The Character Folder

This is just a collection of all of my characters in one place. It's to help me with consistency and (maybe) answer any questions you guys might have on my characters.


12. Sjelse Trolldom

Name: Sjelse Trolldom

Sex: Male

Preferred Pronouns: He/him

Age: 15

D.O.B: 05/20/01

Family: Elba Trolldom (mother), Vincent Trolldom (father)

Physical Description: Around 5 feet 6 inches tall, and 130 pounds. He has short, messy, red-blonde hair, blue-green eyes and pale skin. He normally wears baggy sweaters in grey or black, and dark jeans.

Status: Alive

Sexuality: Questioning

Relationship(s): Single

Important Info: Magic, with the ability to see souls. When using this ability, his eyes glow grey. Is running away from a bad home life, and made poor choices to find the resources to do so. He suffers chronic insomnia and night terrors.

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