The Character Folder

This is just a collection of all of my characters in one place. It's to help me with consistency and (maybe) answer any questions you guys might have on my characters.


10. Cretine Draiochta

Name: Cretine Draiochta

Sex: Male

Preferred Pronouns: He/him

Age (at first appearance): 15

D.O.B: 3/20/01

Family: Aoife Draiochta (mother), Sean Draiochta (father), Aervice Draiochta (sister, twin)

Physical Description: Around 5 feet and 9 inches tall, and 155 pounds. He has curly, ginger hair and green eyes with pale freckled skin. He normally wears t-shirts or knitted sweaters and jeans. 

Status: Alive

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship(s): Single

Important Info: Is magic and has the ability to control fire and earth (not the planet, just dirt and rocks and stuff), his magic glows gold. Grew up on a farm with his twin sister where they caused much property damage before going to school to learn to control their powers.

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