My Diary

Just to write my thoughts and feelings down


3. Dear Emma

I'm so sick and tired of everyone leaving me out I can't take it anymore it hurts so much wheres Ellie when you need her. I'm not mad I just wish that someone would join my Harry Potter roleplay or my other roleplays and I'm just so obsessed with it I've got to stop doing that ugh what's wrong with me should I change I think I should but Ellie Doesn't want me to change but can I change my style cause I can do that I have a broken heart and I'm hurting inside so badly I just can't take it anymore I need someone to give me a giant bear hug and tell me that everything is going to be ok and it's currently 10:18 right now I should probably go to bed but I'm just so upset I just need a best friend but I've been searching one its just everyone's been taken and I'm going to be an outcast sorry I've just been hurt I felt like I've been used or just being used my heart is aching anyways I'm going to bed night em talk to you tomorrow love pres :) ps. Please send me a best friend please and have a good night 


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