The Midnight House A novel

The Midnight House has been around since the 1930's. When Hale Marks, Jr., a sceptic in the paranormal and supernatural, owns the house, he finds out that the haunting there is real.


7. The Midnight House-Part Seven


"What do you see​?", Hale asked Victoria.

"There's a lot of spirits in The Midnight House. Some are mysterious, but not too violent; some are children like Danielle, who has been here since the 1930's. She has her own bedroom down the hallway. She haunts the house. But she's not afraid of new owners. She yells occasionally. But that's her way of communicating with us; she is well known in the Otherworld, where she can communicate via the Ouija Boards, during séances". Roberta shivered. She then felt the coldness of the hallway..."In the 1930's, séances were a common way to speak to the dead, like they did in the 19th century. Ghosts were used to the tap-tap-tap on the walls when you asked them questions; ghosts would communicate on the Ouija Boards with a 'Yes' or 'No'. If you brought ghosts into our world, as if by invitation rather like a vampire, it's rather hard to get rid of them unless you would tell the Catholic Church...and they would investigate the paranormal phenomena with strong evidence that the house was haunted". Roberta headed inside the Midnight House. She was about to state that the haunting had destroyed her faith when she saw the spirt of Danielle Marlowe. The ghost was floating high in the air. And, as she did so, it grabbed her teddy bear. And it smiled as she watched the colour drain from her face.

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