My Diary

Just to write my thoughts and feelings down


5. Dear Emma

well today was ok I guess I actually got done with my biography paper and I love J.K. Rowling so much she's the best author ever!!! She wrote all the Harry Potter series and here's a interesting fact she actually had a job as a secretary at a publishing company writing rejection letters from authors how cool is that. Emma I feel like that you are the only friend that I have I hate school I'm all alone and I had to survive on my own for four years or six I can't remember and I feel so betrayed it hurts so much I just need a best friend right now it's now currently 11:16 pm I should probably get to bed have a great night Emma have a great weekend and night love pres :) PS. I miss talking to you and thank you for being my best friend Emma I really do miss talking to you. 

A/n hope you guys like this chapter I'll post some tomorrow morning and please like, favorite, comment, and don't forget to read my other stories and have a great weekend and have a great night :) sorry if I haven't been updating on my stories I've been busy. 


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