Midnight Visits


2. Love

I was awoken by a bright light in my face, my eyes later adjusting after i opened them. I stretch and yawn, noticing Gerard was gone. I slowly get up, letting my feet touch the floor. “Must be downstairs.” I say groggily and I then slump down the stairs only to see a empty kitchen and a note on the counter. My eyes still kinda blurry from waking up, I pick it up and read it.

Went to my daily check up at the doctors then to a hospital to visit cancer patients and show them some of my animated cartoons. Be back tonight xoxox - Gee. I place the letter down, smiling on how kind that man was. I don’t do much for the whole day, I just eat and stay in bed watching some movies. I watch all of the Harry Potter movies just to pass time and around the same time as last night, Gerard walks in, sitting next to me.

“The kids didn’t want me to leave!” He smiles. “They're all so adorable. They said hi by the way.”

“I'm happy you make that kind of commitment Gee.”  He places his hand on my cheek, connecting his lips with mine, kissing me long and passionately before pulling away. “I love you Frank. I really do.” We talked for about as twice as long as the night before, me falling asleep in his arms when he told me he didn’t want to stay up to late since he was gonna be visiting his aunt who had breast cancer. I wasn’t surprised when he was gone in the morning.

It was really by the 5th week that our relationship was in full terms. He’d stay home for the whole day, he’d cook meals for me and for himself- where I helped. Some days we would just sit on the couch, staring at each other and occasionally letting out “I love you.” We wouldn't do anything else, we would just stare, when ever that broke out and people were over, they would leave since they considered it 'a boring discusting fake relationship." A lot of those times when they said that, I would brake away from Gerard and snap with "all you wanna do is stare at your girlfriends pretty face, I dont see much difference between us two other than me actually loving someone and you, not."

It was one of those days. Those staring at each other days when Gerard broke stillness and moved over to me, connecting his lips to mine. Not saying a single word. He places his hand on my hip, deepening the kiss, holding me closer, his skin cold against mine.

“Baby you’re freezing, go take a warm shower to warm up, okay?”

“But I wanna kiss you!” Gerard whines, kissing my cheek.  I shake my head, gently pushing his face away from mine.

“Go heat up.”

“No, I’m staying with you.” Gerard sits up, him straddling my waist and pulls a heated blanket over us, clicking it on, warmth evolving from it within minutes. “See now I don’t have to move and you don’t have to be alone.” Gerard kisses my forehead. “I’m warming up, do I have to go take a shower still?” I shake my head and pull on Gerard’s shirt, pulling him close to me.

“No you’re all set.” Gerard smirks, connecting his lips to mine, kissing me lovingly. “So...What are we gonna do about management?” I ask, my lips still attached to his.

“Who fucking cares about what they think?” Gerard spits, his hand traveling up my shirt, slowly pulling it off. “The fans already ship us.”

“They also ship Frikey…” I trail.

“NO they don’t.” Gerard pretends to gag after his lips disconnected from mine, “and if they do? They are wrong.”  I look up in his eyes, then I cup his face and pull him back down, kissing him, pushing him down and crawling into him. “Someone’s desperate for me.” Gerard smirks, his hands gripping my waist.

“Shut up.” I whisper, kissing his lips, taking his shirt off and letting my hands wander over his bare chest.

“I never knew such a small man could be so aggressive.” Gerard says, slipping my shirt off, where I hush him and kiss him more. “Will we ever come out?” I look up at him, my phone blaring up. I roll my eyes and shut it off, chucking it across the room.


“Why not, the fa-”
“No Frank. Don’t bring it up ok? It's to early. Just kiss me and live in the moment ok?” I nod, kissing him again, his arms wrapped around me holding me in a hug. I pull my lips away and crawl off of him, lying next to him, my head on his chest, closing my eyes listening for his heart beat which is hard for me to find since he's so relaxed. I fall asleep in his arms, him whispering soft loving words in my ear.

I woke up by falling of the couch, still half naked and sweaty from the blanket. I sit up seeing Gerard was gone, he hadn’t left the house without telling me in quite sometime so something must have been up. I walk to the kitchen and his old infamous note was on the table.

Hey baby, i'm sorry i left without telling you, my aunt died a week ago and turns out there is a funeral today. I was just informed around 3am. I went to go help set up, Ray, Mikey and Bob should be picking you up later, around 5ish. See you later hun.  Love Gee.

Last minute funeral? That must be hard on him. I spent the day going out buying flowers and cards along with a full black tux. Not the pants i'm sticking with the overly skinny jeans, when i come home I change and watch T.V, not being able to text Gerard since my phone broke. I shouldn’t have chucked it..oh well... Around 4pm my friends barge in all teary eyed.

“C’mon let’s go.” Mikey says.

“Whats going on?” I ask, clearly forgetting something.

“Don’t ask stupid, even I know what happened and I'm not even close to you guys.” Bob hisses. I then remember the funeral, that’s why I was all dressed up. I was hoping Gerard’s aunt would have been able to live longer, she was such a sweet lady, but it is what it is. I follow the boys to the car, not one of them talking. Everyone sitting in silence and in grief.

I didn’t talk either, I just kept the awkwardly comfortable silence going. I rest my head on the window, rain pelting the glass as we drive down the lamp lit road. Considering it was close to sunset and there were dark clouds covering any existence of light, it felt like midnight. We pullin the driveway of the funeral home, everyone walking out with their head held low, I just do the same since I dont want to look like i'm a non sorrowful person. We each stand in a line to repay respect to Gerard’s aunt. I walk up to the funeral bed, I really don’t wanna say coffin. No words came out, I’m just filled with sadness, it's even worse since I have never been to a funeral before. A cold hand touches my shoulder, I turn around to see a tearful gerard. “I'm sorry.”

“I said I’m sorry.” He cries.

“Baby what are you talking about?”
“I should have told you earlier.” He walks away from me, sobbing into his hands, disappearing behind a open door.

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