The Immense NaNoWriMo Race 2017

The epic/great/immense NaNoWriMo race is back for it's third year!

Who's ready to write, write, write, and write some more!

Who will be the first to 50,000? It could be you.






1st Place: Katie Pharoah (Born to be Free) - DAY 9

2nd Place: Le Fox (Vampire Bite) - DAY 9

3rd Place: BadassJem (BadassJem) - DAY 12

4th Place: SnowPotato_ (Snow-the-Potato-Eater) - DAY 13

5th Place: the force of storms (theforceofstorms) - DAY 14

6th Place: Molly Looby (MollyLooby) - DAY 20

7th Place: Jacquel Chrissy May (Claire Violet Thorpe) - DAY 28

8th Place: Acsaxe (Acsaxe) - DAY 30



Well done to all our winners! You did amazing! You've all won a place on my NaNoWriMo 2017 Winners List!

Thank you to everyone who took part. You make NaNoWriMo so much fun!


Until next year!




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