The Spots Of A Hyena.

After a suicide bombing by the infamous hyena and most frequent enemy of the Pride Lands, Janja's sister, Sangre, meets a human named Faust Jackson and agrees to allow him to live if he helps her destroy the Pride Lands. And now the Lion Guard are faced with a possible war that could decimate the Pride Lands and Outlands.

I do not own The Lion Guard, the Lion Guard is owned by Disney.


1. The Suicide.

The vicious ringing in my ear seemed to be the greatest pain in the world. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the burning hell of whatever building stood before the explosion.


The ringing subsided and soon I heard the calls of my friends.


“Kion!!” Bunga shouted running to my position.


“Ugh, Bunga what happened?” I asked taking his hand and standing up.


Before he could answer a piece of cloth flew by and I caught it. I took one sniff and realized that it was none other than Janja’s cape. But why was it torn? And why was this building on fire?

Cries and sobbs were heard and I turned my head to the source to find a heart-wrenching scene that I never expected to see; Sangre, Cheezi and Chungu carrying a body that was-oh god!!! The body was Janja’s, his clothes were torn and his skin was burnt so bad his body was nearly unrecognizable, even his scent was too charred that I couldn’t recognize it fast enough.


The scene was so grotesque that I let it all out, startling my friends. I just couldn’t believe it, even though Janja was a villain and a enemy against the Pride Lands, his death still shocked me.


(6 weeks later)


It’s been six weeks since Janja’s death, even though I have no recollection of what exactly happened, I was able to piece the bits here and there. But I was still left a little blank.


But that’s hardly my worries, it’s been 6 weeks, I couldn’t hope but wonder what kind of scheme Sangre would be plotting. It was so problematic that I consulted my dad about it.


“It’s alright Kion, if Sangre is planning something, you and the Guard will be able to handle it.” My dad assured.


I sighed and hung my head low, “You’re probably right, but Sangre’s powers are dangerous, and losing Janja will obviously trigger some anger.” I stated, “I’m just worried what she’ll do.” I voiced my worry.


Mom lifted my head up and smiled at me, “I know you’re worried, and I know what Sangre’s going through, if what you say is right, then she’ll be able to move on.” Mom assures.


I smiled a little but that smile diminished in a second, “No disrespect mom, but you don’t know the hyenas like I do.” I responded, “I’ve fought them so many times that I know their next plan of attack.” I added, “And Janja’s known to cause mass destruction and death for no reason when he’s mad.” I continued, “And if Sangre’s anything like her brother, then I have no doubt she’ll do the same.” I finished.


Kiara was about to answer when the doors open, “No doubt about it.”


We turned to the voice to see the Guard coming, “You guys know you’re not supposed to come in unless if it’s urgent.” Dad told.


Fuli nodded, “We know Your Majesty, but we’ve been putting this off for too long.” She begins, “Kion, I think you deserve to know what happened.” She said turning to me.


I was puzzled, “What is there that I need to know?” I asked.


Fuli looks at me with the straightest face she’s ever put on, “It’s about Janja…” She trails off, “Or more specifically, Janja’s suicide.” She clarifies.


And I am just frozen in place. Janja, committed suicide?! There’s a lot of crimes I thought Janja would commit, but suicide was not high on the list.


“We can talk about this in the living room.” Mom said, breaking the silence.

And so we all went to the living room to discuss Janja’s suicide. I nod to my teammates for them to start, “Well, what happened was that Janja came in the Pride Lands, all alone.” Fuli began. That alone was weird enough, Janja’s a lot of things, but a lone wolf was not one of the. Fuli continued, “And he was equipped in a way that didn’t seem right, he had bombs attached to himself.”


Bombs to himself?! What was he thinking?!


Fuli swallowed her spit before continuing, “And his behavior was different; he felt like he was going after the kill way too often.”


Bunga then jumps in, “Yeah, he tried to rip my throat out one too many times.” He admits.


“And he was putting way too much force in his attacks any normal hyena should be able to put out.” Beshte added.


“He even tried to tear Ono’s wing off.” Bunga said.


I turned to Ono who solemnly nodded, “But out of all of us, we can say he wanted to actually kill you. He even expressed it more than once.” Fuli added.


I looked at them with pure surprise plastered on my face. Janja was known to get violent and reckless at times, but him actually trying to kill to the extent they were explaining was almost unheard of.


But then they continue, “It gets even worse, when his clan came, he then climbs up on a building and says this, “I’m sick and tired of having my efforts smashed to bits and being the only hyena in the Outlands to not have powers. So in my last mission, my last day standing here, I will at least try to take the Lion Guard with me”.” She ends there and I can tell she was having trouble saying the rest, “A-a-an-and h-he p-”


“It’s okay Fuli, you don’t have to say anything else, I understand.” I hushed her.


She nods and stopped. I sighed and turned to the rest of the Guard, “This just proves my suspicion, Janja was clearly trying to take us out in his suicide mission and he obviously didn’t do that.” I started, “Ono, I want you to spread the word to all the Pride Lands to everyone and tell them to stay on their guard.” I ordered.


Ono stands up and salutes me, “Affirmative.” He assures before flying out the window.


I turned to Beshte and Bunga, “Beshte, I want you to tell Rafiki and Makini to keep an eye out as well.” I demanded, “Bunga, I want you to keep an eye on the kids.” I added.


They both stood up, “You got it Kion!” They both announced in unison and left out the room.


“What are you going to do Kion?” Kiara asked.


I sighed, “Me and Fuli will go notify the crocodiles and see if they’re willing to help.” I replied, “I know this sounds crazy, but Sangre is a dangerous individual, and with Nne and Tano’s strategic thinking, and despite having not much intelligence, Cheezi and Chungu’s powers are dangerous when they put their mind to it, and with Janja’s suicide, no doubt they’ll do just that.” I explained, “We’ll need a lethal defense team.” I finished and stand up, “C’mon Fuli, we don’t got any time to waste.” I told her.


She nods and stands up with me and we both make our way out Pride Rock and towards Makuu’s crocodile float.

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