The Midnight House A novel

The Midnight House has been around since the 1930's. When Hale Marks, Jr., a sceptic in the paranormal and supernatural, owns the house, he finds out that the haunting there is real.


5. The Midnight House-Part Five


"I'm Hale".


"Are you a psychic?", he asked her.

"Yes, I use my powers for good...and not evil", she answered.

"That's good. There's a lot of spiders around". Victoria laughed. She looked at Roberta. 

"I was thinking about cleansing the house of ghosts", Roberta said. Victoria nodded. 

"I know Father Anderson. He's at Harris Catholic Church". She looked at the gargoyles. She shivered, as she remembered her father telling her that life wasn't fair. "​Life is an endless battle, Victoria. You can't wait for everyone to shake you down​". And she knew, as she was ten years' old, that she would face a lot of challenges that would define her as a woman in later life.


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