Silence the Dead

When the dead come back to life, it's up to the rest of humanity to save the world. Whether that means putting the dead back to sleep, finding a cure for the infection, or repopulating the earth. Whatever the cost, humanity must risk it.

This story and its original idea belongs to Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 15, 2017


3. three

The woman climbed up a few branches in the tree, and she examined what seemed to be a scratch on her arm. The corpses where now beneath the tree, all reaching their arms up at Raven and the woman, waiting for someone to fall. Raven looked down at the woman, and realized she looked pail. Then she heard it. She heard what could only be a cracking noise. Raven then knew one of their branches, where about to break. “Oh no…” Raven whispered. Raven quickly untied the rope around her and threw it over her shoulders. She climbed up a few more branches as the woman screamed again. Once Raven was up on a sturdier branch, she looked down and saw one of the corpses had a hold on the woman’s shoe. Raven pulled back her arrow, just as she saw in the corner of her eye, the branch. The branch was unstable about to fall at any second. And it was the woman’s branch. As it snapped, the woman reached up for Raven, screaming, but then fell to the floor as the corpses surrounded her, dining on her flesh. “No…” Raven whispered. She sighed. “I have to get out of here—” Raven gasped as she saw old blood from a corpse coming out of its skull, followed by an gunshot. She looked around and saw a group of hunters, highly equipped with survival weapons and tools. There where what seemed to be like five of them, as far as Raven could see. Three of the hunters took aim at the corpses. They shot more corpses with accuracy, straight through the back of the head. They continued to fight off the corpses, even though they seemed to enjoy doing it Raven could tell they where all for the supplies on the corpses. “Hey! Up here!” Raven yelled. One of the hunters looked up into the tall oak tree, as a corpse walked up behind him. “Behind you!” The hunter quickly jumped around and stabbed the corpse in the skull, with a knife he had handy. 

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