Silence the Dead

When the dead come back to life, it's up to the rest of humanity to save the world. Whether that means putting the dead back to sleep, finding a cure for the infection, or repopulating the earth. Whatever the cost, humanity must risk it.

This story and its original idea belongs to Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 15, 2017


1. One

November 2, 2003

Raven walked amongst the three willow trees in the forest, just as daylight began to peek over the mountains, and brush along the tree tops. She approached one of the willows and grabbed a sturdy branch and lifted herself up into the tree. She climbed up a few more branches until she was at the last sturdy branch that could support her weight. However it was still high enough up. 

Suddenly, without warning or notice, a loud gunshot went off, and several birds took flight into the air. Raven lost her balance for a split second, but managed to regain it before falling out of the tree. "What was that?" Raven asked herself. For she was to find out soon enough...


January 8 2004

Raven looked around with caution, as she lugged her backpack over her shoulders. She loaded her gun with ammunition. Raven gazed around the woods for a high enough tree, for it was almost sundown. And she didn't want to risk going through another horde. A lot had changed since the virus spread. It all started when Raven heard the gunshots, 

An ill man had taken a gun to a private chemical factory, and he had shot one of the large beacons filled with unstable chemicals. This caused the first outbreak of the virus. The virus had three stages; the first was infecting anyone coming in contact with the virus, infecting them with a gravelly sickness. The second would be to kill the victim, and regrettably the third would be bringing the dead back to life, and the dead would have a craving for all living things.


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