Wings of freedom

Join Zane as things go sky high into the war between two races


1. Fly away



Zane:you should know the story monsters fused with birds and now humans hunt them 

There are 4 types of monster bird hybrids elemental,angel,fallen angel and one more rare one I won’t say.oh and one more thing humans kinda took over the underground so yeah anyway wof (wings of freedom) Zane p.o.v  


 Zane is walking to grillbys his wings hidden he doesn’t have to hide his face because he part human he goes into grillbys 

Stranger:what would you like to order 

Zane:a slice of pizza please

Stranger:they sell anything here at philly’s huh?

 Zane:uh yeah sure 

Strange:you know who I am right?


Stranger:I am THE bird hunter  Icel

Zane:that name *remmbers* 

??:*crying* Zane h-help 

Zane:oh god you got shot 

??:z-Zane I won’t make it 

Zane:yes you will come on stand up 

??:Zane your the best big brother *smiles*

??:can you smile for last time 

Zane:Aira no *crys*

Aira:don’t be sad just remember the name Icel

Icel:your bein a bit weird there,you seem mad

Zane:do you by any chance remember a elemental bird with red wings?

Icel:Nope, why?

Zane:(doesn’t even remember her)

Zane:just asking welp I gotta go 

Icel:you didn’t get your pizza yet 

Zane:No but I gotta go

Zane runs out  as he dose this Icel notices a wing 

Icel picks up his sniper rifle and machete 

Icel:time to go huntin 

Zane is flying full speed back to his house where his adoptive sister is but is shot in one of his four wings and crashes down into someone’s backyard  he is now unconscious 





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