The Wolf Inside

Rena Straights life had its ups and downs, but when she turns 16, things get complicated for her. Can her brother keep them safe or will they be killed.

This is only my 2nd movella so please leave comment on what you like and don't like.


2. Chapter 2

Caleb pounced on my bed around seven fifteen which threw me and Shade from our deep sleep onto the brown carpeted floor. Yelling he said," Happy Birthday Rena, you're finally sixteen years old. It took you what, sixteen years to get here." He started laughing so I pounced on him nocking him to the floor. While we rolled around laughing, Shade hopped back up onto my jumbled up navy blue sheets and fell back to sleep.

After we had finally calmed down, Caleb went to get ready for school. Looking through my closet, I found a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and my gray Imagine Dragons sweatshirt I got at their concert a few weeks ago. Putting my hair up in a bun I threw on my black framed glasses and went downstairs for breakfast.

My Mom had made pancakes and had covered mine with raspberry jam. Looking over at them, my mouth watered. Realizing I was staring, my Mom said," Hurry and eat or you'll be late for school."

Disappointedly I asked," I still have to go? Oh no, my heart stopped beating. I think I'm gonna' gonna'" I dramatically died and fell to the floor. " Oh Rena, it's not that bad. It's only your second day at your new school. Try to make some friends." Standing up I said," Ok ok, I'll try make a few friends." Content my mom passed me my plate and we eat.

Caleb, being the fast driver he is, got is to school ten minutes before first period started. Holding out his arms I ran into them. I was only a half foot shorter than him but he felt like a bear to me. " Have a great birthday Wolf." Startled I asked," Why'ld you call me Wolf?" " Because you hang out so much with Shade you are practically a wolf." He winked at me and left.

Heading to first period, I walked into Mr. Carter's math class. I took a seat in the very back. I had two minutes until the bell rang so I stayed sitting. A minute latter, a boy with dark brown hair and gorgeous green eyes walked over to me. "Is this spot taken?" Motioning to the seat next to me. "Aaaah." I stuttered. My head spun. Am I dreaming? Of course your not dreaming, you're at school. Maybe it must be birthday luck. My mind argued for a moment. I finally said," This spot is open. Go ahead and sit." His eyes dazzled me. Keeping me locked onto them like an owl on its prey, but I didn't feel like the predator. Quite the opposite.

He starred back at me. Keeping me from moving. The feeling was extraordinary. My heart pumped faster than it every had. I could of sworn I would have a heart attack, but I didn't. We held contact most of the class period, until Mr. Carter asked me a question and we broke. It was painful to loose his gaze, but I didn't want to stand out.  Drawing attention to myself was the last thing I wanted to do, so I kept my eyes from him and tried to focuse on my math assignment. 

As the bell rang. I hopped quickly out of my seat. Thinking the boy would go off and flirt with a hotter girl, but he didn't. Once out of the classroom, he walked over to me. A calm expression covered his face. Ignoring all that was around him. "What's your name?" He asked. I spoke  so gracefully that I surprised myself. "I'm Rena. Rena Straight." He smiled," I'm Preston Timber."

We continued down the hall when he asked," What pack are you from?" Surprised, I replied," What do you mean pack?" Preston looked down. Anger steaming from his ears." I can't have a human to be my mate. No, I won't accept it." A stern expression crossed his face and he left. I stood there confused and a bit saddened. The 2nd hour bell rang and I realized I was late for Mr. Gold's P.E class. I booked it through the halls and ran in as she took role. "Rena Straight?" he called out. "Here." I said as I went to my assigned spot on the court. Mr. Gold continued until he had called out all the names in the class.

After stretches had been done, he calmly walked over to me saying," Don't worry about being tardy, I'll let you off the hook." He started to walk away when he said," Oh and by the way, Happy Birthday." I shrunk, not wanting people to hear. I quickly moved on. Trying to act like everything was normal. 

The bell for lunch finally rang and I sprinted out. I was hoping Caleb might be able to help clear up what happened with Preston. I slowed down as I walked into the cafeteria, ignoring everyone and everything around me. Caleb stood by a table waiting for me. Speeding up my pace I made it to him quickly

"Hey sis, what's up?" Caleb said smiling. Looking around nervously, I said," Something weird happened to me in 1st hour. I can't talk here though." Caleb smiled again," Ok. Do you want to go to Mixes?" I perked up. "Sure." and we went.





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