Silence the Dead

When the dead come back to life, it's up to the rest of humanity to save the world. Whether that means putting the dead back to sleep, finding a cure for the infection, or repopulating the earth. Whatever the cost, humanity must risk it.

This story and its original idea belongs to Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 15, 2017


2. Two

As Raven sat in a high up oak tree, she pulled out some rope and tied it around her waist and the tree. These days, if she couldn’t find a properly defensive building, Raven would sleep in trees to avoid the corpses. Raven watched the sun go down, and watched the corpses flood the area. The corpses would stumble amongst themselves, as Raven watched. Raven would just sit in her tree and watch the monsters stumble around until her eyes grew drowsy. Then she would sleep. In the morning, Raven was awoken by a loud scream in the woods. Raven bolted awake and pulled a bow and arrow from her bag. A woman was screaming in the woods as she ran in Ravens direction. She was attracting a horde of corpses. Even though they aren’t fast, their power is in numbers. When the woman saw Raven in her tree she screamed for help. “Climb up,” Raven would say, “Quickly before they get here!” At the first sight of a corpse, Raven would pull back her arrow and shoot. Raven acted as if it where a game, so every time she hit a corpse and it would go down, she would throw her hands in the air for a split second, and then she would pull back another arrow and shoot.

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