My Diary

Just to write my thoughts and feelings down


2. Dear Emma

I got a comment on my diary today I'm so happy and it was ellie she's so nice to me and kind sweet and caring she deserves an award for being the kindest person ever. Ellie thank you so much for everything I love ya girl but not in that way. I still think about Cliffords_babe she left me and abandoned me we've been best friends for over three years now I miss her so much I hope that she comes back I would be really happy if someone had knew her and tell her that I need her right now she's my best friend and my heart is broken and breaking. Anyway that's all I have to say about today thanks Emma for listening to my conversations and being there for me when I need you and have a great day love pres :) ps. I miss you so much A/N chapter two is up please like comment and favorite have a good day everyone
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