The Wolf Inside

Rena Straights life had its ups and downs, but when she turns 16, things get complicated for her. Can her brother keep them safe or will they be killed.

This is only my 2nd movella so please leave comment on what you like and don't like.


3. Chapter 3

As we walked into Mixes, I felt as though all eyes were on me. I could feel it on my back all the way to our seats. As we sat, I began to talk," I met this Junior named Preston Timber. Something happened when I first met eye contact with him. It was like we became one mind. I like I was in love with him. I can't explain it but it was incredible. After class when we introduced ourselves, he freaked out when I didn't understand a question he asked." Curiously, Caleb asked," What was the question?" " He asked which pack I was from. Weird question, right? Is he some weird guy or am I missing something." Caleb just sat there smiling. 

The waiter came prancing over, happy as can be. "Hi, my name is Julia and I'll be your waiter. Can I take your order?" We gave her our order then continued. " Rena, I have something to tell you, but not here. It's to risky." Caleb said. I replied saying, " Ok, I guess. Is it something big or is it something I'll forget within a week?" Caleb just smirked," Oh you'll never forget it." We ate our lunch then headed back to school. 

I barely realized school was over as we drove into our drive way. Walking into the house, I booked it to my bedroom to work on my homework. During math, I hadn't completed any of my math homework because I was focused on Preston, so I had a bunch. As I ran through it, I realized that Caleb still hadn't told me what was happening.

Instead of finishing up, I went downstairs calling for Caleb. He jumped out from behind the corner of the hall way, scaring the bejeepers out of me. "CALEB!!!" I screamed " Don't do that to me. I almost punched you. Probably wouldn't have hurt you, but still." Caleb just laughed. I just stood there glaring at him until he finally stopped. " Ok, fine, I'm sorry. Now come on. We need to find someplace away from anyone and everyone." Confused but anxious, I said ok.    

We headed to the woods behind our house. Deeper and deeper we went until Caleb finally stopped us. Directing me to sit on a rock, I noticed a cabinet inside a hollowed out tree trunk. It looked as though Caleb spent a lot of time here. Caleb grabbed two granola bars out of the cabinet, handing one to me. As I opened mine up, Caleb sat down on what looked like a rock that had been pounded down to the shape of a chair.

" This is going to be a shocker to you Rena, but I have to tell you. It's not my choice to tell, but it's for your safety. You're a-" I cut in," Look what ever it is, it better not be made up, or dumb." Caleb continued," You're a werewolf." I just stared at him, frozen in place.

" What you had with Preston meant you two are mates. Eternal lovers, or what ever its called. That is also why he asked what pack you were from. Sadly, you aren't from a pack. Neither am I. We are what they considered rogues. It sucks because we are considered bad because rogues are usually kicked out of packs or never let in because of what they do or who they are. I know this is a lot to take in, but don't worry, you'll catch on quickly." I finally bounced back," Are mom and dad werewolves too?" Looking down Caleb said," No, I think we got it from some ancestor or somethin like that." We continued on for another few minutes until my phone buzzed in my front pocket. 

Pulling it out, it read "Mom" on it. "It's mom." Caleb nodded and I answered. My mom yelled at the other end," RENA, where are you? We never heard you come home. No note, no anything. On your birthday to." I finally cut in and said," I'm alright mom, I'm sorry I didn't leave a note. I went off with Caleb after school to hang out in the woods. No biggy. We aren't far from the house. We'll be there in a minute." 

With a new knowledge of what I can do, I ran as fast as I could back to the house. Caleb sped up and we ran together. Beating any speed that any normal person had met. We flew through the woods. What took us thirty minutes, took us seconds. As we reached the yard, we slowed down. We entered the house casually and waited for our mom to trap us with her bear hug.



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