Precarious Love

Mea was the perfect girl. Her friends adored her, her teachers loved her, and her family thought the world of her. One night she went to a party, little did she know that night would change her life forever. She see's something she shouldnt have, her whole life is in danger, and she dosent care, beacuse she fell in love with the one who put it there. Find out what happens in *Precarious Love*


5. "Hi"

 Mea's POV:

I woke up in the middle of the night to see Harry asleep in a chair beside me. I felt those butterflies flash through my body again, does

My heart rate started to go up the more I thought about him, causing the monitor to peep faster, waking Harry up.

"Mea, are you okay!" he jumped out of his chair and crouched over me, taking my hand.

"Hi" I said, a smile appearing on my face.

"what the hell happened?" he asked, freaking out a bit, which i found quite amusing.

"I just fainted Harry, i'm fine" I shrugged, reaching for the table to get some ice chips.

His face was full of sympathy, he leaned towards me, our noses nearly touches, but before anything could happen, he pulled away. It was as though his whole dimener changed, his eyes were black, his muscles were tensed.

"Are you alright?" I whispered, honestly a bit afraid.

"shut up!" he spat at me, making my eyes fill with tears, but I refuse to let them escape my eyes.

"Fine then, get out!" I yelled back, crossing my arms and facing the other way.

he walked to the door and slammed it shut, causing my tears to fall out, fast.

Why was he acting so weird all of a sudden?


The next day I was released from hospital and mom took my brother and I out for ice cream.

When we arrived home my father gave me a huge hug.

"listen sweetheart, this is bad timing but I have a business trip this week, I leave tonight." my frowned, letting go of the hug.

"I'm joining him on this one pumpkin, and Conner is staying with a friend for the time being, will you be alright?" mom jumped in.

"yeah mom, I'll be fine" I smiled, I liked having the house to myself but I hated being alone.

The day past by so slow. I had a sick feeling in my stomach from Harry yelling at me, like what the hell did I do?

I waved goodbye to my family from the front step, watching them as they drove down the road into the distance. I didn't know what to do with myself, so I called up Izzy and sarah.

"We're going to a party tonight, wanna come?" Sarah asked excitedly. "Sure, why not" I smiled half heartedly.

The three of us got ready together. I wore  


And curled my long redish hair. The other girls were a bit fancier with their tight dresses and heels but I was feeling confident in this.

We arrived at the party pretty early, so not too many poeple were there. I decided that tonight, I was going to have fun. The girls and i made our way other to the bar that was set up in the house. I grabbed a shot, then two, then three.

"wow Mea slow down" Sarah said, taking the fourth from my hand. I then grabbed a cup and filled it with beer, going out on the dance floor and letting loose. I danced and drank for hours. It was now 1 or 2 in the morning and I told the girls I was going home. I made my way outside and walked, or should I say, stumbled, down the road until I was blinded by some headlights. i kept walking until I heard the squealing of the break and turned to see the car turning around.

"mea what the fuck are you doing!" Harry called out from inside the car.

"non of your business" I slurred, pointing my finger at him like a mom would.

"get in the car" he spoke harshly.

"Make me" I spat, getting angry with how he thinks he can walk all over me.

"i said, get in the fucking car Mea" he yelled this time. I rolled my eyes and started walking away. he got out of the car and walked over to me, grabbing my wrist and pulling me into the car.

"Harry stop, you're hurting me" I cried. he stopped and looked at my now bruised wrists.

"oh my god mea I'm so sorry" I could see the pain in his face but i turned on my heels and ran away, I made it about 15 feet before i tripped over my own feet and puke along the side of the road. I felt Harry pick me up and carry me into his car.

I'm guessing we went to his house since I didn't recongize anything. he carried me all the way to a bedroom, gave me water, advil and a comfy blanket. I feel asleep within minutes.

The next day I woke up feeling great, which I knew I didn't deserve. Harry hadn't realised I was awake, he was rubbing my head and singing sweetly to me. I started to move and he stopped singing. He stood up to reveal his naked torso. 

'thanks" i said awkwardly, looking at my hands.

"You're welcome" his morning voice is so raspy, and hot. I felt my face burning from just being near him.

"What were you doing out that way so late" I asked.

"I was taking care of business" he said quietly.

"what kind of business " I asked, hoping he didn't mean murder.

That's when he turned around, making eye contact with him. he walked over to me, bent down to my level and put a piece of my hair behind my ear.

"thats none of your fucking business" he whispered. 

Why was he acting like this.

"i want to go home" i crossed my arms. He ignored me so I pulled the blankets off me and went downstairs and walked out the front door.

"where the hell are you going" Harry yelled as he followed me out into the middle of the road.

"anywhere away from you" I yelled back. I saw his eyes go from dark back to those beautiful emerald ones. He took a step closer, I took a step back, tears freely escaping my eyes.

"what do you want from me!" I yelled, now full on crying.

"Wh-what" he stuttered, completely shocked at how loud I was.

"What do you want from me Harry, one minute you're randomly saving me, then you're going out f your way to scare me" I pause. "Then you come over everyday and trust me with things I never thought you would, and you came to visit me in the hospital, then you go back to being an asshole and yelled at me... I mean look at these!" I raised my arms up, showing the bruises on my wrists from last night. I was so done with this. He either wanted me in his life, or he didn't, and right now, he had to choose.

"Mea-I" he stuttered again.

"You can't just make me fall in love with you then push me away, you just can't" I yelled once again, my vision completely blurry from crying. I then realised what I just said, and looked at the ground nervously.

"I can tell you don't like me, but please stop torturing me" I whispered.

Harry just stood there, starring at me. Then he took a step closer again.

"You think I hate you?" he yelled.

"I wish I fucking hated you, because that would be a hell of a lot easier then this. You're always on my freaking mind, I don't ever stop worrying about you" He stopped, looked at me and scrunched his eyes brows together. Walking over to me quickly, he pushed me up again a tree and looked me in the eyes.

"I'm crazy about you" he breathed. He smashed his lips into mine, making my heart stop. My lips quickly became in sync with his, creating the perfect rythum. His body was close to mine, his heat radiating. I grabbed fist full of his hair, as his hands travelled down my body and back up again. We broke the kiss for a second to catch our breaths, then we quickly went back together. His tongue poked at my lips, asking for entrance which i glady gave him.

Finally, after minutes, he pulled away and rested his forehead on mine.

"com'on, ill take you home" he whispered.


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