Two sentence horror stories

Two sentenced horror stories

1. One

1) Last night I heard the sound of tapping on glass. I thought it was the window, but when I looked up I realized it was the mirror.

2) The faint sound of my younger sister saying my name down the hall woke me, but then I realize I'm a single child. 

3) Clowns had always creeped me out, but nothing terrifies me more than when I see a clown mask in my closet at night. Especially when I didn't even own one.

4) I never liked the idea of sleeping with a mirror in my bedroom. But last night when I woke up and someone was in a mirror I didn't even own, I couldn't help but scream.

5) I sleep in a bedroom I share with my little brother, Tony. Tonight I woke up and saw a boy standing in the doorway, and thought it was Tony. But when I looked over at his bed I saw him sleeping peacefully.

6) Whenever my younger sister gets scared she will crawl in bed with me. When I felt her small body crawl in bed with me, I had realized my little sister was at a sleepover.

7) I had gotten out of bed to go get a drink of water, when I saw something staring at me through my window. I live alone and sleep on the second floor.

8) it is currently 3 Am and I can hear crashing from downstairs. Wait.... the tv just turned on. I live alone. I can hear someone calling my name. I'm scared. 

9) Today is holloween and I'm passing out candy, but I don't see any kids anywhere. Maybe it's Because of the blood.

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