The Midnight House A novel

The Midnight House has been around since the 1930's. When Hale Marks, Jr., a sceptic in the paranormal and supernatural, owns the house, he finds out that the haunting there is real.


4. The Midnight House-Part Four


Roberta froze.

She grabbed the pan from her car.

As she stared at the front door, Hale's face was ashen.

"She's inside here. Danielle Marlowe", he said.

"I'll make some phone calls", Roberta told him.


Victoria Kemp shook her head. 

She had thought of the Midnight House's reputation as the most haunted place in Mississippi. She knew about Simon V. Zachariah; she had read extensively about, not only himself, but the whole family. Danielle Marlowe still haunted the house. Her unearthly screams had sent visitors packing in their cars over the years. The psychic was thirty, and had been assessed by ​The American Psychics' Association​ since 2012. And she had passed all of the tests by Professor G. J. Lord, the President, who was sixty years' old, and was the best person to talk to about The Midnight House. A cold breeze wafted across her face. Her long, black hair blew near the front door of the house; her hazel eyes focused on the gargoyles. She took a long, deep, breath before she saw several cars outside the porch. 

And, as she rang the doorbell, Hale and Roberta smiled at her.

"Nice to meet you, Victoria. Welcome to The Midnight House", she said.


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