This takes place after {slight spoilers} Allison's mother dies, it's basically me writing out her resolve and thought process (or, lack thereof) when she finds out and reads the letter.
"Let the arrows fly; let them rain. My luck, my love, my God, they came from pain."

[ -'Believer', Imagine Dragons ]


1. Afterthoughts

Allison Argent sat on the edge of her bed, reading and rereading that note from her mother until she couldn't stand to read it anymore. The words sunk in rather quickly, but she still didn't believe it. She continued to scan the words.

Sometime later—she had lost track of time—Lydia called, jolting the brunette out of her thoughts. She let the phone ring until it went to voicemail, though she stood, pocketing the device and setting the letter down.

Determination filled her along with a little rage and sadness. She made her way down to the garage. Flipping the light switch, she glanced around until she saw what she was looking for: her bow.

Allison moved towards it, picking it up delicately in both hands. Her emotions calmed as she held it, staring at the sleek material of the weapon. A moment or two passed before she grabbed a quiver of arrows and headed outside.

The young girl nocked an arrow onto the bowstring, positioned her fingers how they belonged: three fingers on the string, thumb and pinkie folded in. Carefully taking aim at a random tree, she pulled back slowly, breathing in as she did so.

She let the arrow go and exhaled simultaneously, hitting exactly where she meant to, the head of that arrow burying itself in bark.

A satisfied smirk appeared on her face. It felt good to shoot again. It felt good to have a purpose for shooting.

She stayed out there until she ran out of ammo. Then she did it again and again. She didn't come inside until she was called to, not even when her fingers starting stinging from the coarseness of the string.

She felt free, she felt powerful, she felt like herself.


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