The Midnight House A novel

The Midnight House has been around since the 1930's. When Hale Marks, Jr., a sceptic in the paranormal and supernatural, owns the house, he finds out that the haunting there is real.


1. The Midnight House-Part One


Hale Marks, Jr., thirty-six, gazed at the Midnight House. He felt his blood freeze. The foreboding place, which was built in 1932 by Simon V. Zachariah during The Great Depression in Mississippi, created a sense of terror that caused a lot of families to leave early. Hale stopped driving his blue 2001 Mazda. He took off his seatbelt. Then he opened the driver's-side door, and gripped the keys in his right hand. He closed the door, and felt a cold breeze that gusted from the north of the Mississippi River. Black ravens squawked along the silvery power lines; the lines were charged by the Power Station that was half a mile away from The Midnight House. Hale, who had short, black hair, saw several teenagers smoking. It was a Friday afternoon on Monday, October 16, 2017; it was nearly Halloween. Hale smiled at them.

"Can I have a cigarette?", he asked one of them. Nathaniel Lang, who was eighteen, was the leader of the small group.

"Ah, sure. You're new here, Sir?", he asked him.

"Yes, I'm Hale. I'm the new owner of The Midnight House. Don't worry, none of you will be in deep trouble. Maybe you're parents will warn you not to smoke...but not me. I'm a writer of the paranormal", Hale answered him. Nathaniel nodded. 

"There's been twenty owners from 1932 to 1992. Miles and Daniel, my friends, won't go inside because of the witches, ghosts, and ghouls that haunt the ancient cemetery". Hale nodded. His grey coat kept him warm. His tan grey trousers were brand new; his black belt fitted him nicely, since he lost some weight when he was jogging at Miami Beach last summer. And now that he was fit again, he had decided to go to Mississippi to breathe in the fresh air...and start again with his life. Miles looked at the car. He smiled. Daniel was about to say something when he saw his parents walking towards him.

"Daniel, I told you not to go to The Midnight House", Aaron Haley said. Hale stomped onto the cigarette with his brown boots. 

"It's fine, Sir. I'm Hale Marks, Jr., the owner". 

"Yeah, and you won't last long here", Aaron said. 

"It depends on the house, isn't it", Hale told him.

"Dad, it's fine", Daniel stated. He finished smoking. The acrid flames of the cigarette burned Daniel's right hand; the flames were burning hot, as it burned his right finger, "...Ouch!", he yelled. Miles grinned at his friend's pain; he saw a black raven was squawking, as the eerie atmosphere of The Midnight House caused him to grimace. Hale stared at him. "Are you okay, Daniel?", he asked him.

"No, it's the house. It's...creepy", he answered Hale with less enthusiasm as before. Aaron sighed. Then Daniel saw his mother. "I told you to do your homework, Daniel. And you go off with Miles", Alison Haley said. She wasn't going to tell her sons off for going to The Midnight House...unless they'd be warned of the consequences of going there. 

"Hale is the new owner of the house Mom. Besides, we heard about a ghoul in the cemetery", Daniel said. She watched the cemetery gates from afar. "You've read too much paranormal books". Daniel nodded. "Just Brian Keene and Stephen King, Mom", he said. Miles shook his head. "We have to go, Hale. If something happens in The Midnight House-dial 9-1-1, and ask for Sheriff Abraham". Hale nodded. He looked at the red 2002 Chrysler car. And, as the teenage boys headed in the passenger-side seats, Aaron closed the door. Then, as he and his wife got inside the driver's-side door, they all put their seatbelts on, and he drove away from The Midnight House, and headed down the grey road towards their house that was near the old school.





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