"Please leave me alone" I pleaded.

"Come on" he begged, pulling me into him.

"I said leave me alone!" I yelled, pushing him back. I saw his eyes turn dark, he lifted his fist in the air and I turned my head, preparing myself for what would come next. But nothing happened.

I looked back up to see Harry standing in front of me, the weird guy's fist in his hand. The other guy seemed to lose all confidence as he looked into Harry's eyes.

"I believe she said leave her alone" he growled, twisting the guy's wrist downwards, then letting go and storming off.

"Omg Mea!!"  I heard two familiar voices call.

"Are you okay?" Izzy asked, each girl grabbing an arm and helping me walk away from the scene.

"I'm fine, but I think I need to go home" I croaked, still in shock about what just happened.

The girl helped me out to the cab and i was back home in my warm bed by 12. I tried to sleep but one question kept replaying in my head.

Why did he save me?


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