Wings of freedom

Join Zane as things go sky high into the war between two races


3. Get out!?

Clara wakes up in her bed and notices the feathers on her bed and hears a knock on the door  She answers 

Icel:hello ma’am I’m pretty sure I saw a bird fall here 

Clara:I don’t no of any br-

Icel:move in 

 A skinny guy with three gold rings and had a hat made with bird feathers pushed threw her followed by a huge man 

Clara:You can’t just barge into my house 

Icel:oh but we can 

Trap:a boss look what we found in her room 

Icel:ah,a feather 

Clara:last warning, GET OUT!


 Clara’s hair turns pink 

Clara:don’t say I didn’t warn you 

 Akumu comes out from behind Clara shaping itself into a scythe

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