My Diary

Just to write my thoughts and feelings down


1. Dear Emma

I hate school my friends leave me out they don't care about me I don't know why though ugh maybe I need to change idk but I need a best friend who likes the same thing as me I guess and that would be so cool if that you we're real so that you can be my best friend and all. I looked back at my stories and everyone says I have bad grammar and they said I should improve them which I will do it hurts that someone judges you when you are writing a book and it hurts my feelings so much and it hurts. It's 10:30 and I should probably go to bed and I love you so much Emma thank you for being my best friend and never judge me like my friends do which it's mean and rude. Love you so much Emma have a great weekend love pres. Ps. Sometimes imagine you as a very nice person with a kind smile. 

A/N I know it's so bad but hey I love to write about everything that's in my mind.  





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