captured by my nightmares

hi I'm danny and this is the story about how i died yes I'm dead and no I'm not some ghost I'm a knight of hell and this is my story


1. how i died


It was like any other day for me  i got up got dressed and ate food but one thing i didn't know is that this day was the day i would meet my fate you see I'm special well if you think people  who can see the devil him self are special then I guess i could, ok back to how i died you sure you want to know? ok ok ill spill on how i died


It was October 31st a typical Halloween i was fudging freaking out as it was my favourite time of year  my mum had to get my little sisters costume ready as her school was doing this crappy disco that all primary schools do YAWN am I right. ((don't answer that out loud you will look rather foolish agreeing to no one))  When something caught my eye a flash of eye blinding red at first i thought it was one of those pesky neighbours of mine being an pain in the neck  but i was wrong  it kept coming closer and closer towards the kitchen window this is when is realised something wasn't right I tried yelling for my mum but it was deadly silent like i had been  alone all this time as the red light came to the window I heard a voice whispering "Danny your going to die Danny and its going to be awfully good."  At this point my heart was racing i was pretty sure it was going to burst out  of my  chest. The only thing a foolish seventeen year old lad like me does is open the fudging window and let this light in as i realised my mistake a face appeared in the red light  its face looked horrible  as is stared I  felt something  grab me  and then it suddenly felt as though my heart was being squeezed  i gasped for air  trying to  cry out  for help but i couldn't and this is where it get scarier my fellow friends  as I gasped the heart squeezing got tighter and i could her my sister her names felica by the way scream i wanted to reach out to her but i couldn't  that is when every thing went deadly silent!


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