captured by my nightmares

hi I'm danny and this is the story about how i died yes I'm dead and no I'm not some ghost I'm a knight of hell and this is my story


2. what happend next



AS I said everything went deadly silent i couldn't even hear my self which is sort of weird when you think of it. the light  with a face had gone and in its place was a man a creepy weird man he stared and I stared back how I could see him and no one else I do not  know he started to come closer to me I wanted to run hide or even scream but I couldn't  the man or light put is fugly hand towards mine and I had no choice but to grab his hand that's when my body started to relax like I was finally at peace this guy didn't seem all that bad  how wrong was I though  as my body went to sleep I could feel somthing it felt as though  I was burning but I couldnt be I was at home with my mum and pesky little sister right. I finally woke up surrounded by people I didn't know but these people were different they had horns and wings  hey some even had both I was terrified  where was I  how  didi get here and the worst question rushed through my head who in hells name was I  the guy in the light walked towards me he was the only thing I remember  he helped me to my feet and I stood there  and he whispered something to me  " your name is Danny your the new prince of hell  I'm the king of hell  and that makes you dear boy my son." How could I be the prince of hell mum told me my father had died all these questions were running through my mind  one of the demons walked over to me  and put a crown on my head I  surprisingly enjoyed  having  the crown on my head  the king of hell walked over to me and sat down he seemed to have a picture album of some sort and well he began to show me  the first picture in the book was of  MY MUM!!!!! how could he  no my mum she hasn't even met the devil right 

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