She enjoyed life but could not bear the world. Will she end it or move on????


3. 02


Cherrys pov.

I cant believe belle killed herself. What if it was because of me? Nah, it cant. Why do i even care, its not like she cared for me?


'Oh hey Olivia' i said to my ex bff now present friend, olivia.

You okay?'

'Not that well, belles death still affecting me'

'Its affecting everyone. My boyfriend jeff dont even wanna spend time with me.'

'That is so not right'


'Well i gotta go. Bye'


As i was walking home from school i had this weird feeling i was being watched...


I suddenly saw a package on some bench with my name on it. Obviously its for me or about me. Either way....i'm taking it. I ran home, curious to know what was it. I tore it open and found😃........😒 CDs. Saying 1-9. Whatever.....i ll listen to it next week

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