Midnight Visits


1. Tummy Aches

Coldness. That's what Gerard felt as he opened the fridge to get some steak he cooked earlier. He wasn’t the kind of guy to eat meat around his friend considering he was a vegetarian. So during the day or whenever Frank was around Gerard was basically a vegetarian. Frank always persisted that he didn’t have to do that, Gerard always replied with “it's easier” or “it's morally right to your ways of eating.” Some days Gerard would eat so much of the vegetarian food that he no more could eat and skipped his nightly wake up at midnight to eat his meat. For quite some time he got so used to not eating meat that he just didn’t anymore, it just became a habit of his. When Frank found out that he just stopped eating meat, he urged him to eat more but Gerard just smiled politely and said “no I'm good.” which he really wasn’t, giving up the meat just drained him of something, he was slower than before and had a lack of energy. Gerard and Frank thought nothing of it, thinking it was just his body reacting to a new type of diet. It wasn’t though, it was something else.

“Hey Frankie,” Gerard says, sitting at the dining room table of their shared apartment, the lights dimly lit.

“Hey Gee,” Frank says, looking up from his plate which was now just a mess of greens and leftover mashed potatoes. “Finally came home to eat hmm?” Gerard nods, sitting at the table in front of his plate that Frank threw together for him.

“Yeah, I was at the studio just finishing something up.” He takes a bite of the spinach, chewing on the bland piece of leaf that he really doesn't like. He takes a sip of water just to make it unstuck from his teeth and wash the bitterness down.

“What were you working on this time that took so long?” Frank questions, his arms folded on the table, his mouth ajar as his eyes focused on Gerard, gazing at his face. Gerard swallows the water, in a gulp.

“Nothing that is of your concern.” The sass flows out of his lips, it was more or less unintentional but he didn’t mean it to come out as so rude.

“You didn’t have to be rude about it.” Frank shakes his head, his soft chocolate eyes flickering at Gerard's lips then down that his plate. Things got awkward after they both confessed that they were gay, more awkward when they woke up with a hangover and they were naked in bed. It wasn’t that their friendship was falling apart it was just, weird. “So..” Frank trails. “How's the uhm, dinner I made?” Gerard hesitates, still not liking the vegetarianism, even though the thought of eating meat, now, makes him feel sick.

“It's very uhm...Leafy.” That's all that he says, then goes back to eating, leaving them in silence. Frank nods, looking back up at Gerard who already pushed his plate away and in clutching his stomach. “You okay Gee?” Frank says, concerned. Gerard gives him a half of a smile, looking at  him.

“Yeah I’m fine, just ate too fast that's all.” Frank looks at Gerard, pursing his lips, thinking to himself and what he should say.

“You barely touched your dinner, maybe a few leaves, how can you possibly have a stomach ate from eating too fast. You like ate 3 pieces of spinach, and I clearly saw you chew them.” Gerard shrugs.

“Dunno. Virus maybe. That shit happens.” Little did they know, Gerard coming a vegetarian was a bad idea, his body deprived of specific nutrients- from steaks and stuff like that were he can't get from eggs. Each time the newer food dropped into his stomach, his body would expect meat in which it didn’t have, his stomach acid growing stronger, eating away at the stored energy fats and stomach lining of his body, just so his body could get something, that's why he’s been losing so much energy, not only that but he didn’t get the fat from the meats he ate anymore, which was were is body used up his stored energy fat, that everybody has and needs.

“Let's uhm, watch a movie?” Frank says standing up. “I can get you some aspirin.” Gerard just groans, standing up but then toppling over.

“Aww It feels like I'm on my period and I have cramps.” Gerard whines.

“How do you even know what it's like to have menstrual cramps?” Frank says, wrapping his small arm around Gerards waist and helping him to the couch and placing him down.

“I don’t but the way some girls complain? I think this is how it feels.” He clutches his stomach, nearly in tears, pain wrapped around his waist and stomach like a rope getting tighter and tighter.


“Drink this okay?” Frank says, bending down so he's eye level with him, handing him a glass of water. “You might be dehydrated.” He stands up as Gerard drinks it, him only puking it up then afterwards, barely any food, just acidic water. “That's not normal.” Frank lifts Gerard up, his skin cool too the touch but sweat dripping down his forehead in a hot muggy way.  “I'm taking you to the hospital, sick or not. You shouldn’t be puking after drinking water.” Gerard just lays in his arm, not really hesitant, his stomach not hurting anymore. He knows frank is right about it not being normal, puking up water so he lets him take him.

Frank’s POV

It's been one week. One week Gerard has been in the hospital, one week we’ve talked nonstop, mostly about ‘love’ and what's happened between us since that one night. I mean I love him i really do, so does he- he admitted he loved me, we’re just not sure of how to date because of the management and all.. By week two they wouldn’t let me visit him anymore since they were gonna perform surgery on his stomach to re add liner, if that's even possible but i'm no doctor. That really disappointed me since i really enjoyed “accidentally” falling asleep on his chest and having long talks till visiting hours were over. But it is what it is, I really can’t stop hospital rules. I just told the doctors to call me each day and tell me how he was doing, then stop calling when he was being sent home. Which they did.

Week 3 rolled in and by Thursday the calls stopped, abruptly so I knew he was coming home. I was so excited to see him again, i just- i couldn't sleep. And I didn’t. I just layed in bed waiting for the door to open and Gerard walking into my room. I just waited and waited, getting more and more tired, begging to let myself think that he was staying one more night and that they would release him in the morning. I thought about going back, just stopping by to see if he was there, but by 11? The visiting hours were surely over so I’d have to wait till morning, i'm not sure how long I was asleep for, or even if i was asleep but maybe around midnight I felt muscular arms wrap around my body, a breath sending chills down my spine.

“I'm glad i'm back. I get to cuddle you and hold you finally.” Hes home! Hes home! I internally smile to myself.

“How's your stomach?” I ask, turning around to face him, his face hidden by the shadows. Gerard kisses my nose, making me go out in a red blush.

“It's fine, I just have to take meds for it, that's all.” I smile and hold his hand, cuddling myself into his chest.

“Promise me you’ll eat the proper foods so you get the right nutrients you need?”
“I promise.”



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