Wings of freedom

Join Zane as things go sky high into the war between two races


2. The good human

 Zane wakes up on a bed his wing bandage 

???:Are you a real monster?

Zane:get back I am a monster so I can kill very easily if I wanted to 

???:don’t worry hold still 

 She gets closer 

Zane blushes brightly 

 She then puts a bandage on his head 

Zane:thx but my lil sis I gotta go,what’s your name?

Clara:Claire Norie but yo can call me Clara 

Zane:ok Clara I’m Zane Hope we meet again... bye 

      Zane flys into the night sky 

Zane:wow never thought I’d ever say that to a human 

  Location:the dark forest time:12:30 

Zane:Lucy I’m home and I brought pizza 

  It’s silent 

Zane dashes up the ladder to her room

Lucy is snoring 

Zane:phew welp night 

He plops down beside Lucy 

Zane:night Lucy 

Lucy:(good night Zane)

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