The Midnight House A novel

The Midnight House has been around since the 1930's. When Hale Marks, Jr., a sceptic in the paranormal and supernatural, owns the house, he finds out that the haunting there is real.


2. The Midnight House-Part Two


Hale walked up to the white coloured porch. 

He gazed at the  light brown Welcome​ mat that was underneath his feet. He opened the front door. Grey gargoyle statues watched him with their black, threatening, eyes; the black ravens squawked on the lightning poles, as if they were warding off human beings, creating a evil portent of doom. Hale ignored them. He flicked on the bright lights; he felt his right hands weren't searing him, as he saw cobwebs falling down the arched sections of the dim hallways; he sensed someone, (or something), was watching him. Hale blinked his eyes. He was about to explore the rest of the house when a woman knocked on the front door. Hale turned around.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I'm Roberta Charles, the Mississippi Real Estate Agent. You're Hale". Hale grinned. He stopped stating at the dark halls; he smiled at her.

"Yes, I met some of the neighbours. Please come inside". Roberta nodded. She had long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and tall; she wore a red shirt, blue jeans, a black belt, and black socks. Her brown shoes tapped on the porch. Then she gripped her red wallet in her left hand.

"I was just looking around the Midnight House". Roberta nodded.

"It's history is full of death, mystery, and black magic ceremonies. The kind of stuff that scares people". Hale nodded.

"I was going to fix some coffee, would you like some, Roberta?", he asked her. She smiled.

"Sure, I was going to make my rounds in town when I heard about The Midnight House had a new owner", she answered him.

"Uh, I don't know where the kitchen", Hale admitted.

"It's down the hallway, to the far left. There's a room that's locked. It was Christine Marlowe's room. She died in the summer of 1935, when someone threw a rock at her inside the room. It was classic poltergeist phenomena. She was only seven years' old. She was the guest of Simon Zachariah. He was married to Danielle Marlowe in 1930; he was thinking that The Midnight House would thrive after The Great Depression of 1929. Sadly he was proved wrong. When World War II happened in 1939, the house was haunted by ghosts, like Borley Rectory in England; after World War II ended in April of 1945, Simon Zachariah, his wife, and children, stayed there until Halloween of 1948. They left the house, and never returned. By 1950 to 2000, there were ten other families who stayed there. The Midnight House was termed because the supernatural phenomena always happened when the Grandfather clock in the hallway chimed twelve times in the growing darkness. And, seconds later, the sound of children's giggling as they played with their teddy bears in the halls scared everyone there. By the winter of 2001, The Midnight House remained silent; the house was left abandoned until you wanted to buy it, Hale in 2017, sixteen year's later".

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