love at first sight....

1 look can change everything.....


1. Birthday...

Savannah pov 

Aggghh, im finally 17. ive been counting down to this day for months now. There is only one thing on this planet that can make this day absolutely perfect. I rip the covers off of me and slide my feet into my cozy slippers. Swinging open my bedroom door, i race down the stairs, sliding along the hallway. I feel myself getting more and more excited as i run into the living room at the stack of presents on the coffee table. As i rush to open them, my mother had to go and ruin the fun, "ah ah ahh," she says, "you can wait until your brothers home so he can see you open them, come on, breakfast's ready" she smirks at me, making her way back into the kitchen with me following behind her. I slump into the chair across from her on the island that sits in the centre of the kitchen. My eyes drifting back to the living room where i can see the wrapping paper from the corner of my eye. i cant keep still. After a few aggravating minutes of eating my birthday pancakes and talking with mom and dad. I heard the door open and close again and my older brother Jason comes strolling in, hands full of bags, those bags filled with presents. There is no one i love more than my older brother. He has recently moved away because of his work, so i barely see him, but when i do, its the best time ever. As soon as i see him, i run over to him as quickly as i can, i jump into his arms making him drop all of the bags. Ive missed him so much. 

***skip to opening presents***


The first few presents i open are things like make-up and trainers and outfits from adidas, nike ect. After opening everyones presents im down to one last one, coming from Jason. It was a small envelope and im hoping and praying its what ive been dreaming of ever since it was announced. I close my eyes and take a breather. i cross my figngers and begin to open the letter. AS i pull out the piece of paper, I open my eyes and start to read it. And without meaning to, a tear escapes my eye and rolls down my cheek, and before i know it im sobbing with joy.  I walk over to the best brother in the world and hug him like ive never hugged anyone before, he got me what ive been waiting for, for months on end. Tickets to the 4OU tour, meet and greet passes, and to top it all off, VIP passes for after the show. This is the by far the greatest day of my life so far. Im finally gunna meet the 2 people that have changed my life for the better, that made me feel like im worth something...that made me know that i am not alone. And i have never been so thankful of anybody. 



Authors note: 

im sorry this probaby sucks, but i aint great with writing, it just chills me out. If you did enjoy it, please tell me, and if you want me to carry on let me know, however i dont know how often it will be updated as i have school and exams to study for. THANKS FOR READING......BYEEEEEEEEE :) 


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