Precarious Love

Mea was the perfect girl. Her friends adored her, her teachers loved her, and her family thought the world of her. One night she went to a party, little did she know that night would change her life forever. She see's something she shouldnt have, her whole life is in danger, and she dosent care, beacuse she fell in love with the one who put it there. Find out what happens in *Precarious Love*


4. "Mea, are you okay??"


The next day I woke up to strong arms holding me close. I wiggled around to see Harry'face, inches away from mine. He was so peacful when he sleeps. Looking at this boy you'd never guess that he could end you life in seconds. A smile came upon my face, I leaned in and pecked him softly on the cheek. He started to move so I quickly unwrapped myself and jumped out of bed, sitting at my desk to pretend I';ve been up for a while.

"good morning" he yawned, holding himself up with his forearm, starring over at me.

"morning" I replied fast.

"Why are you up so early" he groaned, laying back down and shoving a pillow over his head.

"I have school in an hour Harry" I giggled, walking over to my closet and pulling out a flowy, long sleeved maroon shirt, with black skinny jeans.

I made Harry hide under the blankets as I got changed. Then I felt his eyes on me the whole time I curled my hair and did my makeup.

"Ya know, if you took a picture, it would last longer" I mocked. He stuck his tongue out at me and I laughed, causing him to smile ear to ear. He was so cute, it's not fair. i don't know how someone this perfect and funny could be a cold hearted murderer with out the capabilitly to love.

"I have to get to school, and you need to put a shirt on" I said, holding back a smile. I threw him the bloody shirt he was wearing last night and picked up my school bag.

"Okay okay" he said defeated, pulling the shirt over his head. The he started doing an egyption type dance, all the way over to the window, he ran his hands through his hair 'smoothly' then did some jazz hands. I couldn't help but laugh. he got into the window and looked back.

"Have a good day Mea" he smiled, biting his bottom lip.

"get out of here you nut" I smiled rolling my eyes.


It was now lunch time, I was sitting with Sarah and Izzy, telling them about Harry, they were not happy about me crushing, and hanging out with, a criminal, but they knew he made me happy, and I was going through so much they knew I needed happiness. Of course I didn't mentioned the things Harry trusted me with, but I told them about me kissing his cheek, him sneeking in every night, and how he always calls me babe.

"I still don't know about this" Sarah frowned.

"I know, it's an.. odd situation" I smiled, placing my hand on hers.

"as long as your happy, we're happy, you know we love you" Izzy spoke.

"I know, I love you guys so much." The three of us hugged at our table.

The bell finally rang for class and we made our way out of the cafe. Suddenly I didn't feel so good.

"Mea?" Sarah questioned, realising I was growing pale.

"I'm fine" I whispered, grabbing hold of theirs arms for support. The I felt a rush air through my body, my legs grew weak and my sight went black.

"mea, are you okay??" I heard izzy frantaclly ask. 

I was still groggy and can't remember anything.

"Where am I?" I croaked, opening my eyes to see bright lights.

"The hospital" mom whispered, holding my hand. "you fainted again sweetheart" she explained. My heart sank, I hated when this happens, but I, only ever get hospitalized when I black out for over an hour.

"how much school did I miss" i said, slowly gaining more energy form the IV.

"Really" Sarah starred at me.

The doctor came in and everyone left the room.

"How am I?" I asked, sitting up right.

"You're just fine, considering" she smiled sympathaticly.

She started to examin my arms and legs, I had a few more bruises then when she first say me a few months ago.

"How have you been feeling?" she asked, writing things in her chart.

"Honestly, I've felt great up until now" I looked down at my hands, fiddling with them.

She wrote a few more things down then checked the monitors.

"I wanna keep you overnight, just to give you a little extra energy for the weekend" 

Harry's POV:

It was 7:51 and I was just climbing through Mea's window when I noticed she wasn't there. I waited in her bed for alomst an hour but she still never came. This was so not like Mea, I thought she looked forward to seeing me everynight.

I got in my car and sped back to the gangs place. I walked in and the room fell, silent, the boys could tell I was pissed off.

"What, the bitch wasn't in the mood tonight?" Zayn joked. I felt my blood boil and I walked over to him, punching the wall beside him, making a hole.

"Wait, does Harry styles actually have feeling for a girl? Niall questioned. Making the whole room go 'ouu'

"Shut up" I growled. "Of cpurse I don't" I defended.

Just then I heard the door open. I saw Liam walk in with his hand all bandaged.

"hello lads" he greeted us.

"what's wrong with Harry?" He whispered loudly to Louis.

"his girl toy wasn't home" he laughed.

"wait, that Mea girl?" Liam asked. I whipped my head towards him, how would he know her name?

"i saw her friends today, they were talking about you and her" he replied, seeing my confused face.

"Where at?" I pulled my keys out of my pocket.

Liam fell silent for a minute.

"where the fuck at Liam" I yelled.

"She's in the hospital man" my heart sank. I didn't even think twice before running to my car and speeding to the hospital. it was past visiting hours but I didn't care, I had to see her, I made to know if she was okay.

I found her room and walked in, I saw her laying in the bed, monitors around her, a breathing tube around her nose, and an IV in her arm. it honestly killed me to see her like this, but why....

She's just some girl.

Ouuu, things are getting interesting now ;) I hope you are enjoying so far, remember to like and comment!! Love you guys <3<3


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