Desires are dreadful and I craved for you more than I feared you.

If only I had known that Desire and Sorrow both were your names.


1. Chagrin - Définition



Chagrin /ˈʃæɡrɪn/ :


« Sorrow »

Definition? Pain, betrayal, desertion, tear, bitterness, regret, disdain, rancor, sadness, anger.

​All those feelings defined by one common word. I did not know it was even possible to​ feel all of them at the same time.


​Until I met you.

​And I did not even hate you for the way you made me feel but for the way I craved  for more. More of you and thus, of that feeling.


​To me, Chagrin was not a feeling; it was a person.

A person named Harry Styles.





 « You will see that the things you desire most are the very things that bring you the greatest sorrow. »



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